Gotta Up My Game/Gonna Up My Game/I'm Uppin' My Game

Gotta Up My Game/Gonna Up My Game/I'm Uppin' My Game

Travis Nay

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It's got it all ... blues

This song is very professional. The main guitar track(s)... you had me with it right off the bat! It's a simple Blues/ rocky feel song but complicated because of many cool and refined features such as layered sound effects, catchy guitar leads, did I mention the main guitar track which is kind of raunchy yet clear (and bouncy) , nice smooth well timed vocals, and a well written lyric that promotes thought. Where's the download button or buy button. It scores. 5 of 5 for me. Well done. I'll keep listening.

Canada, Ontario, london

Travis does it again!

Travis Nay has nailed it with this one! This guy has "Upped His Game!" Love the tempo change during the chorus. Good use of effects and over dubs. The percussion fade out at the end is pretty cool too. Good vocals, good playing, it all works on this one.

United States, North Carolina, Black Mountain

good song, but...

As a vet outdoor sound guy for festivals and some skills as engineer at some studios, you need to get a second opinion or go to a real spot to get the music mix it down better and record a live version...

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Travis Nay song

great retro rock beat , great sound and rhythm , great voice and lyrics . I hope this goes big for Travis , he deserves it . The Blusey style and sound of the song works really well with the band style . Good Luck , Cliff

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Upbeat Song Of Reinvention

This song starts with a hard-driven blues progression. The slightly distorted rhythm guitar lays down a relentless rhythm reminiscent of a hard riding train. The verse starts with a confession of a misdirected life, then proceeds to a fearless moral inventory. The chorus has a radically different feel as Nay hits you hard with short syncopated accents on "Up--My--Game, Up--My--Game" leaving no doubt that this man is serious about change!!

United States, Virginia, Roanoke

Travis Ney song

This is not my cup of tea. It seems to be overproduced by a mile. However, this man has a good voice and knows some decent musicians. I can foresee a really good song coming along in the future.

United Kingdom, Twickenham


Keep on lifting up the name of Jesus Christ he deserves all due praise we are living in perilous times so many have given up not giving God a chance.Inspite. What you go through keep on moving and pushing towards the mark and God will meet you wherever you are. God bless you my brother I love your ministry.

United States, California, Every Where

very good

excellent travail c'est vraiment plaisant a ecouté j'en ferais la promo auprès de different amis qui apprécieront la qualité de votre travail. je vous souhaite de bonne fete de fin d'années


Show de bola

Bastante interessante a linha de bateria, gostei da variedade de timbres, principalmente do peso da batida, acredito que receberiamos bem esse tipo de música aqui no Rio de janeiro. Sucesso!

Brazil, Rio de janeiro


Travis,I liked what I have heard.Although is the simple 12 BAR ROCKABILLY it sounds fresh&catchy.Guitar solo is short but very effective(groovy too.)Anyway keep up a good work-ROCK ON IM

Netherlands, Rotterdam

Review request

Little bluesy number. Easy listening. Vocals sound cool, quite well mixed and put together. Overall it sounds well written and not to harsh on the ears. Ready for radio I'd say. Take it easy

Australia, Adelaide

keep rockin,Travis!!

Keep rockin,Travis....straight to the your 50s-60s kind of music,right on..peace and love...hope your live music is just as much fun,God-Bless YOU!!and keep i touch,find me on facebook,revernation,you tubeand my space!!

United States, California, Tehachapi

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