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She's The One I Want ( But She Don't Want Me )

She's The One I Want ( But She Don't Want Me ) I was thinking Santana. Then I was thinking Jimi Hendrix, Then i'm thinking Bob Marley all rolled into one, to me is a good thing, well recorded, good vocal, nice mix, now all you need is to be heard, i would promote and promote and promote, you want to be heard everywhere, don't let your music become old to you, because it is new to every new ear. Wish You Much Success, One World 1 Love


this song has a nice old school ska feel. intro solo is a ripper! the vocals are well executed. the guitar sound double scratch is a good tones. the mix is good. the dueling saxes are original. this song is good and i think some people would add it to their playlist. it reminds me of the Specials a little, and some other 80s ska from UK. Nice track with character.

You are a good songs maker

Ilove it party harn must beautiful songs my friend too more very good songs all day enjoyed it very good today all day enjoyed full some my friend keep sing album all day enjoyed more very good


You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits!

Want is Subjective

I get nervous when I hear a category for a song of "singer-songwriter" because it's usually some dreary drab "whoa-ez-me" type of tune that you can't wait to get out of your head. When I turn this song on the funky fun of the tune makes me want to play it over and over. Until the vocals start. I applaud the effort to make a song and so I'll congratulate you on getting this out to the world.

Secret Rival review

The guitar sound is lovely and I easily get into the grove as its a relaxed track with a lovely message. However, the intro could be shortened and the solo sections as well because the lyric is great. Good job overall.


Olá Zap!! O motivo de minha revisão é de concordar com você à respeito da introdução de sua música. Fica uma dica: Atualmente, a maioria das música são feitas com introdução máxima de 10 segundos, pois uma introdução longa, tira o interesse do ouvinte em ouvir a música até o final, então será necessário rever suas introduções, mesmo que o guitarra goste dela. O importante aqui é fazer com que a música seja ouvida até o final e sensibilizar o fã a comprar a comprar a música. Bem fica a dica e espero que vc recomende minhas obras na sua rede da N1M. Abraços musicais Augusto Hijo - Cantor e Compositor Brasileiro


I think it's dope & that it has a lot of potential.The song and track have presence and the lyrics and subject matter are ideal in bringing the track and the song together cohesively but I think it needs to be recorded a lil better as far as the mixing and recording of the vocals and the mixing,the mastering of the track itself and the overall mixing and mastering of the recording as a whole. I like the production. I can hear this song on an album,a soundtrack, & certain radio stations. Drought Hustla

Sweet Thought and Sound!

This is a very very cute song, and on the whole I like it very much! Kind of reminds me of Sublime :) The guitar solo in the intro is, as you confess, a bit too long and enjoyable at the same time. As a listener, I would say it's enjoyable and too long at the same time. Perhaps, one half, or two thirds at the longest, would be comfortably the most enjoyable. The sax in the middle of the tune is also slightly too long, but acceptable, I think. It is quite understandable that you like to keep the intro's guitar solo as it is, but how about halving it and move the rest to the outro? The outro could be quite long and fade out. Begin with a guitar solo, and end with an equally long and enjoyable guitar solo, fading and leaving the feel of this song lingering in us listeners :)))


This song is not you every day song that you will hear, but it is unique in every way I like it. The music is good and at first I think it was instrumental but when the artist start his delivery that throw me off a bit, but over all this is a pretty good song and I give it four star.. In today. music industry is song like this make it big if it get the right promotion. I just listen to it two time and I like it ...

Nice Atmosphere

Dear Zap & the wires, I liked very much this nice and "light" atmosphere. Makes me think about a holiday morning walking across a market getting something to eat. Sax makes very '80 sound... All best wishes from moranera Italia

She's The One I Want

"She's The One I Want (but She Don't Want Me)" by Zap & The Wires is properly mixed and mastered, with some great guitar work that really defines the tone of the song. The saxophone solo adds greatly to the song, showing off some serious talent there.

Paradoxical paradigm

What if you threw a birthday party and no one showed up for it? Would you still have had your birthday?. Of course there is an enigma in that answer to that question. However , the question was asked because I am still trying to gather myself together after having listened to the song. "Hot Wired" is an appropriate name for the the CD if that is the style. "unique" more than classifies the style of your tune. It does not mean that the song is not appreciated. It is just unique in every way shape and form. I do agree with you about the was well-played. When I listened to it , I tried to think of who it reminded me in the past.....YOU Win! I could not think of any one. The style of the song had its own form. There was a story but the delivery was a bit difficult to appreciate . I think that I need to listen to it again to see if I can build up an appreciation for the style. Keep rockin'!

Great intro!!

This track is so righteous! ! Makes you instantly want to get up and move!! The Electric guitar is NICE!! Hoe long have you been playing ...only advice I would give is save that to the middle or end of the song so that there is some build up or anticipation for the artist to be overwhelmed. Great song lyrics as well... 3 part harmony is nice as well reminds us of the original Beatles Sound!!! We will be checking in again to get more wonderful music from you!! Follow our artist #NEWFACEOFHIPHOP #KINGWEEZY on the social Media sited @kingweezynicca

Great intro.

Love the intro on this song which has a Reggae undertone, but then it jumps into a more rocky sound which I think works well, as you can still hear the Reggae undertone underneath. Vocals are quite good and the harmonies too. My suggestion would be not to drag each word out for too long, write more lyrics to suit the musicality of the track. I can still hear the Reggae undertone still running through the song which is great. I like that.
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