~for madmen only~
~for madmen only~

~for madmen only~

~for madmen only~

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Greets from the early 70ies

Reminds me on the crazy world of Arthur Brown or similar bands in the very early 70s. Retro sounds, a singer that really sounds like a wolf, a somehow wishy-washy rhythm section where the snare drum is much too far in the background, and a long guitar solo full of effects but far away from being inspired. Anyway it’s lovely that there’s still guys out there doin’ this kinda music from the time when it started to get fascinating…but at 07:00 I switched it off. The wolf couldn’t stop howlin’.

Germany, Schweinfurt


I enjoyed listening to your composition I like the classic rock feel that you have going on there continue to make great music and Inspire others if you don't mind take me out sometime I think you would enjoy some of my music as well namaste

United States, Delaware, Seaford


Interesting,the vocals are strong and sound very powerful that's great but can sometimes go out of tune abit. The guitars are good a little jumbled at times but good energy. To much reverb on the hole track but overall worth a listen

United Kingdom, Littlehampton

Mad, Indeed

I liked the guitar intro and drums... Then the vocals start... Is this supposed to be musical theater or a revival of Rocky Horror Picture Show or Meatloaf 2016? The sound recording/mixing sounds like it was done in a garage or the mixing wasn't done quite right - was this mastered? The middle of the song is kinda fun. You would do well having this in a themed movie about Halloween.

United States, California, Huntington Beach


Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a rock rhythm with a vocal well arranged. The guitar is a musical based on keeping all the music expression. The song is very good, as well as a sensational harmony, it has its own identity, resembling at times a mixture of "Rush", "Kiss" and "Van Halen". A very good battery and a sensational dynamics.

Brazil, Guarujá

angry vibe

great live drum sound, it reminds me of Robert Palmer, very punkish, im not a fan of this kind of music , but i like the aggression played, the guitars are quite interesting very distorted but works well, the vocals are dark and angry just what this track needs, interesting backing sounds work well coming in and out , big guitar solo towards the end its starting to go mad the bass is flying, sounds like there enjoying themselves ,what more can you ask , good luck guys , i wish you all the best of luck with this,

United Kingdom, London

I Liked It!

Great song you have here 'WordWulf. It started off nice with the strong drums and it takes off with everyone jumping on and hangin' on for dear life. I couldn't wait to hear what the bridge and guitar solo was gonna sound like, and it got off fantastic. I also 'really' liked the extended solos he took instead of coming back in....it kept on going ~ BUT - you know there is 'always' a 'but'...it started to 'fall' apart. He starts the guitar solo 'great' but seems to run out of gas. Don't let him run out of gas, man. Kick 'um in the ass or something to keep him going like he does at the ending. I really liked what he was doing on the 'vamp' going out. Like I said...don't let him run out of gas in the middle, it costs you those .5 points. Great song! & Good Luck in your Music adventure. ~ Gizzmow, in Bonham, Texas!

United States, Texas, Bonham

old school raw emotional rock song

For Madmen Only from WordWulf is an old school raw emotional rock song, expressing musically what the song seems to be about from the title as I did not understand the lyrics. Within the track, the vocals are standing out for me with a unique way of expression, singing and screaming that gives this song its rawness together with some clever use of (delay?) effects. I guess the recording was done life for the purpose of catching the vibe of the song with all benefits and limitations of a life recording. Still there is a difference between life performance and life recording and I suggest for the latter to keep the solo parts shorter. Keep rocking!

New Zealand, Hamilton

Greetings from Woodstock...

On hearing the first seconds, only drums, i was afraid of whats coming next, cause the sound is pretty old-school and the drums are not played very tight (this were my first thoughts). but when guitars and vocals join in it machtes perfect. the old sound, the groove of the song, the dirty voice - like it very much!!! great song - great recording! perfect for this kind of music! go on...

Austria, Kapfenberg

Trim the Fat

Sounds like "Livin' After Midnight" at first. Way too much flange on the guitar or it's just tracked out of phase so bad that you can barely make out the tone. I can definitely hear an old metal influence here. It's like a cross between ManOWar and Judas Priest... only not as polished. The production is not all that bad, but the guitar tone suffered greatly. The musicianship is decent enough... just not at all interesting enough for a song this long. I would certainly chop out the excessive soloing and the whole ending really drags for a listener. As far as the writing goes, I can't tell if you are a parody band or just having fun with a genre long since dead and gone. There is no hook here whatsoever. It is never going to stick in someone's head. The only thing that will is the attitude behind it. My suggestion is that you take the same vibe and refine the writing. Trim the fat. You have potential, but are certainly not meeting it yet. Keep working and honing your skills. This vibe requires a lot more CRAFT. Good luck!

United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh

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