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United States, California, Mojave Desert

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My Bio would be too long..... ANd quite frankly, I don't think too many people care who I am, where I came form, what Im up to today. I do get serious compliments on my mixes.
Maybe some day, I will pursue a YouTube Channel, with Live Sets.

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Charlie Brown
5 months ago

Power MIx 2

Thanks for subscribing, hope you enjoy:

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Just a Big Thanks for all the Love and praise.

Thanks everyone. I am pretty much still a newbie on this platform. Many of my mixed sets are too large for N1M, so if you wish, you can go to
All mixes are free and download is pretty quick.

Thanks again for all the support

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Lookin Good

Hey Gang!

Happy New Year. Just want to drop a big thanks for being a fan. I uploaded a very old mix last night "Lookin Good". The recording quality is, well, obvious by it's age... but never-the-less, it was always one of my most favorite sets while I was on the raving circuit in Southern California. I think the set is about 22 years old, and it was so much fun performing the set and watching the crowd react. Anyway, 22 years means it more dance fun and such, compared to my later sets. Just want to drop that note (no pun here). Also, I have several sets I can't bring over to N1M because the file sizes exceed the limit. link

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Paradigm Shift

Just found an older Rave type Electro Tribal Techno mix I did years ago, not sure how long ago, maybe 2012ish or earlier. Pretty good stuff. If you are into that kind of tribal Electro Techno, then it's let me know what you think. Thanks for being a subscriber!

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Window Seat (new upload/older mix)

Just learning this site.... finally able to upload a mix that is within the file size limitations.... most of my mixes exceed the limit.
Enjoy the mix.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I have been out of the djng circuit for several years... but my heart is still in it, and I love techno.

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