The Girl From The Stars - Main Theme

Adrian Bran

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Just amazing


Beautiful beginning, build, climax, and ending. Great piano work and blending of instruments. It has a sence of wonder that made me feel like a little kid staring up at the stars and imagining dragons. I don't think anyone could have anything negative to say. You are clearly very talented. Please keep writing. This world needs music like this.

United States, Florida, JACKSONVILLE

Very Relaxing


This melody is so soothing. When you need to take a chill pill and clear your mind, I would recommend this track. This can be use during yoga, if you need a good night sleep or any other time you need to relax.

United States, Texas, Garland

She's shinning


Nice celestial sounding on the opening. It blends into the piano well. It's a nice composition and has a good choice of complementing tone choices in the different instruments choose. I was however picking up some phasing issues caused by the different reverb on the opening synth and the piano. You might want to look at the settings and make a change to one of them to add a little clarity to the piano

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Tune Lead variation


Hi there, Your instrumentation is subtle and well mixed and you varied the tune in those three chords starting in minor. However if you want to build on this it would be very good on the ears to vary the instrumentation on lead from piano, say doubling hi strings with soft flute. By crossing over this tune with another subtle lower pitched one( counterpoint) would provide greater depth. Indeed experiment with timing by slowing down and speeding up slightly to get that emotionsl hook working even more. All in all a delightful listen thank you.

United Kingdom, London



Thanks for allowing me to hear your song very unique style keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music hope this been helpful.

United States, California, Every Where



Fragile and compelling. I sat here listening on the edge of my seat with my jaw open and drinking it in. I am so very impressed with the complete package, as every piece is so much less than the entirety of the whole. The piece is one grand organism so delicate that I am afraid to reach forward and damage the aura emanating from my monitors. Instead, I let it envelop me and I sat there in awe of something truly precious and delicate. Is there too much reverb? Almost, but absolutely not. Does the EQ need adjusting? Not at all. Should it be compressed or limited to make it louder? Do not touch a single transient of this, the hairy spikes are the finest velvet. Warm, glowing, breathing, alive. Not at all virtuosic, save for the perfection of two minutes of bliss. It is neither too short nor too long. It is complete, a masterpiece. I bow humbly to your mastery and feel sad that I have nothing to offer for improvement, only humble praise. You inspire me to try harder and to do better.

United States, Michigan, Hastings

A Glimpse of Beauty in the Stars


Adrian Bran has composed a lovely piece of music with his "The Girl From the Stars - Main THeme." The light and airy sounds invite one to glide effortless through a galaxy accompanied by the beauty of the spirit of "the girl". This girl has the essential qualities of lightness and kindness. It is soothing to be in her presence. She is perhaps best identified with the remaining stars seen in the sky at dawn.

United States, California, Glendale

Christo's Review


This song is a small, pretty Bijou - lovely! It sounds a little bit like a film-music track - it's full of atmosphere, there are also interesting scales and some exotic sounds. The great thing for me is the lovely, slight rhythm in the piece! Well done!

Austria, Vienna

The Girl From The Stars....


Adrian Bran employs All The Notes tell us about this Precious Lady. It is a song of Heavenly Realms reaching into the soul and plucking the heart strings of each listener. This instrumental captures the beauty of a Spirit of Light and Love and Truth....Divine in it's composition and instrumentation of Ascending notes of Glorious Being. At one with us, causing us to enter into beautiful attitudes of reverence and adoration. I see the Shining Light of my own being, wishing I could be more and shine brighter. All adoration in music inspires adoration in the hearer if they listen carefully. This is a Love Sonnet in musical notes that resonates beauty, truth and love in a new way. Truly inspiring! I would say keep writing down what you hear from the heavenly realms and what you hear in your heart as you align your heart and thoughts with heavenly frequencies, because you are expressing new forms of beauty.

The Girl from the Stars


Its a nice melody with an interesting introduction. In a short time develope the main theme reach a climax and fade slowly. The combination of instruments blend the sounds properly. Seems more than song a incidental music for a movie, you can imagine the stars in a clean sky far from the cities.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

deep and magic

I like how this music starts. A mix between magic , mystery and deep sound. I hope it is only a part of the complete work, I would like to hear more length about this piece. I was imagining a film like Odisea in the Space. good luck!

Don't Shine

Sorry friend, but this music is boring. The girl from the stars don't shine in this track. The "Theme" not exist, i don't found melody and i listened more confusion of sound instruments. Good luck


Very relaxing to listen too. I would like to get the full version, I believe this was only a sample to listen to for voting purposes. I would like to purchase this piece. Where may I get a copy of this song?

United States, Arizona, Phoenix

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