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honest music

AWZ has the roots and honest sound of let's say Neil Young, and or Willie Nelson, I can see an audience of a wide demographic really getting into this lovingly crafted music. AWZ won this fellow over, now it's your turn.

United States, Illinois, Lake Villa

Breathe Again


I really liked this song. I read the original review, and I do take some of his points, which are valid, but, this is your song, and your interpretation of what you you want from it. The guitar playing was lovely and not at all over stated, it blended in perfectly with the vocals, which to my ears was not too Neil Young-ish, but carried the song nicely all the way thru. A great effort - well done and kudo's to you.

South Africa, Cape Town

Breathe Again


Being a huge fan of Neil Young, I immediately liked this song; especially the 12 string. I kept waiting for the bridge, which finally appeared after the song was half over, and then I thought, "This song needs a strong chorus, like female backing singers doing a counter point with "I can breathe again." Another suggestion I will make is to double your lead vocal; not note for note, but as a conversation between 2 of YOU. The chorus could actually answer back to your lead vocal throughout. I think this will flesh the song out and make it much bigger and fuller. I hope this helps. I really do like what you are doing!

United States, Oregon, Portland

Breathe Again Review


Hey bud! There is so much to say about this song. Where to start is difficult. There are a lot of songwriters/bands/wannabees out there that present a "demo" of their song and the quality of what they presented usually matches the quality of writer or player they are. I absolutely loved this song. Although it is obviously a home type demo and maybe you are not yet comfortable in your skin as a vocalist, THE SONG SHOWED THROUGH! The song mattered most above and beyond the drum machine feel and the very mechanical underbelly. I loved this song. Your lyric is true and honest. I did not feel contrived. I believed every word you sang. I really believe you are a great songwriter. I don't know anything about you and what you are wanting to do with your career or your music but I will throw out there that I do a lot of co-writing and a lot of demoing for other artists and I would like a shot at working with you on this song. I would love to hear it with proper drums and bass and with a lead singer voice on it. Please do not take any offense to my offer. There is NOTHING wrong with what you are doing. I just loved this song man. There is a gem underneath. Your lyrics, now that you have poured your heart into them, need to be collected and organized so that it is not TOO personal sounding and more universal. Now, having said that, your theme is very universal but I can tell this is YOUR song… not the listeners song…YET. Do you see what I mean. I feel the song needs minimal structure work. Its pretty solid but could use a tension moment or two and maybe a dynamic moment or two but It otherwise fits an acceptable formula that flows. I really love this song. I have come to a point in my career that I now am writing songs that need a different singer other than myself even though Im a solid singer most the time (I have my poop moments…lol) But my point is I am ALL about the song now in my days. I have toured many years with the big boys and have accomplished more than I deserve in this business. I write for other artists and I protect songs…ones that deserve protecting. I really love this song…have I said that? The melody in your progressions are absolutely beautiful. Very passionate and flow easily. Its not often that I come across writers that have music that suits the lyric. All I can say is Great Job on this song brother! I thank you very much for your song starting my day and lifting my spirits. Please look me up and If you ever want to collaborate from afar…Im all over it. I really appreciate your song. I hope something in all this was helpful to you and your next one!

United States, Texas, Austin

Breath again


Breath again, yes I've been there. I think we all have. I can relate to the lyrics. I think a lot of people can. Great descriptive passages well crafted word use. People like to hear songs about romance and love in the real sence. this hits it. The hooky chord pattern of the song is very well done and sticks with you which means the song will stay in the listeners head after its over and make them want to hear it again. Your vocal approach is a little pitchy and a little lacking in compression. Not terrible but worth a second take. Get more on top of those high notes. "I can Breath" ius the key line of the song it (in my humble opinion ) should have as crisp a delivery as you can give it. You have a great tonal voice and put emotion in your singing this is good. With a little tweaking of the vocals you will have a very radio worthy piece here. Get it done it's a good song.

United States, Indiana, Indianapolis



The chord pattern and the guitar sound is pleasing reminiscent of the sixties folk sounds--a plaintive plea for love and a message we all have shared at one time or another. I found it lacked strong vocal and harmony

Canada, Nova Scotia, westville, nova scotia

Nice story telling

Really nice melody and song structure, and the programming was well done for what was available. You can achieve a better mix by bringing out the vocals more since they are the main feature of the song. Vocals have a nice character and good emotional expression. In 2-3 places they seem less confident or a bit out of pitch but there is no need to hide. I like the story telling character and the lyrics can be well understood, keep going.

New Zealand, Hamilton

Breathe Again

I really enjoyed this song. It was mellow and had a nice tune to it. Real nice job putting this track together. Guitars are nice, good rhythm and nice lyrics. It does have some promise on the radio. Good luck in your musical adventure!

United States, Louisiana, Lafayette


Good idea for a tune here....basically a drum machine demo. Not a bad thing. But now it's posted here for review. I like the opening "D" riff. I think what it come down to is there's no dynamics. I hear where they are implied. At 3:22 the arrangement seems ok. If you were going to really flesh out the arrangement with better instrumentation I would also recommend a Pro Singer. This song could be a much better listen. As is, not so much. I might be able to help you out with that if you're interested...

United States, Pennsylvania, Sodium City

Nce Tune


Nice melody, lyrics are good, vocals need a little work but not bad! This song has some great potential. I wish you luck and hope you succeed at making it sell-able.

United States, Oregon, Gresham



This song reminds me of something I would've heard on the radio growing up. Song tells a good story. Vocals a pretty rough. Singer seemed out of breath and struggled to keep pitch throughout entire song. Overall a decent tune. I would recommend this to my parents or grandparents. Mixing was done pretty well.

United States, Ohio, Blanchester

"Breathe Again"


Starts out with a sweet acoustic guitar, what sounds like a programmed drum track which isn't really appropriate to the song, and I think I hear a nice bass line in the background. The lyrics are very poignant and understandable, a bit sad, but the vocal itself leaves a little to be desired {which is why I do not sing on my solo work!}, a little out of tune in places, off key. This song has great potential, with the right arrangement, maybe start off just the acoustic guitar and then the vocal, come in during a chorus to be written with bass, drums, keys, and lead guitar for a number of measures, then fade back out to the acoustic guitar and vocal, and then end. Hope this helps!

United States, New York, New York

Good Song


I enjoyed this song ,I think vocals were good and music was very good .Bluesy Rock and Pop sound .I think it's marketable .I do think a remix would be good to bring out clarity of every thing ,And little more bottom would be good .

United States, Tennessee, Bluff City



I think that you should remix the song and it's just my opinion I think your need to believe in what you are saying you don't sound convincing and it's probably a good song if you want people to buy into what your doing you gotta sound believable so go back and lay your life down on that track so we can buy into it peace. CaNy Entertainment

United States, California, pasadena

Excellent SONG...good work!!


Hello, This is an excellent song,Breathe Again,keep up the good work,good luck in the future,have fun and rock-on!! Keep writing and performing,nice style,sort of eagles influence ,i hear...right on. From,Thomas j. Washington

United States, California, Tehachapi

Nice tune with room for production improvement


HI First of all: I like this tune very much. Very nice harmonies. I like the way how the acoustic guitar works over the bass line. Reminds me somehow of earlier Genesis or Marillion stuff. The rest is about the purpose of this song: it depends if it's meant to be a demo or final production. Considering this song being a demo it's fair enough to imagine what the idea is and how the song should be. Considering it being a final production there's quite a lot room for improvement. Drums are quite flat and synthetic. But you have already mentioned that there's Band in A Box behind. I would suggest to use a higher quality products like BFD or Toontrack to support the nice tune. There should be also more difference between verse and chorus (or other parts) which could be a matter of drums' arrangement (apart of other instruments). If you're interested in some advice how to make cool drums - just drop me a message. The vocal line is very nice. You do not stick to the root note, vocal notes move nicely around. Subjectively, there is even more juice you could squeeze out of this orange. Unfortunately the weakest part of this song is the voice itself. You should definitely hire at least a semi-professional singer. This voice lacks of energy, sounds very unstable and many notes are out of tune. Hah, don't kill me for this ;-) I would also suggest to improve the mix. I can't here any disturbing frequencies but I'm missing the fullness which is mainly caused by a lack of lower mids. Current mix seems to be V-shaped. You should also maintain a compact bottom (bass & kick). What I like is that vocal sits well within the mix being a part of instruments. So finally: you have a really cool composition here which is a fundamental requirement for anything else. When I push play button the first chords tell me: listen to me. So with some improvements you'll get a great song. I hope it helps. Cheerz Tom

Austria, Vienna

Breathe again


Hi ~A W Z~ This request is just to help you to improve. Vocals is wrong throughout the song. You really have to work this. It lacks a bit of bass guitar in the mix but it's well balanced overall. The drumm is impeccable, very straight and strong. Is it a drummer or a drum's beat recorded by a real drummer? The composition is quite monotonous, it's no surprise and it's quite repetitive. Only the vocals is trying to ignite the song but because it's wrong, it doesn't. You have a lot of work on vocals and on the structure of the track. Good luck.

France, Loudeac



Well, you asked so I will give you my objective notes as follows: Vocals are pitchy & it seems that your range doesn't match the melody. Definitely needs pitch correction. Drum track is also to busy & is, at times, distracting. I wish you luck in your musical journey.

United States, North Carolina, Garner

Checked Out "Breathe Again" 3-26-2015


Good introduction on guitar. Vocals come in with interesting lyrics (about heart break or missing the girl?). Guitar continues. Almost like country style voice, sounds a little like a Neil Young type influence. Drums keeping the rhythm section going in a pretty relaxed manner. Waiting for guitar solo? Fade out at the end…No guitar solo?

United States, Colorado, Denver

Breathe Again


Hey Awz the Lyrics are Awesome!!!!! I love your Guitar playing!!!!! Good Vocals!!!! It takes me back to songs in the 80's. Love it! Peace SharBaby

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

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