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Love reviewing new artist and they actually dont completely suck. Voice sounds like a madder childish Gambino and Kendrick mix. The beat is tough, Super Duper is also a great thing to say for many situations. I overall like this, very relatable. Keep that third eye open and forget the rest. Look forward to hearing more in the future. Hate reviewing crud stuff, but this actually was worth the time spent. SUPER DUPER!

United States, Florida, Usa

Nice tight tune


This track has a really catchy melody loop, that goes well with the urgent tone of the vocals. I enjoyed listening to it, and would recommend it. There were copious lyrics, and you did well to keep everything on the beat. I couldn't catch all of the vocals the first time through, but that was more because they were fast as opposed to you not speaking clearly. Keep up the good work. I'm going to have to come check out your page now!

United States, Washington, Seattle

flow on


way to make this beat yo b!tch, I hear the flex in your flow and it's very aggressive. Point made very clear and I love the hook. You command the track and you roll with beat most people try to over do it and fail, but you own this track. very nice.

United States, Missouri, Kansas City

A really great song


I really like this artist and i really like they're flow they're flow is really awesome i like this artist and the good point's and things they talk about in they're lyrics i understand everything they're saying in they're lyrics and i can relate to some things in theyre lyrics but i would love to see this artist and the big things this artist is gonna do in the future with they're music and i would love to see the incredible and awesome new music from this artist it's gonna be awesome

United States, Kentucky, Bowling Green

super duper


yoh fam have ya'll heard ace de mirrorman - super duper? if not you gots make sure that ya'll do cause hommie is killing it big time i haven't heard anything like it this right here hits the furn

South Africa, DELMAS

Super Duper Review


This is track is nice. It has a nice smooth trap sound and feel to it. Nice vocals as well with a nice hook, artist stays on beat. The track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta



Hood track. Dude spittin classic music to ride to , nice flow production , something to be excited to listen to as a hip hop head dope track , shout out to the motor city they have another up and coming artist , its a lil wayne ish but other than that he has his own identity on here as well , love the energy and the rhythm , explosive and all the way through was a well writtin track , I'll recommend this to anyone who enjoys real rap , this is a track u wont be disappointed about

United States, California, Sacramento



okay so for starters good choice on the beat. like omg that shit goes so hard shit fucking fire. next to that bomb as dilervery it s different its full of all types of change up its how would u say versatile. makes me believe u have so much more to offer i mean i just found it and ive already listened to it like maybe three already lol i no its not a lot but in the short time ive been on ut page it is lol anyways great catchy song with a bomb as beat and a sick as delivery u got wat it takes bro keep at it send me ur next track or tag me or something

United States, Maine, Dixfield

Super Duper Barz!


Good stuff bruh! Okay lets start from the beginning. I thought the beat was dope. Lyrics were dope! I like the calm steady flow from the beginning, and how you completely turnt the fuck up at "Modern medieval....till the end of that verse!" I think on the chorus, you could have done a few more adlibs like ("Only something he would do", repeat "he would do" as adlib) just to make it stick in the audience head. But overall, great job boss! Keep it up

United States, Washington D.C.

I dig your sound


I really dig your sound man. Reminds me of a mixture of few artists that I was influenced by as well but with your own different approach in how your doing it. Keep it going! Give them that real hip hop!

United States, California, San Diego

I like it


I definitely felt the club energy with this song me and my roommates listen and review alot of peoples music on this site we enjoy all the hard work everybody puts in once my recommend and earn time comes back ill be sure to share your music on my social media outlets keep up the good work and goodluck with getting shows this song can definitely be a club banger thanks for letting me review!

United States, Illinois, Chicago



 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real


Passion in the voice


The music is captivating and draws you in to listen. Ace jumps into the beat nice and smooth and as he progresses into the song the more emotion comes out his voice to bring an overbearing power to keep you tuned in.

United States, Arizona, Tucson

Good delivery


This is my honest opinion of your song.. Right off the top the voice is really good and held it down with swag and energy on the track.. The beat is pretty good and fits the track.. Definitely has some bump to it.. I enjoyed the listen and you have a lot of potential. Overall it's a good song and would be a great intro to the album. This is Quality work and experience is displayed here.

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Great beats


Great beats on this track. Loved it from the intro! Solid rapping with some nice and espherical melodies. The chorus blends in well with the verses and all in all the track just works. Strongly recommend it.

Australia, Sydney

Very nice


The beat is bangin. But the way you came through in your bars, the words you spoke and your flow, this track is bangin. The way you flipped the first verse and completely demolished it shows a lot about you as an artist. You need to get it to me so i can give you some global airplay on my 24hr network. Playin only the best of Indie and Underground.

United States, Ohio, Dayton

That’s cool


I like the content and I can respect the flow. It was hit or miss with some punch lines but I don’t think that was a big deal. You carried me through. Your voice is dope. The chorus was dope. Conceptually based music is good. I would listen again. Kudos on the best as well

United States, Connecticut, Waterbury

Nice quality production


Keep dropping good music we like the flow and production give the streets some bangers for 2018...blessings to u and your team hope all is well never stop grinding independent music is the future

United States, California, San Francisco



As an artist you're pretty good, the only problem with your music that I would say is that its not trendy enough. I'm saying this as someone's whose from Atlanta, a city that sets a lot of the trends in hip hop. Since your an artist from Michigan, keep working hard on your craft, but if you mesh your rap persona with newer age production, and maybe mix in some trendy lingo within your lyrics you'll have better results.

United States, Georgia, Norcross



I think that this song is smooth and very melodic. The that the MC rides the beat is very important. I think that he excellent breath control and he floats on the beat at rapid but steady pace. I don't know if this beat is a club banger or not, but I do think it is a nice riding song. I really do miss this style of rap in today's culture because it is often lost on deaf ears.

United States, Mississippi, Vicksburg

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