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This cut is top notch, professionally done all the way through. Great vocals IN KEY!! Thank you! Great arranging going on here, wonderful musicianship, and no compromise quality production. Lots of effort, years and years of doing this, shows on each second of this cut! Congratulations, Gentlemen, you know what you're doing and have it "in the Pocket." Praise our Lord that He blesses us with this kind of music to praise Him! Amen! All I could see you need, is me singing a duet with you, LOL, I know, just kidding. But, well, you know. God Bless you merry Gentlemen for the Praise you give to He who created all!

United States, Arizona, Prescott

Uplift my spirit again!

This is such an amazing track I've got it on repeat so many times and never gets bored of it so sweet the voice melody singing is really impressive with strength and harmony. It's been a while since listening to some cool vibes gospel in the sense of R&B. I respect the work on this and appreciate you sharing you splendid works to bring forth this one for the true believers of love. I once loved so much that it hurt me to tears now i feel the exact same way as this track. All the words I've experienced and hart broken by a probably hartless woman who's probably a coward and only wants good but don't know how to correct and amend situations. This one hit my hart very deep listening to it from the very first time. I've got a new spiritual track coming soon hopefully in February some point it'll be out. I'll keep you posted and keep up the amazing works, Happy New Year & more blessings onwards in life!

United Kingdom, London

Love it

What the world needs now is love sweet love and I love the fact that you brought that jazz real Soulful R&B back to opposed to hear what we've been here and I'm not knocking any new modern-day Style music or whatever but I do love what you got going on I'm pretty much a well-rounded artist myself so keep it up continue to promote yourself don't ever give up and like I said love peace and happiness is always the key

United States, Oklahoma, OKC

nato per cantare

nato per cantare e usare bene la voce e modularla grande pezzo con grande coro musicalità' che si tocca con mano. grande artista grande arrangiamento cosa vogliamo di più' dalla musica tutto ok

Italy, dalmine bg

Love Again

Bishop, we need more music like this especially now in out country. Vocals are spot on and music mix is awesome. Thanks for your Holy Spirit inspired lyrics too my brother in Christ Jesus. I pray that your music ministries explodes to the levels of the Prayers of Jabez!!!! Please continue to bless the world with your outpouring of music ministry. May God Bless you in abundance through and through!

United States, North Carolina, Concord

Beautiful vocals

Your vocals are absolutely stunning! I love the sound. It’s got a really great beat and killer vocals to tie it all together. Your song is also mixed extremely well, which is hard to do with synth based music! Great job and hope to hear more!

United States, Colorado, Greeley

loving it again

Did not really expect this when i put this on . this is my kinda jam...old school r and b , but with a modern beat. Now that's the ticket. Starts with a very cool smooth intro , and then the vocalist. What a pure and extremely enjoyable voice to listen to. Doesn't even matter what he is singing about you just like to listen that voice. Now all that said this is a very very nice radio friendly production and can , and should be on commercial radio . With the right type of promotion this could very well be a hit record.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Start over again.......amen

Interesting starts always grab my attention and this is one of those songs that draws you into the vocals. Falling into the relaxed playing of the bass set me up to listen to the excellent lyrics covering personal experience and encouragement to keep going. Clever use of backing vocals adds another dimension helping the song progress to a well used key change. Nice sound. Thanks very much.

United Kingdom, Middleton Cheney, Banbury

my thoughts

Thanks for sharing, man can you say Sly and the Family.Good vibe. Love the intro.Great mix. You can hear every instrument which is GREAT and your voice is hot on the mic. Out front where it belongs and the background vocals are spot on in the mix. Man, this is a really cool song, GREAT job. Oh, your vocal is really good. Lots of feeling. Singing like you mean it.

United States, Texas, Ft Worth

Hey there. I really like this song. You did a out standing job. On this. Can't wait til hear more from you. You need to put a little more feeling into .your music.keep on doing your thang you will go far. With your music.

Hey there. I really like your music. You did a outstanding job. On your song. I really enjoy your music.i can't wait to hear more from you. Keep on doing your thang. I will be waiting for more .thanks.

United States, Georgia, Columbus

I Like that Thang

I love what you are doing and I can hear the groove, I hope all goes well with your project with Mr. Collins. I don't buy music that much, so when I say I would buy your music it is the biggest complement I can Give. Best of Luck. if you ever need guitar or Bass Hit me up Ronnie Daniels, or Boogie D Daniels & Friends. Lovin it

United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach


Hey now this was a good Christian song to listen to been given a brand new start to love again artist voice was on point Artist did well on the lyrics of song as well. the singing was good and the mixing and mastering and producing of song was done well. Like to hear more songs from artist that is in this genre. even the back ground singing was done well and on point. Keep up with doing a good job with your music.

United States, Arizona, San tan valley. tempe

Different Intro

This track started off very nice and smooth! Very nice and strong vocals. I thought it was an r&b track at first but after listening more into the track, found out this was a gospel song! Which made it all the better. I enjoyed the storyline that we can all relate to! I also enjoyed the well blended background vocals too. This song will get radio play as well. I wish you best with this track, it’s very much worth the listen! - Chandler-

United States, Florida, Jacksonville


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United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee


I really like this song. It has the feel of a beautiful spring day with a slight breeze. I love the beautiful, sweet melody, and light bounce of the rhythm section. It creates a happy mood, and the words are universal.

United States, New York, New York

Love Again Review

I immediately started to bob my head when the music started playing. Then Bishop starts humming with and sings with a smooth and crisp voice. This song was very well put together from beginning to end and the message of Jesus combined with loving others cannot be beat. Sing on, Bishop!

United States, Texas, Garland

Good luck

It was lisn to your music really appreciate you work around the cool thank you a great song about its its donpe keep up the best mc you can be fight for what you believe in the support looking to more fans and take care of them games out here

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown

Love again review

I'm not going to comment on the religious content, I know it was a christian entry... I'll start with pros. Nice production and mix work, nice balance and panning. The vocals are well done, and the harmonies in backup were a good match. This was very much an old school track, sorry I've heard this too much before. Though the lead vocal was good, the attempts at runs out of the vocal range were a disappointment. Nice harmonies, but sometimes less is more, the track gets messy with voices. The old school intro was too long, the outro was tool long, pushing the track to "I'm tired of hearing this..." I do my best to give an honest critique. Carry on and stay safe.

United States, Connecticut, East Hartford

Christian R&B at its best

Will "Bishop" Hagans' recording of "Love Again" is Christian R & B at its best. It begins with a polished, urban-sounding synth intro, over a strong drum foundation. Then Hagans comes in with his silky smooth vocal, reminiscent of many of the great R&B artists down through time. In addition to spotless tone, the man sings with an impeccable sense of style and clear diction. The harmonies when they come in are tight and beautifully blended, and reach down into my heart. Even my wife, who is a pretty tough critic, said, "Mmmm, that's nice." The lyrics of the song are God-glorifying and 100% real, speaking straight to where I live. They tell of Jesus' ability to heal us after the pain of a broken heart, and enable us to love again. The line that speaks most directly to me says, "How can I face tomorrow, when I'm still living in yesterday?" (I teach a class on forgiveness, so I know its value, and a lot about how to go about it, but I found myself awake in the middle of the night last night, remembering an old wound of my own, and then up in prayer and journaling about it until nearly 4:00 a.m.) The band on this recording is tight and proficient, and the mix is picture-perfect. The only small caveat I have to offer about this track is that the lead vocal tries to do a little too much in several places in the song, taking the note and bending it endlessly. Sometimes less is more. But that is purely a matter of taste. What bothers people like me a little might thrill even more people, who like the vocal more ornate. I'm just saying the dude's voice is so strong and clear and authentic that he doesn't need to be showy. And he isn't necessarily being showy. Maybe this is just the way he feels it. Bottom line: this tune had me raising my hands, dancing in my seat, and testifying. It's real, honest-to-God soul-deep worship, and I can't get enough. Bring me some mo'!

United States, Texas, Manchaca

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