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I'll stand by you Review

I'll stand by you is a fantastic song. This song offers wonderful vocals displaying great passion, heart and soul. This romantic song has a very smooth and clean rhythm section likely coming from the synthesizer. Great effort overall with this being a very pleasant and enjoyable song to listen to.

your lovely song

Dear UTE, thank you for sending me the song for review! Very nice cover of this well know song, first, the piano sound is wow, great, beautiful piano sound, it sounds fat and crystal clear. Your voice UTE is also very nice, very well sung UTE, what I don´t really like is the idea of covering songs, however I am reviewing what you are playing in here and I just think is it is a great version of the song, keep it up UTE, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

Bella voce

Bella voce melodica e anche carina la canzone ci porta con il pianoforte negli spettacoli live piano e voce dove escono le doti della cantante e Ute e' molto brava ed e" un piacere ascoltarla

I love the big, substantial voice and it's really unique

Less is better and thank you. Your voice is full of character and emotion. It touched me very deeply. Did you write this? I am amazed if you did. You will be misunderstood because people don't process raw emotion so pure alot of times. It just means you are evolved to a point of not being able to be comprehended by average or lesser. I am trying to find the words to tell you thank you for taking music back to a simple, pure and respected art. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Writer or not the emotion and honesty in your voice is overwhelming. Keep doing it and keep me posted. You're amazing.

Very sweet cover - I’ll Stand By You

I’ll stand by you is one of my favourite songs, you sing it with feeling and expression. It is a touching performance and you did yourself and the song proud. The musical accompaniment was very nice I deed. I enjoyed this performance. Well done.

I'll Stand By YOU!

You have such a powerful soulful anointed voice for such petit lady. I love your voice. I hope you are enjoying your career and getting out to sing for others at many venues. This is one of my favorite songs. You have put your own special intrinsic stamp upon it. I love how you did not rush the delivery of the lyrics. Very beautiful piano chords. Thank you for your message and your sharing of your God given talents. I wondered are you the pianist? Double anointings! Thank you Ute.

Jazzy Tip

Oh really nice mellow song very clear sounds really well I love the background music I love the piano I grew up listening to all John on music and I'm a fan Jazz gospel Rock soft rock just to name a few. Thanks for allowing me to review and this diem you please send me the link to where I can hear more of your music at anytime at your convenience continue to make new music continue state-created continue to be a blessing to the world sharing your gifts and talents. have a wonderful day and may God bless you and all that you go to do.

I will stand by You too... Wonderful

The Piano introduction was nicely done. It broke the silence and set the tone. Great choice of chord progression and tone quality of the piano mix. Also, good voicing on the Major and Minor intervals. All of the above set the stage and gave birth to the feelings that followed. Now enters the vocals. Such a warm and comforting tone. The soulful hum at the beginning was the simple yet powerful in that it laid the foundation for the reassuring words that poured out of the heart of the vocalist. How it brought confidence and cleared up any doubt that whatever Challenge that we would face wouldn't be endured alone. It was also nice to hear the support from the Strings as they entered in the verses to follow. There was a natural build up in intensity and emotion as the song progressed. The mix was fitting for the instrumentation as it all did what it should and that it took us on a musical journey. Well done UTE .. Keep up the great work Keep putting your heart and soul into your music. Every song and every listener deserves that. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

Nice song

Thumbs up. Fisrt i must say i love how you sound you have very unique sound. Like one of those big artist from back in the 80's. The song is a very nice song. It has a calming sound. Keep doing what you are doing you will reach far if you continue the sky is the limit. Send me your youtube link so i can check out more of your work. You can also check out my youtube channel @Jillani music. Let us support each other. Subscribe for subscribe. Also facebook at jillani music. Send me your facebook or add me to yours.


When You You cover song remember that People compare You to the Original Version..I think when You record It The Mic was to close so Quality are not so good..some notes are a little off but I'm sure You be able to correct ..I hope that You secure a Licence to record It ( just saying ).You must make a Radio Ready Quality Recording before sending It to some Radio Stations as it is now I do not think They will use It..I wish You good luck with Submissions..I Like Your Voice..

Very romantic !!

Hello UTE! I wish to congratulate you for this version of such a beautiful song. definitely your voice looks great with the accompaniment of the piano and the strings. the sound is very good and clear, the recording is of excellent quality, and also the editing and production. I would only have liked an accompaniment with more instruments, but in any case, many congratulations and blessings.


Something is not right in this recording..My take is that You keep microphone to close to Your mouth and someone did a bad job with mixing..if I be You I will rerecord It and when You do that .. Please put more energy in the vocal..remember You are singing a mega Hit so there is no room for mistakes..all has to be perfect if You thinking to send It to some Music Bizz People.. They are Hard to please.. I like the Song.. and I like Your voice but some work has to be done before submissions.. Good Job..

nice cover

hi i like the piano sound in between to the vocals..hopefully you dont get problems with this even in germany it could be a problem....keep going on try to make own songs....a think your voice sounds a little bit like michael

What A Splendid Gift...

Salut UTE...So nice to hear this 'deeply moving' declaration of love. The lyrics are touching and the instrumentation is appropriately spiritual. The single piano track keeps the song personal but then it leads into orchestration that opens it to the public. Overall I think it is a fine statement of your creativity. You should be thoroughly satisfied with this release. All the best in 2019 and beyond...Barrymore


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