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Listen to this again and again

Great song, great retro feel with great guitar sound. Shades of early Black Sabbath which is no bad thing. I really like it so there's not much else to say apart from I wish you guys all the best :0)

United Kingdom, Norwich



This might not be the BEST review I've written so far, but for the first time I'm giving 5.0 rate. This song is great, old school rock with feeling. The instruments are not at their best quality, but I can live with that. The vocal is the best. Like I'm listening to Ozzy Osborene's new song but from the old stuff. Amazing. That reminds me... you may reconsider the genres you wrote for that song, I think. It's finishing a little but sudden, but I can live with that too. I wish you good luck and keep rockin', you are good. I wish to see you on stage one day. Cheers, Donnie Donkov

Bulgaria, Sofia

Review or AWZ "Again and Again".

Nice riff. has a Sabbath feel to it but not as heavy. Vocals are adequate but not exceptional. The composition also is common but is well performed. You can get rid of the profanity also as it really is not needed. The band has talent and sounds like they could be real hot live. Just need to be tweaked.

United States, New York, Queens

Mastering ?

Good song good groove but let down on final mix, mastering, mastering mastering its so important, this song sounds like one I recorded in the early nineties bouncing tracks to and from two stereo cassette decks, theres just no excuse in this modern computer driven world we live in not to have a half decent master to be proud of. Cheers Good luck

Australia, Sydney

Good Music

The music for this track is good, it has a solid melody line which is backed up by adequately played instruments...main song lyrics are well written and tactfully done..vocals could be just a little stronger or just brought out a little more, but the let down for me (and Im no prude) was the overuse of the moaning in the background...a few placed well through the end would have a better impact than a continual string, which quite honestly after the first 4-5 times just makes me want to turn it off....don't lose you audience before the final note has played! I m not saying I wouldn't listen to this again as the majority of it was good but I certainly would be stopping it before the ending. Good Job! #SkiesTheLimit #MusicNeverDies

Australia, Bundaberg

Flashback to the 80's


This song reminds me of the 80's and to me that is positive. I'm a sucker for that decade. Really cool intro-riff and great vocals.The guitar solo has got a really nice touch. 4/5

Sweden, Hoganas

Again and Again


Being a big fan of Ronnie Montrose, I immediately liked this song. Vocals need some 'room' to breathe. Add Plate Reverb and a slight echo-doubling so that the vocals blend better with the track (be very careful with compression/limiting!). As for making a video . . . have a female porn director/producer handle that for you. Do not have a guy make this video! Finally, it is cool to do an homage to someone who has come before us (in this case, Montrose), but it is really important to make absolute certain that what we do is not derivative (what I call the "D" word!!!) Derivative is the enemy of true art! Keep on rocking! Past is prologue; what was old is new again! Make it YOURS! -Kieron

United States, Oregon, Portland

Review of Again & Again


I hope this doesn't insult you by stating you sound like someone else, but the tone of your voice sounds quite a bit like Ozzy Osborne. I like the song although it doesn't sound quite finished, mixed and mastered. A couple of times the vocals were a little pitchy but I do like the tone. Overall a good song, quality writing so keep up the good work.

United States, Massachusetts, Whitman

Review by p Brady


hi hope you are keeping well,listened to your song a few songs love it.a few problems with the production 1 guitars not bright enough for me ,drums too bright vocals nice and clear which is what I like being able to listen to words is important apart from those minor adjustments,really great track reminds me of early Sabbeth keep up great writing peter

England, Ormskirk Lancashire

Reviewing again and again


I had a flashback to the 80's. That's not a bad thing. Not a bad song, but in this day and age it's not really marketable. I don't know if your looking to perform your music, or have a named artist perform it. If it's the later, you might want to consider changing the style of rock it reflects and make it more geared towards todays rock. Over all thanks for the flashback. I had some fond memories back then.

United States, Texas, Tyler

Again and again


Hi ~AWZ~, Like your other track, the vocal is false. But the voice is interesting in style Ozzy Osbourne. You must work the voice. The mix is deaf. Bass and rhythm guitar are under mixed. The mix lacks of lightness. The gimmick back vocals at the end are too strong. We can't hear the music behind. Overall, the track seems a lot at Ozzy or Black Sabbath. For summary : You must work the mix and the voice. Good luck.

France, Loudeac

Again and Again


Thanks ! Keep ROCKIN ! Sounds like you guys had a crazy winter this year but on the bright side sounds like you were able to spend time makin tunes. Keep up the good work. Peace and Love. The WEEDS

Canada, British Columbia, Victoria

Again and Again


Oh this is Phenomenal Awz!!!!! The Music is Great!!!!!! Great Guitar!!!! Reminds me of the early 70's. Your Vocals are just great!!! SharBaby!!!!

United States, Alabama, Birmingham



I think the recording is fine the way it is--this song had a really nice groove to it--the ongoing riff is so catchy--it's like 80's dance style but with a rock feel with all the instruments. The vocals are great and I like all the voices at the end--this song made me wanna dance.

United States, California, long beach

Checked Out: "Again And Gain" 3-29-2015


Great jump in with great effect on the six string. Rhythm section of bass and drums kicking it in. Good mix on the vocals. Lyrics draw the listener in. The vocals have a good confidence level about them. Great guitar solo. Gets raunchy in there about three quarters of the way through the song ha ha. Makes me think of a combination of Guns and Roses "Rocket Queen" from Appetite For Destruction. And Marilyn Manson "F**k Frankie" From Smells Like Children.

United States, Colorado, Denver

Very Solid Song


This song is cool, and easy to follow. Makes you want to bang your head, which is a good thing. I'm hearing dual lead guitars, which you don't hear much anymore. Really solid sound. I think if the mix was pushed up a little on the music, it would have more bite. The music sounds a little muffled, not bad, just slightly distant. Overall good song, good singing, and sounds like fun at a party or club. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

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