Felt like a blast from the past Tony Bennett moment. Thank you for sharing Willie. Vocals and melody connected beautifully. Brass, a nice emphatic touch, though unnecessarily elevated above melody. I hope your creation process brought you joy for this one. It delivered on this end. Best of luck with this, as well as future projects. Peace and Safety!

Tender Love Song

Brilliant accentuated instrumentation creating immediately great atmosphere in this professional arrangement. The music starts of with some jazz-cords on fantastic played acoustic guitar, but the song is more various. Imaginative transitions puts one immediately into a relaxed mood. The accentuated rhodes piano sound and the bass-line increases the tunes as an extra factor. Willie Endaya´s soft unique vocals brings really a deep feel into the song. Impressive lyrics about love including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events makes this song to something special. All instruments really stand out! Especially the virtuos trumpet solo close to the end convinces me. Overall perfect mixed recording. Beyond - this song shows a quintessence of polyphonical jazz and contemporary music in pop style. I´m sure you will also enjoy what you hear and like to add.

Beautiful Love Song

Smooth, relaxing jazz like feel. Lyrics are beautiful. It's a lovely, love song. I could see using this song for ambiance in the background of a beautiful dinner party. I like the part of the reflection of my dreams. The tune is also very well crafted. I highly recommend this song. Also love how the tenor sax comes in towards the end. Very mellow.

Good music

I listen to your music it was awesome I like your style to me you sound unique you have what it takes to go to next Level you have done a lot of good work your voice also is good in the ear keep up the good work

Pure Joy

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song it's a throwback to the early 70's ballads with Neil Sedaka or Elton John. Vocally, delightfully smooth and cherished. The harmonies are excellent. Music production is genuinely divine in perfection. Really a JOY to listen to on repeat. This would be a wonderful song to have on the background at a nice romantic dinner! My first 5* review of the year!

Willie Endaya Times of joy

Willie Endaya "Times of joy" So fast forward to the summer of 2021 or was that 2022 and the cure and vaccine for covid 19 has been found. Some of the unwilling to take the vaccine have had it force fed to them by entertains so that the venues could open up and play again. And somehow your little nightclub that everyone just wanted to go to has still survived. Some of us are hoping that people have generally obtained a better value for life. So the venue hires Wille Endaya and the lights are dim the music is relaxing and people are enjoying the wine Wille statrs playing times of joy opening with some acoustic guitar and then joined with bass and keyboards to make it more special there is a real saxophone player and you know by the end of the song some people will walk away remembering the times of joy they have had and the times that need to come with what life there is left to live and to value.

Great Song!

Hi! i really like this song! the nice feeling,the little jazz sounding style. a good song! good singing and backing singing. well playd to,thats great! fine lyrics. well done! keep up this good work Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs:)

Production and performance outstanding...

A beautifully crafted song with a superb vocal performance. Recorded and produced to a high standard the song has wide appeal and is a really moving love song in its reflections on the joy of human contact. Love the trumpet break which dovetails nicely with the feel of the song. Bravo. What a smooth voice!
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