I Cant Love Her

Ace Mirrorman

Song Reviews

Funny, witty and Exciting


'I Can't Love Her' is a funny and exciting witty track from Ace. It's a mellow joint you can sit back with friends and chill too, more so when females are not around. Quick verses over a fun beat describe's Ace Mirrorman's track, at the same time it does address some moral issues speaking about girls half naked in the clubs. Though this is a matter of opinion as we know Usher (I Don't Mind) does not possibly agree. The verdict is yet to be out on that one.

United Kingdom, London



A unique song with superb characteristics in a blend of sweet rhythms and deep poignant hip hop verses. I enjoyed the reality of it and the humor and find this is one that mainstream hip hop fans would truly endorse. Keep up the good work. Being individual in your music is your strongest asset that will catapult you to where you deserve to be. Stay original , Much Success.

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield MA



Fun song to listen to also has a good meaning to it cause I be feeling the same way with my life in certain situations ha. Keep up the work though. Real recognize real simply. Know I'll be hearing more from you soon I don't do favorites but your music reflecting on me. One hundred

United States, Georgia, Waycross

Like the song


Soon as the song played i knew i would love it. It remind me of a mountain top view with expensive bottles just you and your ride Mercedes truck summer time type scene great song its motivates the money over females solgan nive work bro.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham



like the hip hop beat and the way the lyrics fit to the melody got a good thing keep it pushing sounds like u know what direction you want to take with your music. shout out to your producer

United States, California, Riverside

Organized crime review


First thing I want to say, that I usually like lyrical emcees but sometimes, every now and then, listen to some different styles of music, not the same pace of music, but overall, it's good bro

United States, Nevada, Lv

Ace Trumps The Deck Once More!


A very different side of Ace Mirrorman. Might be my fave joint yet. Playful & fun...and no he did not say "I dont give a f#ck city & Im the mayor!" LOL Love the hook, too.....croonin' is on point! Very dope, Sir.

United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee

nice flow


I actually like this track because its laid back quality and i can also identify with the concept i can tell you think about the music you release the name of my team is sickaudio ny beyond being an artist im also a videographer. You can check out my work under Derrick Crawford on youtube here's one check it looking foward to hearing more from you in tbe future you can also contact me at my email peace and continue to create that sick music

United States, New York, Queens

Cheers Ace


Lately I have lost hope in hip-hop, but after listening to this I feel better about the hip-hop scene. Ace Mirriorman is really flexing his skills. He used some very polished producers and lyrical content on this song. His writing is very personal and honest to the listener. All his music is a documentation of the tragedies and triumphs that have occurred in his life. I am impressed, and that says a lot. Cheers Ace.

United States, Florida, Orlando

My type of music


First off all you had me as soon as the beat came in. This is my type of music the lyrics and the beat killing for real you did yo thang on this one. If i was you i would go to the radio station wit it. So over all i give you 5 stars i wish it was a such thing as ten stars cause this joint deserves ten. Great Job.

United States, Missouri, Homestown



This is cool. I like you voice. You have a unique voice. Your rap style is in point. I can hear you have been doing thang for a while. I find this track somehow cute. Your rap goes along very well with the beat. Good job :-)

Germany, Wiesbaden

Now I know why


I Can't love her , wow I'm still astonished. This is the kind of title which will get interesting and tempting. I was like I why you can't love her . Your lyrics made it clear, wow what a twist. You good with words , you delivered without losing the flow. Overall the song is dope , and it is well produced. Keep it up, even for the best there is always a room for improvement. I can't love her is now my favourite .

South Africa, East London

Amazing song


Wow. I am amazed by this song. The beat is amazing, your flow goes well with it and the hook goes very well, I like the more sad feel of it showing the sadder side of love and how it's all pretty fucked. Amazing track, def need a download of this cause this shit is dope!

United States, Florida, Tampa

Good Vibes


First i love your music lyrics and everything its the kind of music i could listen all day keep doing what you do making good quality music! one love!

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

i can't love her


really cool laid back jam.nice beat,harmony is on,vocals are great.should do well on the market.this is one of those,pulled a rabbit outta the hat.great job,bijan.

United States, Florida



First off, I'd like to say that I seriously overestimated this song....not because of the lyrics, because the first and last verses brought some type of insight to the song idea as a whole. ....Not because of the light airy beat, because I am actually a fan of those types of songs...no, my main problem comes with the combo of the Idea and the second verse. The Idea of "I can't love her" is coupled with the fact that "all the hoes want me", which is quickly followed by "she's a hoe herself". Maybe I'm nitpicking a song that isn't that deep, but I just want to hear a rapper sound vulnerable for once on a track about women, even if he calls her a whore lol -ManII

United States, Maryland, Baltimore

Too Nice


your flow is on point man truely and from a musican point of view i feel you relaxed on the concept in second verse which took away a little charm from the song but overall its nice and the hook is capturing and passes the message clearly.... I just wonder what your girl think lol.. Well done man

South Africa, East London

yes sir


I like to say thanks for the review I am a fan myself I appreciate your style it's unique and the way you flow its your own which is so important in this business of music but like I said it you need a track or two I'm stacked with music and concepts I would love hear you on something produced by CaNy Entertainment.  Peace

United States, California, pasadena

This is very nice!


I enjoy this track easy to listen to. The sound quality is very good. I would like to c a video to this song might help show more of the story, this is definitely one of those tracks that fit a movie type. I will recommend.

United States, Florida, Miami

I cant love her


You have a voice no one else has which is good dont sound like no one else you want to stand out. Overall I like the track I feel it should be mastered more but its still cool keep improving. Shout out Detroit. A 313 native right here.

United States, Texas, Dallas

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