12Bars & Drinkin' LIVE!

Blue Skies

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Rockin Blues

12Bars & Drinkin' Live is an instrumental track of Rock,Blues and Metal. The Rhythm section lays down the classic semi metal rock groove with the gallop in the bass line,Ala Steve Harris. The guitar riffs cover everything from straight up blues to 80's metal licks and is true to the 80's guitar sound. These guys are coming out strong right from the start through the finish of the song.I do wish the recording was better and I realize it was only one mic in the room so you get what you get.I need more lowend in the sonic world. The overall performance is great and these guys throw down like they mean it.

United States, Colorado, Longmont

Hi !

I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!!

France, Reims

Your Song "12Bars & Drinkin' LIVE!

Well this sounds like you sure having a bunch of fun and jamming to some Rock/Blues and makes me want to have a few shots of whiskey and join in on the party. The Drums are going from one tempo change to the next on the hi-hats while the guitars keep on flying and having a grand ole time. That's what it's all about when your best work comes out of just messing around and making some noise. Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas


Hello There, the sound is not ALL that matters, but jams comes the way they come: Full of joy. We can listen the idea, the fun, the guitar power, it was very good to listen. hope to listen some more. - Southburn Highway -

Portugal, Funchal

very poor :-(

WTF..... !!!???? Sorry, but this mix is horrible. This can not be called a "song". Your guitar skills seem to be ok, but apart from that there is not anything I can like. It may be a live Performance, but that does not make it nicer.

Germany, Freiberg

Great Rock Jam!

This was really cool to listen to. I''m not much for metal, but this was well performed and the musicianship is first rate. The only issue with the recording was that the bass and drums had that buried hollow sound, reminds me of the overhead bleed from a studio recording. I would love to hear this with a good mix applied to it. Maybe even a little post/ mastering would bring out the balances of the other elements and give this jam the context it deserves. Great playing regardless. Makes me think of stuff used to hear in the early 80's.

United States, Massachusetts, Cape Cod

Great guitar solo in left channel only

This is a great guitar solo in left channel only. So I must ask why there is no right channel audio. Is this a 70's throw back waiting for right channel vocals? Please do tell me because I'm just guessing at this. George Kaye

United States, Florida, Delray Beach

Rock 'n Roll gone Wild

Rock 'n Roll in 'any' form is 'still' Rock 'n' Roll, no matter 'how' it's done. Nothing wrong with letting loose and letting it all hang out, AWZ. It took me a little while to hear the beat since it was a bit cluttered, but it came together after a while. The guitar player was in his lane all the way thru it, and on top where he belonged. Grant you, the 'mic' was not the best, but it caught it as it was...'Live'. Nice jam....If it's too Loud.....you're too 'old' ~ was the saying back when ~

United States, Texas, Bonham

12 bars

Wel....l I think you have a catchy song. It kinda reminded me of a little surfer music (well some of the guitar) with way out of date music so that being said, It lacks a lot but you can add what ever your mind can come up with. I have learned that if you start with one or two instruments and then add one by one things change totally different then the plan in your head you have in your mind and take on there own karma. I tried to fight it for years, now I'm open too whatever starts to flow. Remember you can always record it the way it is now and experiment or leave it the way it is, but I wouldn't! Good Luck!

United States, Florida, Clearwater

Drinkin's Definitely Involved.

One of the things I struggle with artists on when they release anything recorded "live" is that it sounds as awful as it does. It might be great being at the live show, in the moment, the energy of the artist or band, but it's sorely lost on a live recording - unless you have spent millions on the process and are backed by a major label machine to make it work. For what this is, it's fine but I would rather hear your studio version to get a better flavor of how it should sound when released like this.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

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