Ty Thomas / UgK / The Tempest [Feat. Decypher]

Kosmas on The Tempest by Vj da SkullMane ft. Decypher

The beat has a classic sound, with some nice transitions. I enjoyed the subtlety of the kits and the samples. The rhymes incorporated some nice elements; quite clear and chill, but yet aggressive. The vocals could have used a bit better compression, and overall track limiting to maximize your volume. Overall, I liked the rugged, underground sound.

Good music...

Smooth beat raw lyrics. Keep grinding the more you grind the brighter you shine. Let the haters motivate you to progress. May God protect ya brand sound and your movement.

The Tempest-review

First of all, is has a nice beat but introduction could have been a lot better. Lyrics have a flow but they are not that much on the beat. Second half of the song sounds a lot better.

This is hot

True southern rap beat is dope real hip-hop feel lyrics on point and u let the beat build up and come wit thatfire keep up the good work maybe we can link up on a track

amag eyeview

blessed love kings love the lyric its hardcore the beat is different it reminds me of some Italian god father movie seen it would bring out the rugged danger that in the lyrics by adding some more alibis with a little different tone love the combination of two of my favorite n1m artiste keep promoting one love

Great wordplay

The delivery is spectacular. The special wordplay and vibe of this track is old school new school flavor. Much love to my fellow artist. My email is moneymusicaviator@gmail.com let's collaborate

Dope Track

The song intro go hard. Ya lyrics is dope and that with that gutter beat is official. The real rap is real and i can feel the honesty in your music. Keep grinding big homie, we can collab on a track I got my own studio and promotion team. Good track tho.

Nice work

I am a fan.. such a nice track. Love the vocals and the arrangement! Keep it rocking and I hope you achieve your Goals you set out to achieve in this industry. follow my account

The tempest

The tempest has an old skool sound like shook ones or a little like cypress hill. great sound..brought back the ol skool and mixed it up in a pot and out came the tempest. trust me these boys are coming up

beats n rhymes

dope song both you guys compliment each other well production was dope and yall spittin hoping to hear another collab from you guys soon boom bap ishhhh


yo gooooooood keep it banging Vj!!


Geez, that beat is awesome! THAT's my style of beat! Very nice melody/beatswitch very nice flows and lyrics and everything is flowing on point and fitting. By reading Decypher, I know what to expect, and this one scores again, technically and performed absolutely flawless. Only thing I miss is a catchy hook, but it doesn't affect this song that negatively. That's how it is done, folks! Thank you for this nice tune!




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