Art Dickerson
United States, Texas, Fort Worth

About Art Dickerson

Songwriter and vocalist Art Dickerson grew up a South Texas cowboy on his family’s ranch. He also came up singing in bands and learned that he loved the spotlight. Like many others, Dickerson pursued radio fame as a Nashville songwriter, landing some country placements, including Craig Moritz recording Dickerson’s "Work For Beer" on the major EMI label and Josh Housewright tracking his "I Can Be Strong" on Lamon Records.

Unlike many, he realized that the art, craft, and impact of songwriting were more important to him than commercial success and chose to concentrate on those aspects of his career. His latest album, Real, is a compelling and personal glimpse at some of his 300+ original songs and an excellent introduction to his vocal skills. Tracks like “She Shines,” “Real”, and “I Was Gonna Leave You” demonstrate Dickerson to be a serious creative force and every bit as good as anyone currently on the radio. The album touches on a lot of universal human emotions and experiences, which is what draws listeners to it. “If I Could” is a ballad about not getting to say a final goodbye to someone close. “Beyond Repair” is a sad father-and-son song that features some beautiful and emotive mandolin work. “Take Away The Rain” is about giving love and hope one more chance and “A Woman's Touch” testifies to the power of love in the life of a man.

Dickerson is still part of the Nashville songwriter community where he networks and writes on a regular basis. Over the years he has worked with notables including David Geffen and Carole Childs of Geffen Records in LA, CBS Songs - Canada, Sony/ATV Music in Canada, and Skyline Music Group out of Nashville. He is on an upward path as a solo artist with a winning style that mixes country, rock, pop, Christian, and R&B influences. Anyone looking for a new songwriting voice with a strong commercial sound needs an Art Dickerson playlist in their daily rotation.

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