Zap & The Wires have done it again with their light comedy about Modern Urban Guerilla Warfare."A Sci-Fi Funk Opera."

Zap & The Wires have done it again with their light comedy about Modern Urban Guerilla Warfare."A Sci-Fi Funk Opera.",12:46 of narrated and great music entertainment I would like to put to a short film...but for now,take a listen to these Jersey Boys and their music that is full of life & energy..,,I highly recommend this and their long list of music,this review is written by Bob Morris

zap and the wires review

The Genre of this song is Pop/Rock. This song seems to me like its being dedicated to someone who broke her heart. It’s pretty obvious in the song that she is explaining in detail of her broken heart. The storyline behind this song is that you shouldn’t stay down and sad for everything that goes on your life, because life is tough and we go through many things, for example we will get many broken hearts and just like the song says “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, it will really make you stronger. Always show your happy side and have a smile on your face, even if you really are broken hearted make sure that other person sees you are happy. Sometimes from something bad you went though, something better comes up from it, and that is exactly what the song is saying. This song is mixed with pop, rock, and dance that created a really catchy hit for Kelly Clarkson. The song starts off with a pulsing bass with keyboard sounds in the background. After the first eight seconds, she starts singing softly into the mix. Along with her singing there is a lot of pounding drums and hi-hat cymbal. Everything becomes more intense in the pre-chorus when the electric guitar is introduced when she goes into the lyrics singing, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. The upbeat of the song is delivering positive, soulful, and inspiring lyrics to the listener. To me this song is very positive and good meaning to me that puts me in a confident mood when I listen to it. Not just because I had a broken heart before, but just the overall meaning of it. When this song first came out I was dating a guy who I was really into, I was heartbroken when he broke up with me. And I found out

Wake up and smell the funk on your astronaut boots...

I’m so glad I listened to this. Super funk bass/guitar/drum engine driving a wild vocal and a neat anthemic synth pad melody. Continues the great and venerable tradition of sci-fi funk (Funkadelic; Parliament etc). So you’re in a well defined genre. Maybe a stronger break could push this even further - taking it back to just bass/drums and guitar at some point and tweaking up the vocals even more (robotic/telephone effect?). Along with that an introduction of some wackier pad preset modifications would take this track to where it should be. Up there, somewhere, with the black silk jetmen....

Not to be ignored

If you like original music, and original rock and roll then you need to set aside some time to take a ride with Zap & The Wires. As The Black Silk Jetmen started I was taken to the roots of rock as I remember rock. Then the magic started. By the time this song, The Black Silk Jetmen, was finished I had decided to hear more from this band. If you do nothing else all day today, just give this band one listen, and I think you'll agree that we have a diamond in the making.

Sci Fi Fantastic

I love this kitchy disco rendering of sci fi exploitation! Great synth sounds, nice drum groove. Larry Graham meets Zapp & Roger, mets a John Carpenter movie, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, and Ruby Intergalactic Gumshoe... Your stuff is cool my friend. Intelligent and likable. Keep it up please! Thank you again. -Tristan Luke

Fun Funk

Off the bat got some funk and soul. yes! recording seems OK and probably playing live. Very interesting track! Some RHCP influence with some Casey and the Sunshine band to boot. Fun song and very retro!

buen tema

mi opinion exelente tema continua asi colega llegaras lejos espero tener el gusto de escuchar mas de tu material lo recomendaría gustosamente tendre pendiente a pesar que en mi pais se escucha este tipo de material no es radiado pero aqui lo se hace lo imposible de moverlo lo recomiendo

Black Silk Jetmen, a review

An extra long play, uptempo and grooving EDM dance track. Good funking electric guitar and use of synth to create extra dynasm to the beat. The lyrical content comes over in the mix clear enough but would need parental guidance. Great work.


I think the beat is dope overall it’s cooll as hell,keep up the good work and stay on your grind turn up the background vocals just a little bit and you will be fine, hopefully your music gets out there

Zap and The Wires Modern Era Funk

This new era of Funk music is inspiring, like reviewer Bob Morris stated has a potential for a stage play Opera, just because is 12 minutes long. I would prefer play Opera then a short film. Lead performer in the opera would have a that dramatic stage performance, Great job guys!

Fun funky stuff

I hear so many influences of so many of my favorite artists..Prince, Kool and the Gang Parliment... I was waiting for the lyric DEVO and B 52's ....give us more, man and the video to go with it...I want to share this

Muy buen ritmo!!

Lindo sintetizadores, muy cool, puede hacer bailar a toda una audiencia con tu ritmo. Es alfo muy moderno y retro a la vez, tiene mucho potencial funk lo cual te hace un artista de culto internacional

The black silk jetman

Sound real cool ! Old school funk track with that cool guitar riff and syn lead thru out. I was expecting a goal track to come in earlier, however the shout words towards the middle of the song was different. Nice track;yo


Heard it from start to finish as I was doing stuff in the kitchen to pass the almost 13 minute song. As I was listening to the story I could see it in a video like Gorillaz does them with Murdoc. You should consider putting it into a video of some sort. The groove was great with the driving Bass line. Nicely done 'all' the way around, Zap & the Wires. I was impressed ~ gizzmow, Bonham, Texas.

The Black Silk Jetmen review

Reminds me of late 80's Funk. In the pocket and lively sounds...bass is popping, snares are sharp. Found myself tapping my feet to the beat. I dig it and recommend it to FUNK lovers everywhere. Would have liked a full song over this though. Still funky
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