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Really Moody Blues.


This is the kind of tune you want to hear after an adult beverage (or whatever your preference is) and an easy chair to relax. The driving bass line that you expect in a more kinetic tune is present here, but it's only a vehicle to support the haunting lyrics and alluring female siren accompaniment. This feels more like a Moody Blues tune; explicitly frank lyrics over a wonderful melody. Great musicianship.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Motive Of The Heart


I always love the song production on your work . ( reminiscent of Allen Parsons Project ) . I love the band and the vocals . Your work always surprises me . This was a really entertaining production and I enjoyed it thoroughly . Good luck with it , Cliff

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Motive of The Heart...


This groove gets into the hearts of those who hear this song. All the right notes and words. All I care about is the intention and love without ulterior motives. Does your heart reflect the light of truth? What we all need is true love. Great background singer vocals bring the atmosphere. The beat of the percussion keeps the piece moving and makes the lyrics hit home. I think it deserves an accolade!

United Kingdom, WALES

Heart matters

Kickin start nice drums and guitar and voice,good groove in the vocal rhythm ,hoping this breaks into something more dynamic which is difficult when you already got balls to the walls going on,starting to sound like I’m supposed to be hypnotized bit wait big change,that’s cool bring it back so it can go up,kind of Chaka khan/ stones move.interestin,a little creepy vibe couldn’t really get the words but that’s what the lyric page is for! Good job.

United States, Oregon, cannon beach



I like the feel of this song. Kind of alt rockish. The vocals are great. Really dig the shearing back ups. The mix between the instruments and vocals is haunting. Good stuff guys! Looking forward to hearing more from this band.

United States, California, Santa Cruz

Fat sound Wah Gong

Vert good it IS beautiful very cool you CAN turn in Hollywood boulevard not so hard sexy opportunity with me Mystery Zemar like a Rock Star trek with Newman Tec it IS beautiful very cool and électreck sometimes so sick

Good track!


Good opening. I like this song, it has a special groove, great text & cool vocals. But the sound / mix can be a little bit better. i would put more bass and drums. I thnk this song has a lot of potential. Peace, Vlad

Germany, Duesseldorf


It's been along time since I've heard this great style. Big up! I personally would have mixed it down a little only because at times it's hard to understand the lyrics. I'm a lyric person as well. But great job

United States, Kentucky

Effective effects

I like the style, lovely different music and themes. The voices used are smooth from the lady and flying from the screening singer. Nice for parties and friends gatherings, I would also enjoy it with my friends and try to sing both main and echo. Cheers

Germany, Berlin

Not bad at all

Song started off slow and was somewhat reminiscent of Nickelback. But after the intro iot got interesting. My only suggestion would be to bring the vocal more upfront. Other than that I think it's good.

United States, New York, Bayside

Irritating beyond human endurance

I quite like Travis Nay. He is game to try something new but perhaps a bit too often. This particular effort is really awful. Still, he gave it a good shot. For me, it is a big shame that he never goes for the simple option. Everything I hear is far too over complicated. I have reviewed many of his songs, always hoping that the next time, he would get it right. He never does but there is always a suspicion that he is, eventually, going to come up with something decent out of the blue. I wish him well.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

Smooth Sounds

I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

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