Zap & The Wires / LOR / The Western Seas

Wow, I'm Floored

O.K. at first I thought...just another simple type song. The more I listened, it got AWESOME! I hear so many things in this song. I love the presentation, and the wandering way it just moves along, like down a path to something bigger and better. Very well crafted. The singing is amazingly haunting, as it takes you on that journey. Yes, I listened to all 7 mins and 35 sec of it. ...and loved it all. I'm sitting here in North Carolina, thinking, Wow, these folks have got it. So many Artist don't understand the coolness of being somewhat eclectic...Artsy Fartsy...etc. You guys have it for sure. So glad I listened. You are well on your way to being something big. You Go, and You Rock. Sincerely Edward Westbrook Atomic Energy Society

The Western Seas - by Zap & the Wires

Wow, this is like lisa loeb joined members of m83 and oceansize!!!!! pretty, dreamy, laidback, but with momentum..... and a weird mellotron out of kilter acid trip edge..... this is great music for the RoadTrip Playlist... really well recorded.... pretty vocals that are arranged closely and sound huge..... a pretty jam that we could call today's hippie music.... i HIGHLY Recommend this track for your RoadTrip Playlist !!!!

"The Western Seas", are Smooth Sailing with Zap & the Wires at the Helm

" The Western Seas ", are Smooth Sailing with Zap & the Wires at the Helm ....this is a catchy tune with a style Lennon & McCartney would enjoy listening to.....I highly recommend listening to this,from start to finish,it is a pleasure to sit back and take a ride on " the Western Seas "..with Zap & The Wires......another excellent production,well written and well played.....Bob Morris

Bright, Polished, and Nicely Played and Sung

It has a catchy, repetitive groove, well played and recorded. Although it did take a bit long to get past the intro, it was well worth the wait. The vocalist has a beautiful, magical/angelic delivery, giving this a very fantastical feeling. Very nice song!


I like the beat it’s dope Id definitely write to it, it has a country rock vibe to it and at the same time it’s moody I dig it, I think it takes to long for the vocals to start I thought It was an instrumental at first I really enjoy it jus try to lower the second layer of vocals and turn the first layer up just a notch

Hi ! from .exe

Please use google translator. Bonjour je suis en train d'écouter votre musique et je trouve ça très bien. Chanteuse excellente. Musicalement c'est très bon, bien joué. Le mélange des harmonies des voix c'est très bon, j'en aurais mis aussi à la fin, j'imagine que vous n'avez pas de back vocal alors vous faites des arrangements en studio. Je trouve cette musique complète, standard, ça pourrait jouer à la radio !

Good harmonies

Your song is full of very calculated harmonies (voices, background keyboards,...) the voices are also bright and pleasant to hear.I also like the overall beat that makes you move your head and whole body willing to dance! Good job! Chris


Me gusta esta canción, un tanto extraña, con una melodía simple pero efectiva. Parece todo grabado con aparatos electrónicos, o utiliza muchos efectos. Destaco la voz, que aunque tenga poca letra me gusta bastante. La segunda parte me gusta más, no se escucha tanto el arpegio que hace un poco monótona la canción. Bien en general. I like this song, a bit strange, with a simple but effective melody. It seems all recorded with electronic devices, or uses many effects. I emphasize the voice, that although I have little lyrics I like it a lot. The second part I like more, you can not hear the arpeggio so much that the song is a bit monotonous. Good song.



to improve

the piece begins with a very harmonious guitar tour and the drums accompany the perfect perfect guitar. even the entry of voices and their intonation is in perfect harmony with everything else. frankly the keyboard solo I did not like the sterumetno you used, I will change it and I would use another instrument. Even the final solo did not please me, it does not intertwine well with the voice is a bit so out of tune and is a pity because the piece is beautiful.

Cute seas

A nice piece of music with well balanced interesting parts. The singer has a nice voice. The guitar and keyboard are rather prominent compared to the singers's voice. In the middle of the song comes a fresh intermezzo. I like this song.

Surfing on air

Well, this music make me feel like flying in the sky and floating on air. Nice harmonies and the keyboards are magic. Nice music to relax and enjoy good times with friends and discussion about what really important in life.

Ambiance vintage

J'aime beaucoup la mélodie vocale et l'atmosphère générale du morceau. Cependant sur toute la longueur c'est un peu trop plat à mon goût. La boîte à rythmes et la ligne de basses notamment apporteraient bien quelques variations. Les sonorités font penser à la new wave du début des années 80, les strings dans les aigus sont volontairement sumplistes, il faut aimer, là aussi j'attendais un peu plus d'originalité. Un morceau très agréable à écouter quoiqu'il en soit.


I love it Damn good There is good music out there to listen to back in the 70th Keep going I don’t know what say more about just keeping listen and I will definitely share with my friends Love Anton

The Western Seas

The title "the western seas" from Zap & The Wires begins with an easy listening guitar intro opening your mind for something like going in your day with a good mood and probably a smile on your face. Listening so this song opens my mind for thinking of how it is in america in a little town or valley on a day like this here in europe. I don`t think it is too bad at all, you only have to have nice people around you and an easy to listen song like this. Enjoy listening! the cows
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