Waiting for the storm (recorded march 2013)


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Beautiful Song

I like everything about this song composition. The vocals are very tastefully done and crystal clear. The music is very well suited for the lyrics of the song as well. I love the way the story unravels as you sing. When the strings arrangement comes in it just draws one deeper into the song and makes the lyrics more impactful. The organ is also very tastefully inserted into the mix followed by the wonderful guitar solo. The recording is very well done and mixed. I like that you can distinguish every single instrument in this piece. Great job. Would like to hear more of this genre of music.

United States, Indiana, Kokomo

very beautiful song

The same melody can be interpreted softly, melodiously, joyfully, raw, playful, and in many ways sung or played by an instrument. Think of a metal song, a children's song or a romantic song. Of course, this is not a purely compositional aspect, but we must take it into account as it influences notoriously. Thinking about how the melody should sound, even the timbre of it is a very important aspect. Very good song. My congratulations.very beautiful song

Slick, Well Produced Pop/Rock

i can't really find fault with this song exept the vocals could be sung an octave higher to make it more pleasant to listen to. Maybe. But I like the strings and the organ. Nice touch. Tasteful guitar solo, too.

Australia, Melbourne

waiting for the storm

a classical country sound is found here and some good old fashioned storytelling.the track loses nothing from its original record date the only criticism is there could be more gain applied to the overall level of volume so not having to crank the level to the max on your device to heara very mellow track worthy of a few listens

Australia, NEWCASTLE

The storm is on the way

Difficult to say that this music isn't agreeable. I found it extremely pleasant and I was dreaming to be in a desert beach looking at the sea and earring the see music suddenly I saw a great storm of white and black pigeons flying as a triangle drawing. this means that Bjorn could improve his hit giving more reverb effects and a warm voice by a tenor.


loved your song

I really loved your song very mellow music and lyrics My first impression of the song was that it should be in like a documentary about war , where the guys fighting for our country , are thinking about blood shed Or maybe not making back home from the battle , very sad but moving , thanks for your contribution to music Keep up the great creativity , sincerely Joey Dee from stuck in wonderland

United States, Connecticut, norwich

Waiting for the Storm

I see this was recorded six years ago. I like the song...and your voice is very distinctive and original. As an engineer, I would try to make the acoustic guitar as clear as your vocal and more present in the mix. You might want to evolve into using studio loops for your percussion...or have a live drummer. The keyboards are good tracks, but are overwhelming at times. Consider when you mix to move toward creating a "whole sound" as opposed to balancing tracks to present your musicianship...if that makes sense. Good luck to you and your music!

United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach

buena base

Ritmica y acompasada me transporta a una decada de gloria, a los años 70 con esas bases de bateria, el bajo marcando a tempo y la voz ronca que imprime un interesante contraste con la misma melodia. Muy buena musica, me llevo a otros tiempos que obviamente solo la musica puede romper todas las fronteras, incluso las del tiempo. Felicitaciones

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Thunder Storm

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. For this song, we're hearing an interesting take on country music - and I applaud the effort. The music is more folk-driven than country, but I'll give it to you. Vocally, a good effort.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Waiting for the storm

This is a good--Great Song;preformed by a good band. I think,If Remixed from this preformance,& properly Mastered.It Is A hit. The Tracks (Indv. Instruments) need proper mixing. The vocal track, sometimes overwelm, but not by much. the origan,& guitar are perfict.The song concept is good.Overall, wish ,I were a part of this recording.---Good Work

United States, Texas, Houston

Nice song

I wanted to let you know that after listening to this song Bjorn to provide a review I really enjoyed listening. This song has a really good spirit it sounds very hopeful and uplifting. I believe the lyrics are truly from the heart and the musicianship was well constructed. It is extremely obvious that you all really love making music keep doing what makes you feel great. Thank you for sharing your song and thank you for requesting a review...best of wishes!

United States, California, San Fransisco

Waiting for the storm review

Bjorn has a nice voice and a good sense of Melody. The guitar work is tasteful and understated. The song is well written and recorded. I enjoyed listening to it and look forward to hearing more from this band.

United States, Texas, Austin

Review of Song by Bjorn

This easy listening, country-rock song is enjoyable to listen to. The story is clear, and easy to relate to. The drums are very good ood, and the guitar playing is excellent. I like the spit of the singer.

United States, California, Los Angeles


Waiting for the storm is a good song. I had to listen twice. Once directed to lyrics and the other only music. Okay than I listened again. I realized I truly don't know why, but your song has me playing it. Good Jo BC! Thanks Magic

United States, California, San Francisco

Interesting and solid

Bjorn's recording of "Waiting for the Storm" is interesting and solid. It is straight ahead rock and roll, with a message. It begins with an entire nation waiting for a storm, that comes in the form of bombs and an invasion. I'm assuming this is an anthem about the Nazi invasion of Norway in World War II, but it could be about a war yet to come. The lead vocal is done in English, by a non-native speaker, so the lyrics are interesting. They don't always rhyme, and that doesn't really matter. The voice is strong and masculine, but sometimes the melody sinks down so low in his range that it becomes barely audible. The story is compelling, and the band's rhythm section (bass, drums, and rhythm guitar) is tight and coherent. The lead guitar ride is simple and safe, and gives way to an organ that unfortunately is mixed a little too soft. That said, the organ's entrance into the ensemble about halfway through the song is a welcome surprise to the ear. Then the song ends, appropriately, with the sound of howling winds. This is a writer who has something to say, and an interesting way of saying it, and a band that is solid.

United States, Texas, Kyle

Definitely well put together

Well first off let me say that this has a very cool country,folk feel to it,the guitar work is cery calm and collected the keys flow good ss well...I'm not a big country fan but I really like this very well out together ???? keep up the good work and keep the songs coming

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown

Waiting for the storm

Hello from France. Nice acoustic rock. I like the deep voice of the singer. The sound of keyboards makes an interesting ambiance. If I had to say something, the refrain is not well marked but I think it's what you wanted. The solo at the end is cool. Well done!

France, Rennes

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