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Awaken Prophet


Starts out a bit slow and low key, then into a fast flowing rap. The Lyrics are a message for this season. Excellent production and composition with a great back beat. It is worth a listen if you like the Spoken Prophetic Word. Wisdom in the lyrics and anointing in the musical expression that make it a word in due season and a prayer of supplication to be kept from the temptations of this world.

Blessed My Soul


I really like the song very powerful message I really feel your passion in the lyrics very unique and creative and well put together the track is really nice please keep on going don't stop what God has given you to and at anytime I would love to hear more of your anointed music keep your ministry going and thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors and have a blessed weekend and God is love God loves you in His name stay blessed and creative.

United States, California, Every Where

Cleaner mix and master

Yo bro song is tight, the only thing the mixing can be a little bit better bro, I’m understanding what you’re saying in the song, but i have to listen a little harder to hear your words especially in your chorus, trust me I’m no where near perfect bro, but that’s about the only thing to work on.

United States, Alabama, Mobile

Awaken Prophet

Hi there brother. Right off the top, I have to admit that I have never been able to get into rap. lol I do, however appreciate good music of any kind and good flow of words, etc. I did have quite a time trying to figure out what you were saying. If you were trying to produce a 4/4 beat in whatever tempo this is in, I could appreciate words that were presented in 1/4, 2/4, 4/4, 8/4, etc I could appreciate the flow just fine, but there are enough places where either the words you have chosen are not the best or way too many of them so as to make it hard to understand. Even I myself break from the traditional repetitive hook that repeats in a song, but there is nothing in your song that leaves me with a clear idea of what you are trying to relay to the folks. I remember hearing something about the prophet Jonah, so I am left wondering if you have a message much like Jonah had for his time; but I am just left wondering. The minor key that you have written this in leaves me with a searching wandering mysterious sensation, which is what a slower minor key is supposed to do. Maybe try to chose different words that mean the same thing, but that will fit better into the meter of your song. I do believe that there are enough good bones in this song to work with, so keep up the hard work that writing demands of us all. Most of all, stay in God's precious Word, and love Him with all your heart, mind, soul, strength, etc. I know that THAT will keep you full of the compassion to continue to reach out to the lost. Blessings and love, Trev. :)

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton


I love the message. Your approach to this song was good, you are very direct in your lyrics. It almost seem as if you're a teacher. The beat was nice and you compliment it with your style of flow. Hopefully you will move forward with this song. I would like to know how this song came about and when you came up with it. The title caught my attention and after listening to it I had questions. There's not much I would do to change this song unless you feel that you wanted to rerecord your vocals for some reason. I appreciate the concept and approach to this song because it's straight forward and to the point. I feel like you bring everything to the forefront in the content of the lyrics. Keep working and coming with the truth, it's needed.

United States, Florida, Miami

classic flow I love it

classic flow there is a definitely a place on the kingdom for all styles peace and blessings brody this Is Brother AL...Check me out I tuned and everywhere else ( CONSERVATIVE GOSPEL)...MAYBE WE CAN COLLABORATE IN THE FUTURE

United States, Georgia, Savannah

Hello from Jerzy...


You ask for review... so this is it...are You trying to do Rap...well Rap also use some good music in the background... and You just using 3 notes which is NO GO in The Music Bizz...... and on top of that it is Hard to hear is now I do not see where You will go with this song... You need to rerecord ..trying to use a much better arrangement...and Please do not listen Your Friends..They will always say it is a Great Song... but The Reality are much different...Good Luck.. work on it...

United States, California, Los Angeles



Hey I Hope and want to believe you have a desire for Christian music but this is really bad my brother. You need to get into a music studio and really present your lyrics the right way. It does not sound like you are into it althogh ...your words itself is hot! Please please practice and work harder you have the talent but cant even barely hear what your saying unless you play it back a million times. Keep your head up stay in prayer practice and GOD bless!

United States, Pennsylvania, philadelphia



While listening to this I really didn’t get the message and what you’re trying to get out. The beat is to basic and needs more energy. The lyrics aren’t clear nor the vocals. There needs to be a powerful hook that will keep the audience drawn to what you’re saying. This is just what I’m hearing

United States, Alabama, Tuscaloosa

lamentation rap

Very cool use of a minor key in the beautifully melodic hook to drive home the prayer message, a lamentation coming straight from the heart. Not hearing clearly maybe half the lyrics, but the other half is certainly something with which a congregation could rap along, should that be the intent. Power to you and other Christian/religious rap artists for getting your spiritual craft out there.

Canada, British Columbia, Delta


Keep that Holy Ghost Christ Flow... Love what you're doing for the Glory of our soon coming KING!!! You can also check me out at drelocmusic dot com Been to Flavor Fest a few times...might hit it up again this year. Stay Blessed UP!!!

United States, Texas, SanAntonio

This song is ????


I really like this artist he makes good point's in his lyrics i understand his lyrics and hes very straightforward with what he's saying and i feel like he is an inspiration to others he has allot of great lyrics in his song i would reccomend his music to my people and I'm gonna keep a very close eye on him and his music i can't wait and would love to see what happens to him and how far he gets in the future me personally i really love this artist because he is a really great artist of my genre he's very good bro

United States, Kentucky, Bowling Green


I love rap gospel I have been trying to learn it how to do it I really admire that and it is a blessing to hear how rapping gospel really touch you and it has touch me so please keep up the good work and may god continue to bless you each and everyday

United States, Louisiana, Lake Providence

Nice Beat!

Awaken Prophet, You have solid lyrics in this song for sure... Though if I may give some constructive and helpful criticism, I would say I had a difficult time of hearing your words. I can tell you put a lot of thought in your lyrics, but I got a little lost in the beat (Which was catchy!). Also, I felt like the beat was a little monotonous. Maybe add a little bit different beats and tones? Hope this helps!

United States, Michigan, Lansing

Strong message but needs something


Nice beat and message (any message about Jesus, done correctly is good), however the lyrics could use a little refining and the flow could be more decisive. The hook is good. Keep at it, just pronounce your words without stumbling and come up with some more songs that are a little more upbeat, with a better mood.

United States, Texas, Converse

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