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The song starts very pleasantly, with the instruments...then the Voice of the Angel. What a Professional sounding voice. Very well recorded. You can hear all that you need to hear. Good mix. Really enjoy this Artist and her voice. There is a very comfortable feel about the voice quality, and sound in general. Reminds me of Christmas' long ago. The world needs more, great sounding songs like this one. Thanks for doing a great song. Sincerely Edward Westbrook


This is one of The Best Recordings..I'm hearing that You put Your Heart in to Recording..kind of Cabaret Style.. I Love that..I really think that You should Perform It a Lot at Christmas Time hey all You need is a Good Piano Man..and make as a Duo..I really like It and I listen It 2 times..I really hope that This Year I will hear It on The Radio..( if is not to much problem make a shorter version 3.5 min because Main Radio Stations very rear play longer songs.. I wish You good Luck with submissions..

Professionally comfortable

Smooth and secure voice, secure and professional arrangement. Nice to listen! Warm voice, happy and comfy vibe. Admiring the bass line... I like it! I only miss a little bit of surprise! Congrats!


Hello Ms Lite, Beautiful. We are in the beginning of spring and you have offered me a holiday classic. Not simply the song. But your incredible performance make this in the honor roll. Congratulations. Thanks Magic

Very nice

I think it is very nice. Sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearingmore from you in the near future. Maybe i should do a Christmas song for Christmas.

A Christmas Carol review

All in all a good rendition of an old Christmas Carol great Arrangements and good singing I think it could have used some more Harmony to the vocals that's just my thoughts. I am very grateful to you for asking Me to review your song Thank you very much. As always keep up the good work

Beautiful start to Christmas

What a lovely track. The start of the song certainly caught my attention and I’m pleased you asked me to review it for you. It wasn’t what i expected to hear if I’m honest but I do like your smooth vibe interpretation of this very popular song and I love the music well done and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you


Is great it's like the way this song Start is amazing I never seen anything the script for my life this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life I'm so blown away by this amazing beautiful amazing thing this thing is so amazing keep doing what you're doing so grateful you see when I come in if there's any way you need me to send you some beats or anything I can do to help


I can tell you worked really hard on this song and it really shows. You’re lyrics had so much meaning and the way you’re vocals sounded was just perfect. It was an honor to listen to your song


Like your version, it really gets me in the Christmas Spirit. Like the mixture of jazz and folk and how you allowed the music play along.Keep up the work...hope to hear more of your material soon.

Christmas Season Wins Over Your Heart

A Christmas song hits home all the time. It's tune is all so warmed, with love and the special need for giving. The most beautiful season and most heart-felt time of the year, allows for the embracing of this song. The melody is so sweet with the suttle voice delivering the lyrics. Very soothing to my ears...

Christmas Review

Very nice low register in the vocals. Warm slick bluesy flow. The contemporary feel of the music takes me back to the 80:s 90's smooth jazz era. Production is tight and over all it's good easy listening music pleasing to the soul. Get the fireplace going and through on this tune for a relaxing night with that special someone, and your good to go. Much luck and success with this one.


I think you did a great job with a very simple but very present and nice musical tour. your piece is very Christmas, very fresh, if you close your eyes you will see the tree, the lights, the snow and it's Christmas. everything flows without frills in a very easy way and the message inside the piece arrives in a direct way. last but not least, I would like to say on your voice that for me it is very particular. try singing some mariah carrey or withney houston ..

Christmas song Review

This is a interesting version of the song, definitely a jazzier version of the song. I like it, I think the music is a little too Christmas for the Jazz ensemble. I think if the music were a little less and the focus was more on the vocals that it would be amazing. I liked it though, good job!

Nice laid back music with potential :-)

Very interesting arrangement, nice jazzy groove! Sometimes though, the vocal is hard to hear, so you should boost the vocal in the mix. You could also boost the bass just a little, to provide a more solid foundation. Also, if it is to be a real Christmas song, then it should have some sounds and/or effects, that give it a Christmas feel. :-) Pernille
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