‘InUnity’-(Zion’s Joy) / Continuous Praise / What Would Heaven Look Like



Smooth Voices of Praise

This is a sweet melody and a catchy tune; I really enjoyed listening to this tune. It can minister to a variety of listeners of different age groups; which is a good thing, since the music of nowdays have created an age gap of sorts. I truly enjoyed it.

Amazing track!

I have listening to your track from the beginning to the end. The introduction sounds perfect, vocals sounds perfect, vocal arrangements is so amazing. Instrumental sounds amazing and the end of the track sounds perfect as well. Keep up the good work!

Very nice

I love the harmony and words to this song. A nice melody that is nice and easy, but touches the heart. The lead singers are clear and articulate. I would recommend this song for any worship service.


Hey got to keep it real you guys sound great. Great voice everything is good you know you got to talk a lot on here to get a little bit of Bitcoin but hey I'm going to give you the number one hit imma give you 4 stars and give you everything you need to keep up the good work please review some more music thank you for the cooperation thank you for the network thank you for everything you guys sound great and I hope you keep on continuing to do the best that you can do and I'm very thankful that God has put you in this path to keep continuing to the bus


What Would Heaven Look Like review. this song is a strictly Pop piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Pop style as I said everything recalls the Pop genre . personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Pop piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

My thoughts on - What Would Heaven Look Like...

The intro to this song is sweet and flowing - a gentle beginning that draws the listener in. It does bring to mind, the "opening of gates"... a perfect beginning to go with the title! The songs vocals between male to female works well, and as the song bursts into harmony, the beat and music crescendo into a joyful sound that makes you want to clap your hands and get up and move... Nice. The vocals in this song are the star, though the music is powerful - it serves as a great curtain of sound for the singers to carry the lyrics through the arrangement. The change in lead vocals, and the vocals weaving in and out are as good as it gets. This song has that big "wall of sound" that commands respect... I would love to see a video or live performance of this song... I didn't hear any real unpleasant parts, or sounds that need addressing. This song is most excellent as it is. A short interlude during the song for an instrumental break would have been nice; but the song's arrangement is still great as it is. I was blessed by this song from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing such a great song with everyone... In Jesus Name/Michael D'Aigle

Nice vocals!

I enjoyed this song. While the words sometimes were lost (hard to understand) there were some very nice moments vocally. For me, less is more - meaning the embellishments sometimes kept me from getting the lyrics. There was a nice instrumental groove here that was easy to listen to. And I believe the overall message was there, so I would have given it a full 5 stars had I been able to understand all the lyrics. Keep up the good work!


Really awesome music and lyrics. You guys are the best. Keep singing and recording the music of heaven. You all encourage us old timers who still love to wrote and sing. Great song and harmony.

Wonderful Group! I really enjoy this song

I recommend and review very few songs on this site. I can't recommend songs I don't love, and I won't review a song I can't at least give some constructive criticism, but this group and this song are both gems in a field of mediocrity! I love your harmonies, and your solo vocals are spot on! I enjoyed your lyrics, too. I can't think of one thing you could do to improve the song or the arrangement. Keep on bringing great music. Jesus deserves it!

What would heaven be like?

I absolutely love this song. The message is very positive and I like the way the main catch phrase is in a question form "What would heaven be like?" I like the blending of different voices singing the verses. I like the melodic instrumental arrangement and the orchestra. This song is very well organized and mixed. You all did a terrific job.


gorgeous rich harmonies abound here. A full choir of stunning blend. This particular song makes a fabulous addition to most any Christian worship service, even a liturgical one. It's remarkable that with all the intricate vocal harmony arrangement, the melody can be taken to be smaller than an octave, going from the tonic to the 6th, making it easily accessible to the singing ability of most any congregation, and it's even composed in D, and so the notes of the melody go from D to B. And with the key change at the end, the range is still do-able, with the notes going from E to C#. Terrific lyrics too, with a message that transcends doctrinal differences. Thank you to Zion's Joy :)

It's ready

I love this song, it's mellow and has a nice 90's groove to it. The instrumentation is exceptional, i love the progressions and bridge to this sing. Honestly this song needs no review other than the fans checking it out for the very first time. There is a presence with this song and it is undeniable. This song needs nothing more than a champaign budget and determination for it to be what it already is. I would play this in any service or event and watch the results, this song got me excited which doesn't happen often. I while like to say this is a great representation for the title and meaning of this song.


Great intro, vocals sound WONDERFUL together and are upfront in the mix where they belong. Band is tight and seasoned. Personally, I would have pulled the bass up just a little. My only observation is during some of the vocal runs you lose what you are saying. Without the lyric's, all we have is a good band. With the lyric's, you have a message that needs to be heard. God BLESS and keep up the good work.

Amazing Song!

The lyrics and composition of this song amaze me. You all have amazing voices and talent.; You remind me a bit of the group Avalon who are one of my favorites. I appreciate the message as well very uplifting. Keep up the amazing and anointed music and to God be the glory.
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