Immediately started to smile.

What an immediate impact! Just the other day I was listening to some classic 70's disco as background music to workout to at home because I cant get to the gym due to the current social distancing lock down. This song came up on the play list and I immediately started to smile and move to the beat and yes......sing along to the backing vocals in my own 'sweet' tones. This song lifted me on so many levels. Thank you. Oh, and its nicely produced to.

Get Your Dancin' Shoes on...

I gotta get my Jesus on with this one... Keep up the great work... Bless you all for spreading the Gospel Message... We surely need to reflect Christ, The One who came to reveal The Father, in times like these...

reveiw of Tis' so Sweet

The music is fantastic top of the charts is the lyrics and singing all fantastic I do love this song I think it is fantastic well done I think it stands a great fighting chance for the charts big time although there are many artist and songs that can do that but this song is up here and stands a top chance better than not standing a chance I think you should promote it and see what happens i love this song so i gave it top rating OK as we pray for you and all take care GOD BE WITH YOU ALL

T'is so Sweet a treat to listen and sway to!

T'is so Sweet is a treat to listen and sway to and feel the praise. I enjoyed this music and the message and the spirit of love put into its creation. May God bless you more, more, more! Tis sweet! Beatrice Rose

Happy Upbeat

InUnity continue there very professional output with "Tis So Sweet".Once again great vocals and harmonies with a mixture of scripture and secular lyrics with a great messagae of hope.Overall a very uplifting happy song.....Bless You All and don't ever stop Geoff (JustJeff)


The eight member vocal group In Unity is sure to have a future in the world of Christian music. Tis' So Sweet is a pleasant, upbeat well written song with tight harmonies. Can't wait to hear future songs. I hope there is a video.

fabulous praise and dance song

WOW! This group has the technical vocal chops of Take 6 and the song has the get-up-and-dance drive of Tower of Power. When you finally get on the road and tour, you are going to make a huge splash folks. You've got it all: talent, song crafting, vocal arranging and delivery. The only thing I could possibly suggest is to somehow make the lyrics clearer. Maybe this is purely a function of the mastering. What a terrific song. Thanks to you all!



Is So Sweet

We really enjoyed listening to this song. It is well composed and professionally performed and recorded. Of course the subject matter is wonderfully encouraging! Keep up the good work!

Makes Me Wanna Dance

Professional track. Its well mixed... transparent. You can listen in to the song and hear all the pertinent pieces. I love the key changes, they hit without warning. This just makes me want to dance. I don't know what all I can say about this piece. You're not like the typical gospel musician - doing "pronoun" gospel like they're AFRAID to call on the name of Jesus. I like the way you make it clear that you're giving God the glory through the name of Jesus! Great Job!

Tis So Sweet by Zions Joy

Beautiful harmonies and melodies witht your lovely vocalists. Amazing blend of tones tand make you wan to DANCE before The Lord! All I want in a song of praise. Excellent percussion and the best part is the anointed playing on the trumpet. I love the lyric of The Lord Carries Me. Taking time to go digest this feast of worsh to Our Lord. Greatness is here in this ensemble of playes and singers. I hope you go far! I know you will because He is with you inspiriting your music. So uplifting! Thank you for sharing with us all Brothers and Sisters.

This is an uplifting Praise Song

This song makes me feel happy right from the bar of the song. Listening to this song, again and again, makes me praise God as I move to the groovy sound and reflect on the lyrics. The vocal arrangement is perfect for the song style and the harmony is so tight. I want to hear the rest of the album. I will definitely give airplay to this song. My listeners must hear this song. Five stars from me. Google The Donna Walton Gospel Network and listen for this song.

Tis' So Sweet!

I love the music and especially the words, but love the twist with the music. Nice pattern and rhythm. I appreciate your for allowing me to experience your music. Keep up the fantastic work. Looking forward to hearing more music in the future...Darrah

Good song, good recording

Nice recording alot going on with a good mix Good R&B song Good vocals good harmonies Hope there is a strong Avenue for R&B Christian Music if so u should be able to squeeze in, definitely good enough. Good luck God Bless

Tis' So Sweet

Absolutely, without a doubt, hands up, Praising The Lord super worship sound that is soooo sweet, the mix the vocals, the melody, the beat, my Lord this is fantastically uplifting worship at it's finest. Please keep the Spirit Flowing and keep writing music to Lord because I feel like it reaches the Throne Room. I heard this just when I needed to because God always knows what I need and when I need it. Amen, Praise and Hallelujah! God Bless!
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