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United States, Texas, Houston

About Champ Records Music Production

Champ Records Music Production also known as CRMP has been an independent record label based in Houston, TX since 2005. Presenting its groups UNDISPUTED & LEVEL UP which is 2 Hip-Hop groups from Houston, TX. Each group has been representing the unique Hood Crunk sound from CRMP and are still currently signed with the label. UNDISPUTED was formed in the year 2004 with group members Frydae Killasmoke and Lady-A Da Lyricstarr. LEVEL UP was formed in 2019 with group members Kiix and LuhTwixx. Both groups are amazingly energetic in their music and performances. With the groups unique lyrics along with CRMP Hood Crunk sound is guaranteed to get any event jumping. Each group has releases out in all online music stores and is continuing to build more projects to release more Hood Crunk music. UNDISPUTED have performed in over 25 events and counting. LEVEL UP is now new to the label and is ready to bring their energetic act to the public. With each group determination and hard work, they are ready to climb to the top. CRMP continues to promote, manage, produce, and grow each group so that the world may hear, see, and gravitate to its unique Hood Crunk sound. CRMP also continues to strive for excellence by any means and is destined to bring any artist/group under the label to the top. Both groups bring a different flavor for every track produced by CRMP producer and engineer Frydae Killasmoke who specializes in creating the Hood Crunk sound coming from CRMP. With the creation of all original music, CRMP brings a unique sound like never heard before giving each song and track a totally different vibe. CRMP along with its artist loves to get the party started.

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