Love Conquers All (1 Corinthians 13)

Love Conquers All (1 Corinthians 13)

Travis Nay

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Great guitar work on this song and an excellent message


Travis has taken the essential message of Christianity "LOVE CONQUERS ALL" and put to some good rock music and has come up with the very good song. His guitar work is very masterfully done. It's obvious that this guy is a professional musician, or was a one time. The church needs to open up to this kind of christian music because it appeals to the youth and young adults as well as the boomer generation that I come from.

United States, Georgia, ellijay

LOve Conquers All


Travis has a hit on his hands here . Love the beat and band . Vocals are impeccable as usual . The lyrics are right on the money and fit perfectly with the song . The construction is great and on the beat with no push . Love the song and everything about it . Great luck with this Travis , Cliff

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Love Conquers All. (Important reminder)

Thanks Travis Nay, to remind it to us. Check the Man's big guitar sound and deep Soulful words. In these crucial times of politicaly monitored hatred and "Though shall hate thy neighbor" both Homeland and Foreign Policy, we artists, whether musician singer actor dancer stand up comedian or painter, have the responsibility to forward this kind of Message. Big Up Travis Nay.

Spain, Cala Llenya Sant Carles IBIZA BALEARICS

Love Conquers All


This song expresses the fullness of this scripture as a sermon. I love it! Great instrumental with fullness of expression in mirroring the sentiments of the lyrics. The hard rock beat and electric guitar are my favourite solos in this piece. Worthy of an accolade to Our King and to the talents he has gifted you. I truly hope and believe this song will find a place in the top of the charts here on N1M and the other Promotion websites. I am sure you will win through with God's favour among the people who hear it.

United Kingdom, WALES

Dance the Night Away

Catchy melody and perfect tempo to drive the dance floor on a hot night. Great vocals and guitar work interplaying with the rhythm section. Positive vibes given to the listener as you can visualize the message from just one listen. This was the kind of music I grew up with in the eighties, which is some of my favorite stuff. I'll be listening for more. MHD

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale

Good Music


This has got a great beat, blues style, with a good message. Guitar work is good, singing is on pitch (which I don't hear with many groups these days), and the lyrics present a cause that all should endorse. I enjoyed listening to the whole tune (which also doesn't happen often these days). Well done Floyd (or are you Travis Nay - I'm assuming that is the band's name). Keep up the good work.

United States, Oregon, Gresham

Nice voice Travis Nay

Hi Travis, thank you for allowing me to review you track Love Conquers All, I enjoyed listening to the song, you've got a lovely warm, voice. I liked the the lyrics as well and the lead guitarist is awesome.

United Kingdom, Byfleet

love conquers all


i'm thinkin a little frank zappa maybe, some ozzy, yur music is heavy rock, with distortion, the recording is not bad, vocals are pretty good, all in all you've done pretty good, i would change the genre ta rock

United States, Tennessee, Lebanon

Travis Nay , sings a song with lyrics based on the teachings of St. Paul, from Corinthians

Nice Gritty guitar, Good singing , produced well. Any song that sez love conquers all is all right by me. It is a solid rocking song vaguely spiritual, with a good point. .I like the little kick in the ass at the ending too.

United States, Pennsylvania, Lancaster

Good job Travis!


Nice guitar groove with a good funky bass. The song carries a Christian message based on the Biblical verse from Corinthians rendering it only really marketable within the Christian Rock Market. I don't believe Travis' intentions though are to market the song in the traditional sense so the point on marketability is moot. The production is good reminiscent of early 80s Bruce, Jimmy Buffett, and Huey Lewis. Great sound , good message, and overall nice experience. Good job Travis!

United States, Florida, Miami




United States, Florida, Palm Beach

The Live Chapter Brings Love Conquers All

The love chapter of 1st Corinthians chapter 13 gives the theme of this song with a clear mission. Bringing the directive of the iconic chapter celebrating and describing love and it's attributes this song is straight forward in it's approach. The chorus is catchy "Love Conquers all" in it's simplicity sums it up well and is easy to remember. I would prefer to hear that short hooky refrain a few more times as the song develops but it still works. Because if the direct quotes from the chapter, it may be more difficult to get radio to add it to playlists but even with the very lyrics so closely taken for the scripture, the message is clear and the voice and tracks sound nice. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist.

United States, California, Studio City

Travis Nay

Oh the J word, not big on Christian rock, this song is a little limp in my opinion and dressed up with a little bit of wild guitar to make it sound it rocky. Americana i don't think is more like soft rock and the voice doesn't really fit the music, too white bread, reminded me of Pat Boone doing metal. on the plus side the production is fairly good and the drum machine is in time, a little less saccharine might help, wild it up i bit ladsa bit of rock vibe if you are trying to produce a rock song

Australia, Sydney

Love Conquers all


The Title says it all Love conquers all what a great song and the truth about all things Love will get you through all things and help you to get through all things and this song very well explains it a great song to listen to when you are needing motivation to make through something tough you are going through Love romance work family this is a motivational song that covers it all !

United States, Ohio, Columbus

Review of Travis Nay "Love Conquers"


I am usually very careful about reviewing Christian artists, but this has the potential for what use to be AOR radio. It needs live drums and some other arrangement changes, but this is a great start. Try adding some extra backing vocals. percussion and maybe an old Hammond with a Leslie. Other than that the tune rocks.

United States, New York, Queens

Catchy sound!!!


I really like this amazing tune. Great groove and feeling. Guitars and brass on top! Intereting lyrics. Great drums. Maybe voice to be better mixed to the whole (reverb, echoes, etc). Anyway, I think this is a great tune!!! Bravo Travis!!! Bruno

Italy, Milano

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