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Driving Home for Christmas!

Once again, Ute has brought another special Christmas melody that grows on you each time you listen to it. He voice has a sultry tone to it that brings you into this classic song. Soon to be everyone's favorite I suspect! The musicians backing up Ute are top notch without a doubt, and I especially like the swing jazz feel that they have brought to the table on this tune! So bundle up everyone, get a hot cup of coffee, and join Ute as we all drive home for Christmas this holiday season!

Driving home for Christmas

I actually like this song a lot, makes me think of the snow covered roads and trees with that anticipation feeling the hype brings to everyone at that time of the year. You do that with your voice the way you;re singling it brings the listener that great anticipation feeling we all get.. i love the bass sound how it feels the song while leading it with a fun stage like feel. the piano doing the same thing bringing that fun like atmosphere to the listener.This is a really good song!!!. I like it and its August!

Nicely done

Nicely done,,, Much potential and a nice feel good Holiday song... dig the vibe of the whole thing... Nice accents and fluctuations/variations... My one thing I want to share is watch vocal pitch... otherwise, such an enjoyable listening experience. Thx for sharing :-)

Great song

That song was Soo good. Keep up the good work. I really liked the vocals in the song. It gave such power in the Christmas song of yours. Did it have a message behind it? Cause you did an amazing job.

The listening ear

It's a mellow song and needs a lil more work smooth out the rough edges it would sound a lot better. I personally like the sound it had me in chill mood until it started getting rough and it needs to b mixed better


Although it is April 30th, this rhythmic romp is witty and warm. Fast paced and fun. This is the type of tune that will inspire those long drives home for the holidays. Very nice indeed. I would market this to every mall in the United States. This holiday season shall be more pleasant with this frosty blow. Thank you.

Decent swinging holiday tune

Pleasant swinging piano-based ditty, definitely adult MOR kind of vibe, tastefully produced with sparse instrumentation and loose performances by the players. The vocals struggle a bit, though I like that she is working on a lower register, not trying to blow my eardrums out. The singing gets a little wobbly here and there though.

I love this!

All I can say is incredible! I love the voice of artist. She reminds me of Sade in this one. It’s like one of those songs you can go driving in your car for long periods of time meditating. Keep up the great work and send me more great music such as this.

Driving Home

It’s not the first time that I gonna review this song, but I really like it! This is one more amazing production for a very cheerful song, with a contagious rhythm that impels us to dance. I think it's really a song that should be in the top of Pop music of Number One Music. I also really liked the other themes available on the page, like I said before. I think is on the right way, and in terms of music production is really, really well done and I have to congratulate you on it again. I'm waiting for new themes, with the same quality. Best wishes !! JB

dare to dream

I think you gonna do one's thing/do a thing ... or get away with things thats why hit the bull's eye... Driving home...shine up to sweat out... Id like to talk out ... Thanks to take to heart ... take it easy and take it or leave it - good luck

What a voice !

Hello! What strikes me first of all, it is the sound quality: a very beautiful recording! It is very jazzy, and I like very much this music style. The sound of the piano is untied well from the orchestra, and every well defined instrument. And what a voice! Magnificent, very pleasant to listen to! Of the work of professional undoubtedly. You have to have a lot of success, even if this music style is not necessarily the taste of all the , I like it very much!!!! Good luck!


Me recuerda a cuando era niño este tipo de música, cuando veíamos los musicales en películas. Me gusta mucho tanto la música, los músicos como la maravillosa voz. Música que siempre estará de moda y con la que disfrutaran mayores y niños. Los músicos muy buenos, sin las estridencias de algunas músicas de las que se hacen ahora, con el sonido justo, todos los instrumentos medido. Maravillosa UTE

Driving home for christmas

it is always good to here a christmas song, to make your family happy around this time when everyone, is home and the family getting to together, and this track and voice fit just right, for this time of the year, and the title is one i would have never thought about has a writer.and the track sound good

I like The Piano...

I like the Song ..It brings a Christmas Spirit..... a specially Piano Part..( I'm Piano Man Myself ).....I wish You all the best with it...I hope You will found a "Good Home".for it...and I wish You Happy Holidays.. Jerzy...P.S

Happy safe wonderful drive

Right on Ms. UTE! This is a wonderful, sweet song that plants seeds of joy to all who listen. The awesome creation 'Driving Home For Christmas' hits the ground running with a stunning piano solo introduction. The two beat feel and the stereo mix is balanced and superb. The very sweet happy voice of Ms. UTE rides like a breath of fresh air on a spring morning as she skillfully blends with the supportive band. The band uses a very smooth transition from the swing feel and back to the two beat feel flawlessly. The form and design of this stunning work 'Driving Home For Christmas' is strategically organized to touch the heart and soul. The lyrics of the original creation 'Driving Home For Christmas' are down to earth and one can imagine the anticipation of seeing loved ones. The song 'Driving Home For Christmas' ends skillfully with a gradual retard, and a decrescendo that opens like a curtain for the sweet voice of Ms. UTE to end with the phrase about missing her dogs. While driving home for Christmas please don't forget to pop in the CD 'Driving Home For Christmas' composed by Ms.UTE. This charming work of art will be sure to put you in a calm spirit very conducive to safe travel. Thanks Dwaine Spurlin
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