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Unko Dope is representin California, the Bay Area, and my city- Richmond. Hip hop is a gift from above to me. I do this 4 those without a voice or choice. A young man from Richmond, CA that's been rappin since 1991. I thought I was born with Scizophrenia and I really became 5150 when I was 12 because of my traumatic experiences. I spent a lot of time smoking weed, drinkin, poppin pillz and plotting on killin myself and my enemies; trying to find a way out of my situation.
I had to learn patience to escape my sins. I knew I needed Jesus but I didn't know how to get to him. I got baptized with the Holy Ghost when I was 19 after the Lord called me out of the streets. But I got sick again after a vicious demonic attack, and it was the scariest time of my life.
I was locked up on a 5150 when I was 20 years old. I still kept believing in my salvation and rapping about it. It was like medicine to me, it helped me work thru some hard times.
Being filled with the Holy Ghost enabled me to find comfort in the word of GOD. The nurse that I usually see asked me how I made it so far.... I say it was only Jesus, because my prescription list just kept getting longer and I kept struggling to hold on to my faith.
Finally, in 2018, at the age of 35 I got my miracle. GOD healed me of my so-called incurable disease. I stopped all the anti-psychotics and narcotics. Life is sweeter than it has been for 15 years. My mind is clear. My heart is stronger. My faith is grounded in GOD's promises. It should show in my music. Walk with me as I walk with HIM...

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Nov 21

7:30 PM

Backbar Sofa

United States, California, San Jose, 418 S Market St., 95112


May 29

7:00 AM

Backbar Sofa

United States, California, San Jose, 418 S Market St, 95112


Dec 12

7:00 PM

All Ages

United States, California, Fresno, 700 M Street, 93721

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