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Belton Mubiru
11 months ago

Touching Base!

It's been a while since we touched base.
I am working on producing news songs. Thank you for following me and listening to my music. Your feedback means a lot to me.
Stay blessed! One Love!

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Gospel, Reggae and other Lovely tunez

I am the lyrical master…!! Listen to these vibes!!

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God will do it again!

Dear friends!
I hope all is well with you. I believe you have experienced God once in your life. I have experienced God in my life a number of times, in my personal life, family, health, economy, relationships, hardships.... you name it. I have been there got a T shirt and a mug. The message in my new song is that God can do it again!. If He helped you before He will haelp you again!
Keep the faith!
Much love!

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God Cares!!!

Hi Guys!

I am encouraged to see many new subscribers to my channel! Welcome and enjoy the songs I am putting out!

My latest release here was the song "Keep a Distance", little did I know that two days later I would succumb to Covid-19!!! It was a very challenging time for me that I even came to the point of thinking ...I am on my way to heaven!!

In such moments there is nothing that you can depend on but hold on in faith that God will bring you out!! It is also humbling in that you have nothing to bring forward as a case for you not to die or even think that you are good enough to stay alive!! ITS ALL GOD`S GRACE!!

That is why I wrote my new release today called "GOD CARES". The chorus says.. God is there for me... and HE is!... He is with YOU and with ME!!

Enjoy this upbeat song.. dance to it and celebrate LIFE!!

Stay blessed!

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Keep safe!!!

Dear friends!
As I write to you now the Corona Pandemi is taking hundreds of lives here in Sweden where I live.
We must take all precautious measures to beat this virus. I personally have lost relatives and friends due to the virus. May their souls link.
The health department advices us to wear masks, sanitze hands and keep a distance. That means avoiding crowded places and also especially the elderly who have underlying sicknesess.
I am giving my contribution to the cause of fighting Covid 19 by writing this song "Keep a Distance"... Just as a reminder for us all. Listen and enjoy!
Soon this will be over!!!!
Thank you for listening and sharing my music. Stay blessed and keep safe!


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