Zap & The Wires / Fire Wires / Bethy & The Buick LeSabre

Bethy & the Buick LeSabre

Hey Bud, love the tune... it has a smooth flow, pretty laid back and easy to listen to. The production is top notch, the drums are solid. Vocals are also very solid, nothing negative to say, just really enjoyed the tune, everything about it. Thank you.

Bethy and Buick

Great introductory chords and brilliant country bass vibe. Lovely interesting and believable vocal to begin the story telling, with sympathetic and enthusiastic accompanying vocal to keep time with the main singer. Behind it all the bass guitar and drumming percussionist drives the instrumentalisation along at the rate it needs to assimilate the chivvy road journey. Great stuff guys, great number which it might have been a little longer. Thanks Artey

Impressive Rock based Pop-Song

Sounds like a real story of the past and this extra factor brings more interest into the song. The lyrics are original and amusing. All instruments are exactly on track. Especially the perfect played e-guitars convincing me. Overall good arrangement including cool drummer and the exact bass-line. The vocals sounding really special in varied pitch range of the chorus. This recording is definitely professional and very creative. I can´t stop listen this song and I´m sure you will like to add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Great Song!

Hi Zap and the wires! what a great song and feeling, its like music i enjoy very much! great! great sound and playing .good arrangment ! cool lyrics I like the singing style and the guitars as well.well done:) keep up this good work! i really like it! Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs:)
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