Zap & The Wires / The Loft Rehearsals / Won't Let You Go (Rehearsal)

Energy a touch of the 60`s

This is normally bot my kind of music, but something deep inside makes me love this tune. I can feel the earlly Beatles, the early Rolling Stones, energic, raw and the musicians way of doing this song, electric and a nice rhyhm. My advice is to record this song exactly as it is. A good perfect take honest and catchy

Song with magical moments

This is a great audio sample from a rehearsal. It isn´t perfect, but the band have fun and is really enjoying making music together. And that gives the music a magical moment. I really like the introducing with a strong sound from the e-guitar, which is also playing the main role in this composition. After that, Zap beginns with his unique vocals, but the whole composition is more various. You will hear a spontanious solo from the lead guitarist Marc Harris in the bridge, that makes the music rich and brings the listener on the next level. The drummer Mike Wideman is playing his parts very engaged and straight. Eddie Stilles are playing a great steady bass-line in this composition. This is an extra factor what brings additional feeling into the music. In a way, this song is more creative than others. Overall a really impressive recording of "Won't Let You Go" from professional musicans. The lyrics from Zap coming from the heart and I really enjoy the music. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation!

Hello from Jerzy

I know this is a practice.. but I'm hearing some Nice Old Fashion Rock and Roll... I like it... if I be You.. I will put a Lead Guitar to "Work" more...I hope that in the studio all will turn Much Better... Hey I listen Your song 2 times and I like what I'm hearing...Good Music for Life Performance... Keep Up good Work... Jerzy..

Anachronistic Sound Indeed

This is totally an Anachronistic Style. The energy is there, so is the drive to move forward. Watch pitches and keep making Music. Listen to your inner Artistic selves. Enjoyed how fun this was to listen to ! Thx :-)

Hey Zap & The Wires

Interesting and moving - love the live music and live instrument. The vocal was not a bit unclear or perhaps it was a bit lower than instruments. With a little balancing things would be fine for listing to the vocals. I love the live recording - that was really nice . Honestly I would recommend recording it - with a little work and focus I think you have something worth listing. I really liked it Great job ..

Sounds great!

It sounds like a garage band, I love it. Looks like a band right from the 60's or 70's. It's really good. It is bringing us back in time. I love it, it's dynamic! Good voice, good guitar, good rhythm. I love your sound! Keep up!

hey mods

It's like I 'm listening to a trash 60's garage band fine .I knew a mod band in the 80's with sound like this .Great , great time having a listen to your rehearshal even with the nasty sound . thanks .

Beautiful song

Very beautiful song, reminds of old country songs . very interesting performance and the instrumentals . The music is very jumpy and brings smile . very cheering and something you won't hear these days anymore, good work!

Reminiscent of the late 60's

Although it's just a rehearsal, I can respect any artist that pays great homage to an era of effortlessness that songwriting has all but lost. Now all you need is a more polished version. ;)

Has very good potential

This is definately retro, it has elements of 60s, some 70's. This is worth recording properly and invest the time into that. No other comments except I think it's got potential and I'd like to hear a recorded version. Try a fuzz on the guitar and that would really lock it into a cool retro feel. You might need a few takes on the guitar lead, I'd work on that but he's got the idea. Not sure about the lyrics because it's kinda hard to make it out, but the "melodic" style fits the song. "Won't Let You Go" is a good theme. Enjoy.

Sounds alright

The musical backing is nice and sounds well put together, but I couldn't really understand any of the lead vocals so it felt like it was missing an important part of the song. Based on what I heard, however, I would say it has good potential.

good job

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won't let you Go

the song is a throw back from the 60ish, the vocal was ok the song was just ok for me. the lyrics were just ok i didn't understand what he was singing about. I wouldn't want to listen to it again and i can not related to this song and maybe it would have been catchy in the 60ish but not now. the song needs lots of work on it.

Easy Rock and roll

Sounds like the Rolling Stone. Like the melody and lyrical theme. Kinda of music gets your body moving. Solid guitar playing. Upbeat love it! I'd say your onto something very cool. Nice hearing on summer day. Enjoyable
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