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Nice vibe

Nice vibe here. Got me nodding my head and singing along. Get the mixing together and it’s a hit. On fire and skilled lyricist. The song is traveling straight to the top. Well done and keep pushing this music. I am so very impressed and it’s only a question of time to get global for these artist. Big up and peace out/ Red-E

We out the way

This was ok. I haven’t been no closer to Virginia than Ohio. The weather broke and I think the instrumental got an awesome bass drum kick drop thing that was going on, I thought it was pretty good. I like the instrumental. The content of the song was edged and street. Also, a little I am tired of stuff theme going on. The concept was cool, although it was a little rough at the beginning but I think the vocals was really good I gave it a 4.0

Hard hitting base and lyrics

As soon as this song comes on you can automatically feel the energy that comes wit this song with hard hitting lyrics and a even heavier base line you can feel the energy surrounding this song it’s invoking and exhilarating and raunchy yet poetic and sultry he has a masss talent and can make it far in the industry keep doing what you’re doing young man

Nice flow ! Good punch lines

U got a nice flow good punchlines most def will post to my page and ask them 2 share like comment give feedback will see what everybody else think! Keep giving us raw good talent im roccin with u no doubt


"Stay out my mutha f#@%in way!" Virginia Beach's Y.P (J.O.B) brings a dope hip hop track with a bangin beat, a synthy melody and money chasin lyrics. "I know you see me runnin for this money doin the race." Spittin it!

Killed it

Solid song, crazy beat and great vocals. Cant wait to hear more from you. Was trying to download it, is it available anywhere else? I also have some music out if you want to check my profile out


Don't slow down man you got the music right ain't nun bad one can say about the production how the song is organized man that's wassup .Stay out my way is a massage that really talks to a young man young woman out here wanting to hustle hard for the bread an can can do anything to make it happen...we talked about the leric's with my boys an no one come out with something they didn't like so all in all the music is good man don't even stop to push hard.. We hope we can see your vedios soon in south African TV man your Chanel O or MTV base we will be on the look out man don't stop

Hot Track on the rise

This song is definitely on point. The mix down has great quality and the hook is catchy. Also the bars is hitting with a lot of word play and transitioning within the song and the beat is knocking too.

It's got potential

I like it but I can tell it's not his best work yet, he's one of those artists where the growth will be the spotlight for him. Real simple and easy. His wordplay gives you a good since of illustration . Va is in good hands if they got music like this coming out that way


Hello I came here to tell you that you have a very good flow and a good feathers and that you deserve to be known. very good technique. I will share your works with my entourage to discover your works and talents to win more people, the world and fans. I wish you a very good continuation

That beat

yra I like that beat that shit going in nice like the break down of the beat n the bass yo that shit riding Stay out my way is the new 2019 wavy gotta get this cash for the fam. No handouts best believe you about to blow

"Stay out of His Way"

It's the first track in a LONG time that I listened to all the way to the end during my listening sessions. I usually hear 15 - 30 secs and move on to the next. This one caught my attention and the rest should be HIStory. My ears can hear. Queen D said


Nice work and flow. Keep shining and banging out great music. With each time you step in the booth you have the opportunity to share a story with the world. Network and build your net worth. Always stay 10 Toes Down and true to yourself. Come and check out my music as well and let me know what you think. Lets all support each other in this music journey. My personal promoter has a radio show called PROMOGOD Underground Sound Off on KIILL SHOT Internet Radio. Network with her she's PLAYS all genres of Underground Independent music. Her name is Stephanie Marie on fb #PROMOGOD. Send MP3 FORMAT ONLY & FB name and info to promogod614@gmail Thank You for supporting my music as well. Whoadi Hendrix #218ENT & 144,000 CHOSEN FEW Always remember nobody can stop you from making great music. It's your dream! Live it!!!

Beat Dope

What’s up‼️ Ayeee I like this song????️ It’s a banger and everything on point????️ Im a make sure I share it and tell my people about it so they can bang this shit????️ This shit hard frfr no lie some fire ???? ass shit????️

stay out my way

legal or illegal anyone to make a check ..... I see you the way he spit flowed with track nicely it wasn't overwhelming or being overthrown by the music it fits perfect with flow like it was just a conversation to him. I hear you by ant means get it done stay out his way V.A STANND UP!
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