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Good Message

First of all, I like the beginning with the beat, which set you up with the rock feeling that goes with the message.. I like the message of get high with God. It's the only way and the right way. God has to be with you in all that you do. Your music give a very strong aggressive message that can be the main message to todays young generation, Good Message!

United States, Illinois, Park Forest

MOST HIGH....Christian Rock Fusion


I love the fusion of this Christian rock sound. . The guitarist is stellar! There is an xcellent vibe to this song with Travis and the back up singer bringing real emotion and meaning to the message of these lyrics. The drums are also fantastic. I've been telling kids for years to let Jesus in to their hearts and find out what it's like to be riding high in the Holy Spirit's. These Lyrics are a great message. People want to get high to dispel lonlieness...and feel free. When you get High With Jesus you get High on the new life He gives you. I love the way Travis writes songs and composes the instrumentals. Never failing to surprise and uplift the spirit of his listeners!

United Kingdom, WALES

Thoughts on Most High...


The song starts with funky drums and popping bass - then rises up into a powerful crescendo that descends into the lead vocals... the sound is not unlike a "Big Broadway Production". Powerful, and captivating! The lead guitar and voice go back and forth - tit for tat and it is very pleasant to the ears. I hear a female's voice and it's perfectly placed and just right. The back and forth riffing between the guitar and lead voice is "ear candy" and so nice... O yeah!! The lines "If you want to get high - get high with The Most High God" is as good as it gets... a little rap, some strong vocals as the song progresses and it is clear this is not just another song - this song is special. The challenge to the listener to "get high with The Most High" - is cutting, real and certain to speak to the hearts of anyone addicted to drugs,alcohol, or other things besides God. Excellent wording, and the arrangement here is sophisticated and cleverly crafted to have dynamics galore; and twists and turns that make the journey through this song fun and edifying. I say that as a Christian believer. For someone still playing with the temptations and vices of this world - this song will most surely bring strong conviction to turn to The Most High. I appreciated the thought and creative energy that went into creating this powerful and beautiful song. The vocals are excellent, and the lyrics are down to earth, but pointing to heaven at the same time. Great! I love this song, and would love to see you sing/perform this song in a large auditorium with all the special effects and lighting that this song deserves. The modulation up, as the song moves along, works well and keeps the song's momentum going strong, and the ending with the guitars blazing are like flames going up to dramatize the ending. Most excellent. Thanks for sharing such a great and powerful song. The final mix is excellent - hat's off to the producer. This song is a good mix of modern "rap" and "rock" blended, with a big time musical feel to it. There is nothing small or weak about this song. In Jesus Name, Michael D'Aigle a.k.a./fool4christ

United States, Michigan, Flushing






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United States, Colorado, Denver

Review is "MOST HIGH"

I apologize for being so late with this review Nay. Being familiar with Mr. Nay's tunes I've come to expect the quality that is delivered. Having some experience with the story-line, I can relate to the message. I enjoyed the rolling vocals that were in sync with the beat, hypnotizing. being a guitarist, I appreciated the slap in your face, subtle guitar riffs. It goes without saying that Mr. Nay brings a solid and compressed voice to the table. the tone scale shift near the end was clean and impressive. alongside all this is the back up vocals that are not intrusive and the horn section that compliments the melody effort. the song gets spiced up with crisp guitar licks here and there. NIce work. I cant say it's my preference of style but executed cleanly with a super nice downmix. Nice work Nay!

United States, Louisiana, Delcambre

Awesome music

What a marvellous extraordinary song. It just good music for this generation and it so amazing. Keep up the good work and maybe one day we will be doing a collaboration. Enjoy your journey

South Africa, Bothaville


First off I want to thank you for your music with me I grew listening to all types of music rock Christian soft rock r b like this song I really ???? like it it's very creative and unique and we'll put together and I we'll written most music these days is so different I'm old school and I love praising God in my music the world needs to hear your gift keep on making great music and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors and thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world this song really rocks thank ???? and have a wonderful upcoming week and please keep me posted on any new music you our coming out with.

United States, California, Every Where

This rocks!

Travis Nay's recording of "Most High" rocks, right from the sophisticated opening drum beat, to the last note, 4 minutes and 44 seconds later. The drum sounds like a machine, rather than a live drummer, but he has done some interesting and tasteful things with it, so I don't mind. The guitar work is just plain outstanding, there's no other word for it. The lead singer demonstrates impressive range, particularly in the low end, which is Tennessee Ernie Ford low. The lyrics compare the Most High God to the highs people seek from drugs and alcohol. I know what the songwriter is driving at. Heaven is a whole new level of existence, and even here on earth, I have never been emotionally higher than when sober and singing praise as part of a daily relationship with the Eternal Living God. However, those unacquainted with that experience could think this plays right into the hands of Karl Marx, who said, "Religion is the opiate of the masses." Would like to hear the songwriter tease out the different meanings of the word "high". In other words, take the basic idea of the song still further. Other than that, my only mild criticism is that the song runs on a little too long. We don't need 3 more repetitions of the chorus at the end of the song. The point has been thoroughly made. The key change is nice, but could come one chorus earlier, and just lose the last two repetitions. Shorten the song by about a minute, and lose nothing. Sometimes less is more. I have reviewed at least 3 of this artist's songs now, and this is by far my favorite of what I have heard. Keep rockin' for the Lord, brother man!

United States, Texas, Manchaca

I love it

Travis Nay, I want to first say thanks for letting God use you....your gift is amazing! The song is clear and some very nice to me and most of talking about God so i love this song. Keep pushing!

United States, Texas, Grand Prairie


This is something original...but I have to ask You..Do You like to hear tune like that on Sunday Church Service..remember that Church Songs Must be for Everybody not just for some..because of that I grade Your song low..on the other hand.. change Lyric and make It a Secular Song as it is now I do not think Music Publisher will "touch" It..and It will have Hard time to be placed on Radio Rotation...I like It..but this is NOT important the Question is what to do with It...Good Luck..

United States, California, Los Angeles

I really wanted to like this...

The music was wonderful. Production was clean. Instrumentation and styles matched well. Voice was great. Mix well balanced... but the lyrics... The intention was actually obscured by the words themselves. Words have meaning and while the attempt to play off of two different uses of high could have worked, the context of the usage just doesn't let us go there. We are left with the two meanings that either God endorses your escapism which is blasphemous or that he is, in fact, a bigger user of his own substances than the guy you're singing to convince. Points for trying to be clever with wordplay but it really has to work at the end of the day with a consistent message. Hey, I realize we're not writing the Psalms here inspired by God himself but we ought to be willing to scrap what needs to be scrapped and start over. If it were me trying to keep the wordplay I'd probably do something like... If you wanna get high. Gotta get low. At the feet of a most high God. That keeps the highs consistent by juxtaposing the first one with humility and it doesn't let anyone think you are slandering God in the process.

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

That’s reality

Many Christian songs are absent of drugs, sex and topics which consume a large part of society with only 3 answers? Jail, death or change! Changing is the hard part. Anything is possible through Christ!

United States, Colorado, Littleton


very particular at the beginning with a synth sound and a guitar with a great atttack. Then the melody starts, everything has become much more ordered with a voice that is very suitable for the kind of music you do and also the guitar and the second voice make the picture much clearer and pleasant as also the low man who also if a little muted does what he has to do and occasionally shows his soul. have had pleasure if I had made the chittarra solos longer also because you feel that the guitarist is good

Italy, italy


Love the sounds going on here,good drums and bass you got a groove,I love the message,a much needed path for all to hear,good song,songs can be arty and then there can just be a message,this is getting the point across,good melody,good arrangement,you do this for a ministry? I hope and this message needs to reach out. Passing on the gospel,and I’m glad you’re delivering how to accomplish it,not just giving advice or condemnation.thanks ptl

United States, Oregon, cannon beach

Not Getting High

I love the idea of getting high under the influence of devotion to God. I love chanting ,meditating and group devotional singing, BUT for me I was distracted as the energy of the song I found agitating.instead of uplifting. Now of course some ran and rollers may love this and find this sound elevating, but I'm just not one of them despite having heard other songs by Travis that I did enjoy.

United States, Florida, Boynton Beach



Canada, Ontario, LONDON

Nice sound!

“If you want to get high get the most high!” Jesus Nice concept and liked the backgrounds in the beginning Nice quality recording. I was able to hear all the instruments clearly and separately. Nice mix!

United States, New Jersey

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