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Hello from Jerzy...

. I wish that I be able to hear more of Your voice.. The Piano almost cover everything.. but I love Your voice Up High... I really do...PLEASE put more power on Vocal and piano in the background... use The Voice in full....do not be afraid .. this will be a great song... just piano and You.if You have a chance re-record it and make better mix...I have a problem to listen the Lyric in some parts of the song...and all will be ok....Jerzy...

Beautiful !

I love what i hear ..your voice sounds beautiful on this Beat ...i love the way you put your lyrics and sing it too...great lyrics you wrote...keep up the great work Ute ...sehr schoen gesungen ! Merry Christmas ..greetings from Colorado ..hugs <3 :))

It is beautiful

I always enjoy seeing new recordings by UTE here on Number One Music. Her enthusiasm and passion for singing is admirable. While English isn't her first language, her interpretation here is dreamy, ethereal and peaceful. Honestly, I would like this song to be about 4 minutes long. Or a good "remix" to listen to. This is a pretty song for the holidays and I'm glad to see more from UTE.


Good feel to the record, great subject, a little short. Very smooth delivery the music production was clean and the clarity shows. Maybe if it was longer I would have given it four stars. But all in all good song.

A voice that's making something beautiful! and special

As soon as I heard this voice, I knew it was the tone of something special. very present in a beautiful Neo Jazz way. A naturally strong timber and music to compliment, a combination I would love to hear more of. Truly making something beautiful!

Positive energy song!

Make Something Beautiful is a very well orchestrated creation. The vocalist UTE enters the song right away without an intro to create excitement. Her beauty from inside radiates positive energy to all who listen. The orchestral arrangement is superb in relation to the awesome balance and polyphony. UTE skillfully manages a superb effort by not letting such a powerful orchestra dominate her sweet voice. Don't get caught not having UTE on your rotation when planning a romantic evening. Thanks Dwaine Spurlin

Make Something Beautiful

Nice delivery throughout the entire piece. Smooth and well presented. Continue to do what you feel as it is well represented by the direction you have chosen. This song title has the laid back feel that is more than welcome given the way music is treated currently. Sounds good! Glad you didn't try to 'RAP' it! Kudos to all who participated in this project.

A nice one from a soft cool vocalist...

Yeah! From the introduction instrumentally one feels like Phil Colins is gonna come in on the vocals and that already introduces a beautiful feeling to make you start enjoying the song . Then followed all of a sudden by a cool beautiful and soft female voice on the vocals bringing one to calm and wanting to know who this cool singer is. Sounds generally like a set of some kind of professional entertainers a Quatet . Great guys backing. Ute you gat a real cool nice song and I like it very much. Keep it up. Wish you success. Good luck.

Make Something Beautiful

This is a song that expresses what we hope we will do before we pass on from this earthly plane. It is also about friendship and how loving others is a worthy and even divine goal to achieve during our lives. I say this because creating beauty is an act of love. In these difficult times this is a wonderful sentiment and prayer of the heart. I love Ute's voice which as always is full of emotion. The violin and piano are perfect instruments to compliment and relay these wonderful words.

Very beautiful

As I was listening to this simple song, I can see this song in some kind of movie where two people is sitting by a body of water just enjoying each other's company. Very simple, not too complexed...not complexed at all actually. Very very beautiful piece. Your title matches the song. Thanks for sharing!



I like

I like it even though it's not really my style of music I'm a true musician that can appreciate a good song when I hear one very real from the heart keep up the good job and the good work and stay blessed if you have the chance come check me out you may not be in the hip hop music but what I write is from the heart I got a song Don't Judge Me about suffering addiction dedicated to my mom and can't go on that's a song dedicated to my father who was murdered in front of me so it's very deep from the heart and I would appreciate if you stop by and checked it out so enjoy keep up the good work and let's stay in contact my name's ELRYE from Philadelphia Pennsylvania hottest Underground independent Record label Monster music entertainment founded by Antonio Tanner Ortega for booking information on me email me at ELRYEMUZIK at gmail thank you for the great music hope you like mine peace


A very nice song I really like it your style of music is very unique and creative keep on making great music and never change who you are I would like to hear more of your music but this song has a powerful message thank you so much for sharing your craft have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

Short Yet So Beautiful

This song is by far a beautiful creation of music lyrics combined together to form a wonderful texture of emotion that grabs you from start to finish. The fact that it is very short suggests that it can be placed in marketing profiles for commercials as well as part of a movie score.

Good song !

The song is excellent and provokes very special feelings, only I would like it to last a little longer to enjoy it more better. the composition and the music is very good, thank's for your music !
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