When Love Is Real (Forever Is Your Friend)

When Love Is Real (Forever Is Your Friend)

Travis Nay

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Honest, Heartfelt Love Song


Travis Nay sings in a deep rich tone as he tells of his experience with love. The full baritone voice is confident and commanding as he weaves in and out of the ballad. The musicians are strong as well. The classic vintage sound of electric guitars, drums and keyboards are eventually joined by a soulful yet organic female descant line. I enjoyed this song that could well be suited to a movie utilizing the strong love appeal as well as the nice feel it exudes. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist and songwriter.

United States, California, Studio City

Review of When Love Is Real


Not too bad at all. Very well done and recorded. This is really not my cup of tea. But, at the same time, that's not to say, that it isn't a great song either. The song and recording are very well done and Travis Nay has a really great voice also I'm just more of a blues guy myself. But this is very good music and I fill that we'll be hearing more from Travis Nay in the future and I wish him the very best also.

United States, Arkansas, Crossett



I really like the lyrics in this track. When love is real you finally know who you are has to be my favourite line. The track resonates with me even though it's not really my genre of music. It has however prompted me to check out other tracks by this artist.

United Kingdom, Runcorn


When Love Is Real review. this is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy


This song feels like an old 80's feel and it makes you think of Journey. It has a groove feeling while you cleaning up your house or driving in your car with the windows down and just cruising.

United States, Mississippi


I like the beat choice. Its got a good rhythm and flow to it. Everyone should give it a play. The vibe is set to the genre, so those whom like should share. The qaulity was up to point.great cookout song .LAND OF THE FREE

United States, Alabama

When love is real

Nice easy flow but I had trouble hearing all the words and I know there was message I missed . Over all well organized and keeps you on your toes. I wish you well in your music but would have liked a little more volume in the lyrics. Thanks for the request for my review.

United States, Texas, Cushing

Good tune

It starts really cool,and the vocal is good,the words are a little wanting,and that minor change is kinda unexpected and unnecessary,but the mix and the musical ideas and the woman’s voice is great.but the songs doesn’t get to the point musically ,and too much repetition of words,but once again the arrangement is really good and the vibe.i good arrangement can hide a multitude of sins but the content and depth of a song is the foundation.good ideas,but this should be reworked and could be made much stronger when love is real it takes me to mountains and rivers. And makes me who I am.the intent is great,but good intentions,left me wondering.i liked very much and see great promise here keep it up you’re on the threshold of great!

United States, Oregon, cannon beach

Great job

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United States, North Carolina, North Carolina/ South Carolina

Perfect Valentine Day Song


Nothing like hearing someone pour their heart out in a love song. It is even better when the song has meaningful lyrics and a strong, haunting melody. Travis Nay has something here. I know love songs seem to be going out of style these days, but there will always be a market for a well written, well performed tune from any genre. The band is great, the melody will stick in your head and you will love the performance.

United States, Illinois, Chicago



The instruments and vocals are really quite nice. I think this was not only well played but also well mixed and recorded. It's an interesting song, lyrically and musically. Its different, its a bit unusual and has a great backing vocal (female) kinda airy and ethereal sounding. Good job!

United States, Minnesota, Outing

Hi Travis Nay Here is my Review


First of all you have a very nice voice this as you know is one of the elements in creating a wonderful music for the ears and there is meaning in your song and lyrics however I think the background vocals could have been brought out a little more in the song the lead vocals were great keep up the good work and I hope to hear more songs from you I hope what I have said will be of some help from James Milligan New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks


Not bad consider slowing this one down. ItS A Bit hurried.. sounds distorted but good effort. Has potential. Vocals are over produced and need some pauses and room for Solos. I would slow it down and put some solos in. Guitar solo would be nice.

United States, Washington, Seattle

when live is real review

Love this and truthful very nice the track hasa nice flow as well...lyrics people can relate to very nice ty If you have any additional songs let me no. What made you write this just curious as I always feel there's a story

United States, Kentucky

Great song

I really like the song I love the music and your lyrics are really nice very unique and creative song well composed and well put together never stop creating and never neglect your craft I would like to hear more of your music hope this been helpful have a great day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

The song is real

Nice vocal tone on the singer's voice he stretches and gets some grit in it in a couple of places that adds a lot of personality. There are a few effects that are on the vocals that only serve to polute a nice rendition so I would suggest toning some of them down. This song also has a wonderful female vocal in the background that is barely legible in a lot of places. She adds such a wonderful balance to the male vocals why is she downplayed like she is. There is also some cadence issues in the verses due to the melody and the chords diverging. The minor chords might be the problem. I might try minor 6th there, or adjust the notes the singer sings at that point

United States, Illinois, Aurora

when love is real


great song , love the vocals , lead and background both . Smooth and yet . the band is 100% in the groove and sounds great . I wish you great luck with this effort Travis . It should be a big hit , Cliff

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

When Love Is Real


A great song about Love.The lyrics are wonderfully thought provoking. I think the track would sound much better as a wav file but then I would not hear it on N1M. I think that this song would sound much better without the female back up singer. I enjoyed it very much.

United Kingdom, WALES

What you say?

I don't know whether to go with the old saying: If you cannot say something nice, keep quiet. I tried that but it did not work. This song is absolutely abysmal. It is as if the writer entered a contest to see how many times he could repeat its title in four minutes or so and i suspect that he won. Next time I will try to review a song with something going for it...anything.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

British rock

It sounds a little British to me a little David Bowie. Music sounds some like simply red. I thought the lyrics were good with a great message. Peace, keep up the good work. Listen to Simple Life on Miscouring Mud Music

United States, Missouri, Poplar Bluff

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