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Zap & The Wires new Tune, "The Earth Will Shake",will shake things up on the charts.

Zap & The Wires new Tune, "The Earth Will Shake",will shake things up on the charts.It has a great beat to it and the lyrics have a poetic movement and a Vintage ,easy going sound...also great for the Dance floor...well produced musically with a lot of thought in this great production from these "Jersey Boys" they call, "Zap & The Wires" --------------------------------------------- Zap & The Wires, New Tune, "The Earth Will Shake", secoueront les charts. Il a un superbe battement et les paroles ont un mouvement poétique et un Vintage, un son facile à vivre ... aussi formidable pour le Dance floor ... bien produit musicalement avec beaucoup de réflexion dans cette grande production de ces "Jersey Boys", ils appellent "Zap & The Wires"

Weird, but I Liked it.

Had to hear it twice to get into it and it hit me the second time. The intro is a little strange, but the Bass line is what kept me into it. Then at the 2 minute mark, it 'really' got me going with the guitar licks you put into the mix. That got me into the song to keep listening. Every thing just started to gel after the 2 minute mark. The Bass just keeps it kicking nicely. I really like the whole thing with background bubbling sound and the Gorillaz type of groove. Like I said..."I Liked it". Good Luck on your music adventure here at N1Music my friends. gizzmow, Bonham, Texas ~

Pues vale

La música da claustrofobia, creo que es la intención, el golpe de caja se mete en la cabeza machacando. No se, me parece una canción un tanto extraña y aunque la intención sea buena, el resultado no me parece que lo sea. Lo mejor que puedo destacar es la voz, o mejor dicho la forma de cantar. The music gives claustrophobia, I think it's the intention, the hit of the box gets in the head crushing. I do not know, it seems a strange song to me and although the intention is good, the result does not seem to be so. The best I can emphasize is the voice, or rather the way of singing.

You might like it

Like a hybrid scott storch/frank zappa ruminating in the style of an avant garde score for a Castlevania video game by way of the autistic spectrum. The dreary dissonance punctuated with preternatural patches of guilt free guitar solos


I'm not sure what You are trying to accomplish..this is at best very amature "project"..You ask for review so it come..Do not take me wrong.. all is not good ..Production..arrangement..Recording Quality.. vocal.. instrumental go to the basics and write something better..I know that Your Friends are telling You that You are The Best Songwriter on the face of The Earth..but this is not truth..try to send that to The Radio Stations or Music Publishers.. and let's see what They will say.. but the chaces are They will Never write back..sorry but I'm telling You the truth.. try to learn a little..

Shake and bake

Yeah! This sounds sometimes like a mix of Bowie and more highly pitched Tom Waits. The lyrics are good. Surely the earth has been shaking and baking since the dawn of time. This song bith shakes and bakes me. Love the raw guitar solo and the offensive mix. This is defenitely something I would like to hear a lot more of. These guys at Zap & the Wires has definitely got something going here. Keep em coming!

Not my cup of tea

Weird bubbling noises in the background, ponderous beat, tinny fake trumpet sounds, and rickety vocals, not a very good start to the song at all. However, then came a somewhat interesting guitar passage, nice bluesy phrasing, however the stop start beat and aforementioned bubbling noise did not make for a good counterpoint. Possibly an audience for this but not for me I am afraid

Multi instrumental experimental

De nombreuses pistes se croisent sur ce morceaux qui comporte plusieurs connotations. Du solo blues de la guitare à l'orgue au son brut, des cuivres, une batterie par contre trop monotone, la voix plaignante du chant, et un peu de fraîcheur ramenée à la fin par un piano synthé légèrement funky qui sort de l'ambiance générale trés glauque de l'ensemble. J'aime beaucoup les guitares grace à d'excellents riffs blues et la sonorité brute, j'aime moins l'intonation du chant, l'orgue minimaliste et la batterie, trop glauques à mon gôut.

Stay around and be aware

In the era of a global fear for The Big One and others cataclysms this song is more than welcome to remind us all about how precious is each day on Earth and how exiting and strange it could be to see things changing around us! It makes me feel very young again and it transports me to the 90's. Nice voice and music. We all want to be there to see when the Earth will shake, don't we? So stay around and be aware of changes coming soon! Have a nice time listening and imagine the luck we could all have to live that and help each other to accept a new reality of the shaken Earth.

Checkin it out

I like the beat and the tempo makes me feel energetic, I can see myself riding around with this playing out loud in my vehicle, gonna tell people I know about this song I like the tempo a lot to and the vocals are spot on

The earth will shake

Nice organ sound. A little electronic sounding. I’m not into fake electronics. The song needs real players. The tune is cool. Too much effects on the voice I think if you redid the song with a band it would take it to a higher level. The solos could then be genuine and really add feeling to the song. Again for a almost all electronic made song not bad. If you put some real players in place and boost it up this song would have potential. As it stands now it’s not radio quality. Best of luck in your future recordings. Merry Christmas

Jungle-like atmosphere, and an earthquake let's the earth shake...

I'm finding myself in a jungle-like atmosphere, and an earthquake let's the earth shake... interesting sounds, not the mainstream thing, but mostly independently creating. Could be some tunes to a film, like a soundtrack or a game, more like an adventure game. Lots of the sounds seem programmed and then completed with guitars and voices. It's not kickin' my ass, but has real interesting things in it! Worth a try!

Freaky experience

The song The Earth Will Shake from Zap & The Wires is a smooth and easy experience in coolness and staying calm. It begins with a simple line of base and turns into a root drum supported freak song, good for a sit in or playing it in a bar for the guests. Enjoy listening everybody. The Cows

Shakin Not Stirred

Sounds like a song perfect for a release around Halloween. However, once the song gets going and the vocals are starting, the bubbling can totally get tossed out - it's distracting. The vocals are fine, though they sound metallic in the background and not in the forefront. Maybe that's your intention, who knows. This is a song you could expect to hear on an indie horror film at a party scene or something before someone comes chasing you with an axe.

Shake review

That's why is say music has no boundaries. The offnotes of guitar and that of the drum plays I loved it very much. The music has its own originality. Even the music is soft and the song is easy listening this song holds its originality and reflects to the new style of the music and it's composition. Verses are needed with extension of the melody. Besides this I have no complaints in this song!! Cheers!! Best of luck!!
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