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Really like your sound , its soothing and the song is creative and nice and mellow. i love the way it sounds!! The guitar work is really amazing, it is one of my favorite instruments. you kind of remind me of a mellowed version of one of my favorite artist jimi hendrix or a bob dylan Keep making Music please!

Good song - needs production

Andrew I like the tune, but it needs some production work. Check Fiverr dot com for ones who will master your tune for five bucks. Look for my gig soon for the best music gigs on fiverr. I think you may have something here with this tune. You just need to keep working on it. Not sure how you recorded it, but that too needs some work. But it may just be the mix and master that needs works. Hard to tell from this cut. Your voice kinda reminds me of Randy Newman of "Short People" fame.

Promising Singer Songwriter Story

Sometimes there is a recording that would be far better if produced well by professionals and not in a home recording setup. That's the case here. BUT there is excellent promise in the songwriting and performance of Andrew Neil. Lyrics like "Zookeeper is a sleeper, ... when we lose our fear and live the blues" don't make enough sense to connect with an attentive audience, but with some collaboration and the help of a caring producer I would like to hear further releases from Andrew Neil. Andrew's guitar work is able and adept. He knows how to keep the track from getting boring, and he has a good sense of how to keep it interesting with rhythm and harmony. Again a good producer can guide teh elements of his next record to a higher level and better frame the expression of this promising artist.

andrew neil

this is something ya'll need to check out best believe ya'll will feel it that's a fact this song made us be like oh boy the beat is tight words on pint everything is just hitting fact word !!!!!1

Nice tunes

Really enjoy listening to your music it's very touching and gives off positive vibes. Whom ever mix and master this track also did a great job, every instrument has awesome clarity which accommodates the lyrics. Keep up the hard work stay dedicated and focused to you craft I'll definitely be looking foward to hearing some more of your tunes. G100


nice guitar playing. Good sound. Nice. Writing style is good also. Could stick with guitar style in beginning and work further in that genre and style and pronounce lyrics more clearly

Great Potential

Firstly, I think that you have a real natural warmth to the tone of your voice. Your lyrical content is strong and even though it's a raw recording with just you and your guitar I really endear to the songs potential. In fact I really like the raw sincerity, production-wise. It very much suits the song's subject. However, my ears want to hear more musical layers perhaps. Maybe another voice or another instrument in there as well. There were a few pitchy moments vocally and sometimes I wish that I could not hear these things because I like to enjoy a song in its entirety. However my ears like to go and pick everything to pieces. Overall, a strong song but I feel that it's only the skeleton of what the song could potentially be for me personally. Keep writing! I want to hear more of your tunes!

Dah Animals in dah Zoo

Andrew... what a nice lil tune Animals In Zoos is. Some nice little creative breaks, bridges and change up in the song. I liked your lyrics as well and we good choices. I would like to recommend that you look into being able to direct input recording for your guitars and vocals so that they are a little more clear, esp the vocals. Still the acoustic nylon guitar had a nice moody vibe to it so its all well n good... Nice tune man! DU

Much better mix

This one sounded good. I liked the mix much better than your first one. The vocals and guitar is much smoother. Your guitar work seems to have improved, better rhythm. I loved the last line, "we're all just animals in the zoo", super. I hope you are feeling better, keep writing and playing, music is great therapy, I know from first hand experience. Hang in there. Later, JD

Very valiant!

This is a nice raw piece of art that deserves consideration, I like the nature of it, and I like the sincerity and honesty put into it. I have no problem giving you a very positive review, it deserves it.

Animals in Zoos

I thought the opening music of the song did not support the melody , as the song progressed your melody was better supported by your chord progressions. Your ability to incorporate different strumming patterns defined the sections of your structure and encouraged me to listen more. The descending chord progression complimented the darker nature of this song idea. I would encourage you to use an H4N Zoom field recorder for better sound quality. You are a very talented songwriter,thank you for sharing your song.

"Animals in Zoos" Review

I like the acoustic guitar. I think the vocals need a little bit of work. They went out of key a bunch of times. I would like to hear this song with some other instruments. I think some keyboard and lead guitar would add a lot.

Cool riffs, song could use some restructure

I like the riffs but they don't flow well together and sound like 3 different songs mashed together with the the same lyrical content theme, which is lyrically a cool theme. I'd try restructuring the song parts so they flow more In a verse, chorus, bridge,verse, chorus, ending type structure and definitely do the slow chorus, break down part at least twice in the song.(catchy riff) The song has the makings of a catchy tune, just think it needs some work and ultimately it's just my opinion. Hope it helps.

Animals in Zoos

i like the guitar and the melody im not sure but this sounds like a live recording also I like the detail of the song the metaphors your using I can dig it!


Good guitar riff. So, I really like that first guitar riff, but after listening to the whole thing, I come to find out it's not related to any other part of the song. It's almost like you said "I really like this guitar thing I came up with, I think I'll write some words for it, and then just tack it on to the beginning of this totally different thing I came up with." I think you ought to explore making it into a different song altogether. It seems like the actual "Animals in Zoos" song doesn't really start until you get to the part where you're saying "Sounds too good to be true". I can't quite understand what the lyrics are saying during that first part. Seems to get a little clearer when you get to "How I came into this zoo." I think you kind of have an arrangement problem with this tune. No part of the song repeats, it's like you just go from one part to a different part until it's over. Consider bringing one of the first parts back after one of the later parts. For example, after "We light our candles and play the blues" do the "Sounds too good to be true" part, then go back to the "Zookeeper is a sleeper" part. Good ideas, they all just seem a little bit unrelated to each other. If you can kind of interweave them through a different arrangement, that might help.
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