UTE / Ute / Forever loving you

Oh you saxxy thing!

There are few things more alluring than the sound of an alto sax purring in your ears. Beckoning with every note to this instrument is fabulous for the opening for this song. Then as if handed to us with the flow of a warm stream of notes comes this magnificent voice. Oh and what a voice! Yes, my dear, the house is still standing after that performance. There aren't enough words in either the English or German dictionary that could really pinpoint just how wonderful this song and the music is to us fortunate enough to hear it. My hope is for you to keep on making songs that make us want to keep on loving you and your music. Great work!

Nicely done!

Very nice music, relaxing and accurate, the voice is very lyric and interact perfectly with the background music, I think you have a very beautiful voice and you will be getting better and better with time... congratulations and keep going...never give up...all the good energy for you and your project!!

For ever loving this song

Wow ! This song is so will put together, Lyrics flow easily through the melody Just sit back and listen to this uncomplicated , very well written song. The vocals are , what can I say , moving, beautiful , where they keep me so much involved and present in what's being sung. The production supports , this song So appropriately in style and Genre I can not find anything wrong in this song, This song is , I think, as close to a perfect Production as you are going to find anywhere Congratulations , Ute , well done.

mi opinion

La canción está muy bien interpretada y la producción está bastante correcta y clara, me gusta la voz y la intención con la que se interpreta, por poner algún "pero" quizas la dinámica en algunos pasajes podría mejorarse pero es sola una apreciación minima. Te deseo lo mejor.


Forever Loving You is not the kind of music I normally listen to nor play but in its own genre or style it's pretty good. Ute has a very nice voice indeed and the arrangement sounds very professional.


this is interesting this "classical voice" with jazzy music. great sound of saxophone. color of "sade" it's present. Good influences. The mix it's great and clearly. Good job

Love It!!!!! Need More

This Is Very Relaxing. Soul Soothing. Professional Sound. Please Continue To Make More Music. This Is Very Relaxing. Soul Soothing. Professional Sound. Please Continue To Make More Music.This Is Very Relaxing. Soul Soothing. Professional Sound. Please Continue To Make More Music.This Is Very Relaxing. Soul Soothing. Professional Sound. Please Continue To Make More Music.

Una voce calda rotonda e coinvolgente !!!

Canzone molto bella e splendidamemte realizzata,ottima interpretazione ed una voce calda rotonda e coinvolgente.Cosa dire,grazie per aver chiesto il mio parere è stato un vero piacere ascoltarti,ciao Ute...

Love This Song

A very classy song, wonderfully produced. The singer is an outstanding vocalist. It is a catchy, jazzy tune and I am delighted that music like this is being made nowadays!

Forever loving you

Great song I love the creativity and the passion that you have for your craft. This is a very hard business to break into so just keep your passion and continue to believe in your talent.

A Great Strong Voice

The intro reminds me a bit like the Classic song "Baker Street" nothing wrong with that,although its not my style of song the vocals are first class and its sung with real passion,I wish I could sing like that and wish you best with your promotion of this track.

Great vocal style.

Hi Ute. From the start of this track it gives you smooth laid back wall of music and vocals-nice sound production-late night radio style sound-another one of Ute Schoenherr top songs-give it a play.

Big surprise song !

The music reminds of the 80's like i'm reliving the 80's. What I didn't expect to hear a opera voice sound in this genre. Because before you started to sing I was expecting a pop voice, but when I heard your voice I think you have a more opera voice, but still your voice fits really well with this song. Very well done ! You have a very unique sound. Cherish that ! Thank you for inviting me to listen to your song.

Lovely relaxing song

Love your voice Ute - this would make a great album track that could be released a s ingle on the back of any album success. One criticism I would make - in my capacity as producer of new talent - ensure that the backing musicians do not overpower that beautiful voice of yours! I hear the same mistake time after time where the producer allows the music to take prominence and that is not professional of that producer. Good luck with this lovely song Ute - kind regards, Johnny Ramone. www.angelinternationalmanagement.com and www.johnnyramone.co.uk :-)
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