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Bop review

Hey gang here I am again reviewing another good track right here so let's get started, we'll this is a nice easy listening/slow ballad happening here.the song has a good vibe about it and there's very nice arrangements happening.good bass and drums, nice piano playing and overall good instrumentatation.the his us very good and the tracks were well recorded.the vocals and harmonies fit nicely, nice song really good.


Wow. A unique sound. I Like the piano and good and acoustic. Vocal is one like I had never heard before. Definitely a different approach. Concept is also unique. As a vocalist and songwriter I respect all genres and the "dare to be different approach". The chorus could have been "fattened up" a bit to add definition between it and the verses. With a build leading. Made the difference between a good song, and a great song. I will check out other works by this band. I like the different. Good luck with your future endeavors. Feel free to check out my latest "One Single Rise". Have a great year.

The Well Of Tears

I love the piano here. It's very well played and very appropriate for the song in my opinion. The vocal doesn't seem to fit the lyrics. The words are appropriate, but the presentation doesn't sound like I would expect it to sound given the circumstances presented in the song. In other words, everything seems to work but the vocal presentation.


I never give 5 stars unless the song if only in my mind is one of the ever made or will played over and over in my brain for life so dont take offense the stars. I loved the music and lyrics and the meaning i recieved i think is very re relatable to most people. I know ive drank from that well a few times. Great Song also it is one of a kind in my mind because i dont think ive ever heard a song like that. Good luck in the future JLE


if it were very nice piece I love piano I love the music I love all types of music jazz gospel classical rock r&b soft rock gospel rap. Thank you for sending me your music to review thank you for sharing me your gifts and talents. Every gift that we have comes from above let us continue to share my music with the world and each other and never stop sharing and never be afraid to stay outside the box and that would be afraid to go to the next level. I hope it's been helpful may God continue to bless you and all that you go to dinner create peace and thank you again for sharing your music.


Hi Zap and the wires.I am a great fan of the panio but I can hear only the drums.This song could do with a select few instruments like bass lead and rhythm guitars. My opinion is that I think the vocals and mix could have been better and I feel it would be more benificial for you guys to rehearse more before you record a song.It doesn't seem to fit with rock music if that was your intentions.Indeed never give up and keep trying, the next song you do could be a huge winner...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au from Melbourne Australia

piano is good

Your piano is good and your hook is good. Vocals are OK. The basic criticism is that your song sounds like it's all done using only the rhythm track on your piano. I know that this stuff is expensive but if you could get a couple of other instruments in with you your song would be be even better.


I love the progression, but I found the lead-in just a tad long. Lyrics are good, but the vocalist doesn't seem geared toward this style, but rather more toward hard rock. Doesn't sound natural enough for country. Just a little too "scripted", but ok. It get's the message out. I'm not a hater, but a false review doesn't help anyone.

The Well Of Tears

The piano is unique, and very well done. I am impressed by the stylistic originality. The vocals however are amateur and pitchy. If you get another singer the song itself could be polished and refined to possibly be commercial. The vocals aren't really usable. I cannot review it but, how I feel it merits. I am sorry but, the pianist is awesome but, the vocalist isn't really a singer at all. I am so sorry.

Kenneth Warner

I just want to say great song and great vocals I hope all your dreams come true and keep on making music and check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime by Kenneth Warner and our Band Suthern Accent Band

The Well of Tears (Piano)

Hey, I really enjoyed this tune. Don't hear very many song's where you've got such great piano playing, most are heavy guitar, and drums. Listened to the words of this song and thought, yes, very well done, you should be proud. Nicely done.


This is a Good Idea for a song but need some work done on Arrangement and It is now the chances are very low that a Radio Stations will use It..I will re record It using Much Better Singer and make It a little shorter below 3.5 min..Music Publishers are Very Hard to Please so is just my opinion I will wait with submission till I will have a Radio Ready Quality Recording..I wish You good luck with pitching.. You wrote a nice song..


The piano is a genuine masterpiece and the pianist has great talent. He needs to team up with an equally talented composer and lyricist to do the acompianment justice as the lyric and vocal are just not at the same level yet. I do like the title as Well of Tears is a good one. The lyric and melody are just too generic and preachy. A good rule is to show not tell. Use images instead of statements in the lyrics and let the listener fill them in with their own interpretation. Great talent, keep writing! :)

Nice piano playing and a bit special

Your song is certainly not mainstream and probably only appeals to a niche audience. I like the piano played very well and also the lyrics. The vocal melody might have to be revised a bit, especially it would be helpful for the listener if the chorus would stand out more. That would make the song a little more pleasing. The vocals take getting used to, but the second time I heard it I didn't think it was so bad, it's just unusual. The song probably won't be on Pop radio, but it has its qualities. Good luck!

The Well of Tears

Very well played piano. Sorry to have to say it, but the lyrics seem to indicate that you are drinking from this well of tears that you are encouraging someone else to stop drinking from. I do find it hard to perform a constructive review on a song that is so "dark." I try to sing my songs as best as I can too, but I realize that I have need of training to get better. May I also recommend the same my friend. ;) Keep on writing songs, but maybe try to capture some positive themes in your songs. Blessings, Trev. :)
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