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That's what's up keep grinding and making good music all love indeed that beat was crazy hard yo straight slapping and you was hype on the track all day good job keep banging out them tracks

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Flame review

Love the rap style. Love the beat. Love the free style. Great freestyle. Great topic. Good idea. Love the originality. Trap hip hop datz whatz up. Not long in duration. Grammy materialm im jus sayin son.

United States, New York, New York


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United States, California, Oakland

I like

I like I always say there’s no good or bad music just the time we put into our craft that makes it what it becomes living inside this cold cold world facing the whole world with our gift something that we love from the heart to do an blessed to be able to put it into words what we do is really not for us it’s really for the people it’s for them to know their not alone an someone can relate keep doing what you do stay up stay Blessed

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Clean Up & Dynamics


Hey Brown, Instrumental: So the first thing's first, the texture from the synth is great however I feel it may be a bit too harsh, tone down the distortion a little bit if you can, and maybe layer it with another soft synth in the hook (with the same melody pattern) for a bit more depth. I understand you want to keep it simple, and that's good - but having a little addition will keep the progression in a great position for the beat as you pull back, building melody movement. The drums can do with a bit of playful swing.. having the hi-hats bouncing in the left and and right channels at the end of the 8th bar can add some swing as well as your percussions in the background. Vocals: Your vocals need to have a bit more cleanup with the white noise captured in the recording, dealing with that first would give you a way better result on the effect chains you're using. Lastly, you want to create a bit more presence on your vocals from 3khz upwards. 20khz should have a soft low-pass filter / soft bend so the noise isn't as strong in the final mix. Additional ideas, play with your ad-libs, add some stereo width and play with the Left and Right pan automations. Make sure they are in a separate bus where your effect channels can really have room to move. Hope you found this helpful, if you got further questions. Shoot me a message @camron_prince - you can also visit my store at camronprincebeats . com Take care g, keep the hustle going

United Kingdom, London

Very interesting


The production value seem to be fairly good. A bit heavy on the bass, for my taste but who am I. Now don’t hate me for this, the vocals are very monotone. I can’t tell the difference between the hook and the verse. Do you know how to layer vocals to create a harmony? Anyway good job and I think with the right guidance you could develop into something big.

United States, California, Modesto


I see you. I can hear the content. The mix on this Instrumental is a bit cloudy. Compositional strategy choice is fresh though. The substance in your lyrical content might pop a little better with more delivery. I'm just me, these are my opinions. #keepworkin

United States, South Dakota, Rapid City

Honest review


I liked the rap just not the beat like that. I think you should try putting it on a harder beat! I hope you can take constructive criticism because im not trying to be rude or noting! You asked lol have a good one!

United States, North Carolina, Lexington

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