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This Is Some Cool Sh*t Check Out Zap And The Wires

Great Energy, A lot Of Atitude, This is the 2nd track I’ve heard by these Guys... I think they’re really cool. The Vocalist reminded me a bit of “Wall Of Voodo” an 80’s band however it Certainly isn’t an overused sound or style if you like Melodic Well played Music with a good helping of Quirk Check Out Zap And The Wires Very Cool Sounds, Pretty Fresh Sounding Music Has some 80’s influences However a very Original overall sound, Excellent Guitar work Really Enjoyed this track. The mix was professional as were the interesting guitar rifts. My only suggestion might be to shorten it a bit better to leave them wanting more than less and it would be easier to get radio play if it came in under 5 minutes instead of almost 7 but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to listen too here it’s only a suggestion that might make it more accessible. I would imagine you guys are a blast to see live. Great Job 4 Stars

"Sweet Lady of The Pampas" ,is Sweet Music

"Sweet Lady of The Pampas is Sweet Music" and it has great Guitar work...I said before, "These Jersey Boys can play the Guitar"....and actually,the music reminds me a bit like and played as, a ballad from Ireland you would here in a great Pub,with that slow beat with a message and then the guitar riffs begin to sing and finish's off with more riffs and the rest of the story,I like what I hear and I thank you for another great piece of music,that is well produced...Bob Morris - Gitano Blanko Productions

all in all

all in all is alright I think every dog has his day...(once over) Like set the world on fire,as shine up to or shoot the works... yeah Im not showoff sweat out next your thinks.Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible...Good luck!


I love how you created a very unique sound that isn’t as prevalent in today’s society. I love the aspects and different musical components you used. Keep up the good work can’t wait for more

not bad

Sweet Lady Of The Pampas is a very special piece with ballad notes, rock and a few blues that does not hurt. the piece is not bad but in my opinion it is too slow, I notice that the voice is dragging slowly and does not give justice to this piece that I think is beautiful. so the advice I give you raise the bpm, not by much, but as soon as you reach the optimal speed you can figure it out yourself. hello to the next piece


The introduction is probably longer than it needs to be. Parts of the vocal line are difficult to understand. Aim to have a more consistent volume throughout. ("Fader ride" might help.) It sounds like you are using some sort of vocal affectation in order to add emotion/attitude. That works okay, but I'd rather have you sing normally and let genuine emotion shine through instead of trying to add it artificially.

I like the vibe

I like the vibe... Hip, Campy, edgy, with many surprises... Rocky Horror,meets Zappa... Vocals need some work, but liking that raw, wild side sound.. This track is unique, honest and WILD... But I like the potential biziarity of the track :-) Thx for sharing...


Greetings Friend, Words of encouragement can often be viewed as veiled attempt to mask what one truly feels inside. With that said, your melody is classic and enchanting. However, in my opinion, it was as if you were playing around and didn't really expound on some points in the song which I thought would have made it more palatable. All in All you get two thumbs up

Unique Rock based Pop Song

This time I start with the songtext of this very nice composition. The unique vocals of the singer tells a story with dramtical conclusions, which reminds also on own problems and touches the soul. The keyboard creates a great space and a perfect played guitar solo completes the recording. This extra factor brings more interest into the song. Overall a really perfect arrangement, but the bass is unfortunately a little to soft in this recording. The drummer plays straight and on the point. The whole recording is also accompained by great midi-sounds. This extra factor brings additionally beauty into the song. I find it extremely good and Mike Sacher, who wrote the lyrics has a god given talent. In a way, this arrangemend sounds more creative than others. This composition is definitely professional and very creative, influenced by rock and contemporary popmusic in perfect orchestration. The mixing and mastering with Digital Dungeon, Logic, and effects for the guitar is perfectly well. I can´t stop listen this song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Slow but relaxing

Well the chords in the background or played really really well. This is definitely a slower song but for a relaxing evening this is definitely be a nice song to play in the background. When I like to choose relaxing songs after a hard gday at work this would be something I would choose to listen to. Thank you guys!

Sweet Lady of the Pampas

Love the guitar intro. I did not really like the vocal. I think more thought needs to go into the melody. Tell a story with the vocal. Make people want to hear what the story is about. The Guitar work is awesome and the concept of the song is sound, you just need to rethink the vocal or have someone else sing it. Hoping to hear a new version.


Hello! I like the tone of the electric guitar: the "rif" is welcome and gives of the interest to the composition. The orchestration is realized well and clean; but, I am not really convinced by it. She is just lacking, and she does not bring much from the musical point of view to this composition. The set is nice, in particular because of this really nice guitar! All the best to you, by wishing more originality in the composition of your musics. See you soon...

Chanson pop un peu longue

Un bon riff de guitare bien efficace en intro et repris en bridge tout au long du morceau, pour finir sur un solo d'accompagnement 2nd plan avec de belles harmonies sur la fin. Personnellement je n'accroche pas au ton de la voix, trop en mode déprime exagérée. Dans l'ensemble, le morceau est long, car trop peu de variations sur la durée, le tempo peut être un peu lent pour en en faire un morceau entraînant, mais ce n'est (peut être) pas le but recherché.

Muito bom

Gostei dos arranjos bem elaborado, paradas, cantor cantando afinado...boa banda tem tudo para crescer...melodia pop, som comercial...vai agradar bem aos ouvintes, e recomendo, essa banda 10

Pop groove with Avant Garde overtones

Catchy guitar melody and fills, but they need to be a little more frequent in the song. This would do well as an indie release with more quirky music, or to crack the glass ceiling of pop you may want to use a vocalist with a more typical style. The lyrics are BIZARRE! I think it would be a great indie release! Keep up the good work and NEVER give up!
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