Michael Grande
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Michael Grande
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Michael Grande

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About Michael Grande


"He's a pinch of folk, a touch of bluegrass, a little rock and roll, some Latin salsa, flamenco, jazz, country, and one huge portion of showmanship. There is something that separates Michael Grande from all other performers around him. This guy was born to perform. Showmanship is in his blood. And he seems to have impressed everyone who has seen him." - Maxine Jewett, Owner/Editor "The Acoustic Scene Magazine"

Michael Grande is a phenomenal guitarist, singer and songwriter. Many years agp, Leonard Sillman, all-time great Broadway Producer met Michael, and invited him his home to play for him. Impressed with his talent, Sillman included Grande as one of his "New Faces On Broadway". It was at the first Woodstock Festival, however, that Michael made his initial contact with the great Richie Havens, which led to Grande signing with Havens' management company, then touring the world with Havens for nearly four years. On Michael's first CD, "Hey Friend", Richie Havens wrote, "Michael is one of the finest and most inspiring artists I have shared the stage with."

Michael Grande's CD "Hey Friend" began to climb both the Cashbox National and International Charts, and when several singles from that CD made the TopTen Charts in 15 different countries, he began to tour extensively in both the United States and Europe. Cashbox "Year End Awards" picked Michael as the "Most Promising New Artist of 1994". His successful tours led to several agents vying to manage his career. After many discussions, Michael chose to be managed by Frank Campana, former VP of Columbia Records. Michael opened for a number of successful artists including: James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Argent, Alex Taylor, Chris Smither, Dan Hicks, Mississippi fred McDowell, and included extended tours with Canned Heat, JohnLee Hooker, and many more.

A review of Grande once stated that he was "Mark Knoffler with a Spanish heart." Although Grande has been incredibly successful on both adult contemporary and country charts, above all, he considers himself "an entertainer", and he is certainly one who knows his audiences. Michael's music is eminently diversified. His unique five-fingered picking technique sets him apart from all others. Another plus is that his music is his response to growing up in the multi-cultural landscape of Brooklyn, New York, as well as roaming the clubs and coffee houses of Greenwich Village at a very early age. The music also reflects the sharpness of his patriotism, honed even more brightly, having served as a (expired link). Marine. Michael's love of music encompasses many different types and styles, and he really has no favorite. His interest ranges from Classical to Bluegrass, Rock and Roll to Srauss Waltzes. His tastes include Marty Robbins to Pavarotti and Bob Dylan to John Coltrane. And his love of music stretches from World Music to Country Music and beyond.

In 2009, Michael Grande wrote "Horses For Heroes" in honor of a program to rehabilitate wounded/disabled servicemen and servicewoman. In 2010, Grande's song "Horses For Heroes" was featured at the International Horse Show held at the Verizon Center (Now, the Capital One Arena.) in Washington, (expired link)., before a crowd of over 20,000, as horses with disabled soldiers mounted on them circled the arena. The performance received a standing ovation from the spectators.

Michael Grande has performed for millions of fans in Europe, Israel, Japan, and the United States. Grande is a virtuoso guitarist, a breathtakingly talented singer, and an entertainer who is an absolute joy to both see and hear. His CDs take his fans from the quiet gentleness of "Hey Friend" to to tears, hearing him sing of a homeless man trying to survive a devastating snowstorm in "Willie Lo". In Michael's music, you're also able to share the pure joy of riding a bicycle in the song "Mike's Bike" or join in his brilliant salute of the military and their horses in "Horses For Heroes". Grande's music is simply special. If you're in need of an uplifting moment, listen to
Michael's songs "Only Believe" and "Small Things" Or, if you'd like to be really uplifted, sing along with a crowd of Michael's friends gathered in the recording studio with him as he performs the song "La Da La Da" on "Hey Friend"..

Michael Grande's CDs are: Brooklyn Rescue Mission", "Hey Friend", "Especially For You", "Small Things", "Essentially", and "Forever" and an album produced in the early 1970's called called "Look To The Sky". His four singles are: "Hey Friend", "Mike's Bike", "Horses For Heroes" and "I'll Look For You In Heaven".

Michael Grande has performed at venues including: Cagnegie Hall, The Concert Series in Central Park; Troubadours, Los Angeles, California; the Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ; The Twilight Series, Tanglewood, MA; Country Thunder, Apache Junction, AZ; (Where he performed in front of 250,000 people and received a standing ovation!) He has also performed at the John Coltrane Jazz Festival held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, California, The Forum Theatre, Thousand Oaks, Califormia and many other venues.

Cue Magazine , New York City, described Michael very well. "Michael is a brilliant lyricist-composer, and he has the warmth and charm which, when he performs, light up any room. He has that marvelous thing called communication." Variety's review was even more to the point, however. It read simply: "Hot! Blazing Hot!"


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