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Ha Outra

Hello Carlos, well well. Thanks for sending me the request to review your song Ha Outra Lugar. I like to listen to songs or music, that I wouldnt usually listen to. Really like this song, what youve got going on with the backing vocal singers, and the horn section. Now, I dont know what the hell you are singng about, as I dont understand Portugese *assume you are singing in Portugese*, but it sounds funky enough to me. One of the best songs Ive been sent and listened to on here. Well done, keep up the good work, and if you have any other songs that you want me to review, then drop me a request. Thanks.

Finland, Vantaa

USA factory

Des très beaux coeurs, et un arrangement made in usa, ce funk de carlos massa nous laisse avec un goût de tout et rien, des cuivres bien équilibrées mais hélas, trop pauvres pour l'ambition du morceau. Il est vraie qu'on attend un peu plus de pêche de la part du lead vocal.mais en general un bon track.

Switzerland, Geneva


I like Your song ( I'm not sure if It is original or cover but You did good job )..Arrangement is very good bring back memory of BS@T..Is my opinion that It should be use by Radio Stations and if It is original try to pitch It to some Music Publishers and let's see what They will say..if The Vocal part be better ( more energy ) I will gave You 4.5 Star...I'm sure many People like Me will like It.. I wish You a good luck with pitching.. Good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles


This bring back a sound of BS@T...I must say You did a Very Good Job to record this Song.. if You just improve a little Vocal I will gave You 4.6 Star.. but I like it and this is reason I liste It 2 times..I like arrangement You use many instruments I Love that .. Your Song stay Up front of the others.. I see It will play on the Radio ( I think is Original ) so try to pitch It to some music Publishers ( a English Version will help a Lot )..I wish You good luck with submissions..GOOD Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles


Há Outro Lugaris a strictly fusion piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in fusion style and even the singer has a fusion voice as I said everything recalls the fusion genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a fusion piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy

Funky Town!

Wow, this is an extremely authentic recreation of a Funk, 70's style hit! From the tritone riffs played at the opening by the rhythm guitar, the backup female chorus, the brass and gospel organ, to the Lead singer of course, this paints a perfect scene of yesteryear, with all the glitter and glamour accompanying it! The instruments are all professionally played and the backup singers are awesome! The male lead sings very well and sits perfectly on top of this highly professional mix! I've added this tune to my favorites and encourage you to do so too!

United States, New York, New York


It was nice to hear Your song today.. I like arrangement ( I see You put a lot of work on recording)..Some parts bring back memory of BS@T..I hope You hear about that Band...It is a very nice song and I do not see any reason why Radio Stations will not play Music Publishers ..try to pitch it to Them and let see what will happen..( They always giving a hard time for Songwriters )..I wish You good luck with pitching... You did a GOOD Job ..I will listen more of Your songs..

United States, California, Los Angeles


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United States, Illinois, Chicago


An upbeat composition with lovely use of guitar, percussion,saxophone and chorus. The vocal is good and the tone of singer boosts the music further. Liked the track from beginning till the end. Can not understand the words but it sounds a real funky track to tap feet to..

United Kingdom, Birmingham

A Place of Rhythm

I loved the rhythm with the horns rocking behind a soulful choir of backup singers supporting this uplifting melody. I got a feel of Joe Cocker when he was with Mad Dogs and Englishmen! Nice! Lets dance!

United States, Florida, Boynton Beach

Bom groove e arranjo!

Carlos Massa, parabéns pela sua música, gostei bastante da sua composição: Há Outro Lugar! Tem muito haver com o estilo carioca, que faz uma fusão da Soul Music e o Samba, com uma pegada Pop. Eu também trabalho muito com fusão de ritmos em minhas composições... Misturo os sons da cultura do meu estado Pernambuco-Brasil, como o Baião, Forró, Bumba-Meu-Boi, Maracatu, Toada, Frevo, Chorinho, Samba-de-Roda, com a música do mundo, o Rock, Soul, Blues, Clássico, Música Moura, Música Africana, Música Armorial e Música Latino-Americana que resulta no estilo: World Music Fusion. Depois, assim que tiver um tempo, visite meu perfil e esculte minhas composições, aqui no N1m, eu disponibilizei para audição apenas três músicas das 14 que fazem parte do meu CD Sucatenado - A Música Sustentável. Felicidade e sucesso... Saudações diretamente de Caruaru-Pernambuco-Brasil.

Brazil, Pernambuco / Recife

Ha Outro Lugar review by Rob


Love it! got a funky Steely Dan arrangement with a Werewolves of London vibe going on . The late 60's style of arrangement ie... George Martin Beatlesque type of chord movement mixed with that 70's funk horn lines a-la Tower of Power is a great idea. The only thing I might have done differently from composition to music production is I would have pulled back the lead vocal a smidgein the mix and that's it! Stellar Perfromance !

United States, Rhode Island, Warwick

Groovy stuff


Don't know a word portuguese, so can't say anything about the lyrics. But it certainly grooves !! Really energetic choir, funky slappy bass - just like a piece piece of funk should sound like in my opinion. The dark, calm and hoarse voice of Carlos himself (?) lifts the piece, and stands out amongst the crowd of other funk vocalists I've heard so far. Sort of Mark Knopfler goes funk ? Would have been fun to hear him push his limits a little further though, I'm sure he'd pull it off. Nice piano work. And of course, the winds are on spot! Funny, sharp ending to this. Tight all the way. Overall a nice listening experience, thanks.

Norway, Bergen

Ha Outro Lugar Review


Powerful start to the song with that energetic guitar. The Backgrounds and horns are absolutely fabulous. Musical arrangement is tight. The vocal is in key and fitting of the track. I really enjoy this one. Had kind of a throwback sound. LOVE the horn arrangements. You must be killer live. When U come to New York I would love to see you guys. Great job!

United States, New York, Uniondale



"There is another place" says the title--there is,indeed.After a Funk intro with some Jeff Beck-style guitar,and Soul horn-stabs,we morph into a "Sweet Home"groove, followed by a Bowie chorus/bridge.if Warren Zevon was from Lisbon--he might sound like this. A feel-good/come with me/road song.Lots of elements combined well.

United States, New York, Nyc

Ha' Outr....


song brings sunshine and a cocktail in a dancing atmosphere. the music on the whole, very pleasant the sound quality top.I personally would recommend the artist to listen to his music.

Very well done!

Perhaps the singer is a little below this rather energetic composition in his style: a voice a little veiled From the beginning of the composition, one hangs well; Good orchestration, good balance between the instruments used, a solid rhythmic. Small piano solo in the middle, good! Hearts and brass give energy to this music. At 3/4 of the piece, a small passage with a good bass guitar... The piece is not too long, which makes it interesting and one is not in trouble. Beau travail !!!

Ha Outro Lugar Review

So love the groove! Unexpected surprise to hear a male vocal. I love the horns and actually all the instrumentation. Backgrounds real supportive without getting in the way. Solos are well done and nice polished sound. The horn arrangement has a real fun sound to it. Guitar solo is nice. I might have brought it up in the mix. Well done!

United States, New York, Uniondale

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