Can You Feel Your Heart Talkin' To You

Can You Feel Your Heart Talkin' To You

Travis Nay

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Can You Feel Your Heart....

Great lyrics with a message of restoration. Nothing beats truth ....which brings freedom to BE. That's the essence of this song. Many voices in the world try to distract you from your true destiny but only the voice of inner truth will align you with living your dreams. A great Blues song with a jaunty "set my cap for the future." Sure feels good! Great percussion and instrumental and as always vocals top notch by Travis Nay. Take time to listen and find your part to play in divine destiny.

United Kingdom, WALES

Oh yeah

What a great syncopated set of rythymns. Reminds me of the 70s superclass era. Add in the deeptones of the male vocal and you get. A very unique and different sound. This song should add some gospel singer's singing oh yeahs and stuff to push the rythymns and vocals over the top.. maybe loose the double tracked male growls. For some reason hearing the same voice do that took my ear out of the grove.

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Can you Feel the Heart Talkin' to You

I can appreciate the loose backup vocals. I like the deep voice and the message of the words. I think some of the word choices can be modified to flow a little better. Pretty decent guitar and horns. Interesting.

United States, California, Los Osos

What you say?

Tired of being confused? You can feel your destiny? You just want to dance and sing? Sure feels good, eh? Although I cannot determine any great philosophical depth to this stuff and nonsense, It might mean something to somebody - especially if they are drunk or stoned out of their mind. Sometimes I ask myself: why do these people bother recording such silly tosh? The only answer that comes to me is that they are blithely optimistic but possibly they might just have nothing better to do.

United Kingdom, Twickenham


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Funky swamp groove

I really like the feel Travis Nay gets on this song, "Can You Feel your Heart Talking to You?" Very groovy rhythm. Reminds a bit of Tony Joe White, which is not a bad thing at all. Stripped down arrangement and instrumentation add to the swampy feel. its got a snaky run on a Bo-Diddley-sque dancer. The Guitar tones ride right down in the pocket, vocals rasp out in time. Here the less is really MORE! I can feel the hot breeze of a southern evening blowing cross the front porch, see that Sun setting fire red. Time to head out and shake the night away! Way to go

United States, Massachusetts, LOWELL

Powerful and emotional honesty.

Listen to the whole song and come away with a refreshing and powerful vocal melodic accented by a well defined beat that doesn't interfere with the mood. The sax punctuates throughout and the female vocal overlays here and there add nice pleasant layers. Overall musical arrangement lends a nice melancholy depth to all. The formula reminds me of the old but definitely a modern etheric approach that makes sense. Absolutely well done and truthful.

United States, New York, New York

Can You Feel Your Heart Talkin' To You

Travis Nay, Can You Feel Your Heart Talkin' To You. A new tune from Travis, really like this song, nice rocky tune, with an underlying Latin feel, featuring more guitar on this track. The vocals have a little more smokeyness about them and placed nicely in front of the mix. lively track once again production is good and all instruments are audible and nicely placed in the mix. This track is a little different to others i have heard from Travis. Good work. All the tracks i have listened to from Travis have a similar sound and are easily recognizable and have an originality i like

Australia, Sydney

Unique approach

Great song with a unique approach - good rhythm section, nice mix good sounding vocal strong guitar playing. With a song like this done in the traditional blues genre it could becoming boring but this approach gives it a new feel and keeps it interesting.

United States, New York, Northport

Can you feel your heart

This song has a blues/funk song. I feel it just needs some more connecting of the lyric. The guitar is cool along with the instrumental, very funky. The vox is very different. Almost like the singer is being sarcastic. Very interesting!

United States, Connecticut, Wallingford

For Travis

Love the groove, and the overall attitude of the track "Can You Feel Your Heart Talkin' to you" Your voice is a little rough and adds to the Blues . The musicians are spot on! I would love to hear the guitar break get into it a little more and do some jamming. I'm sure you do that live!

United States, Pennsylvania, Julian

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