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Love Is The Way


A really Rich Instrumental full of the colors of love. This song calls to mind so many great songs about love and The One Who IS LOVE. The percussion is amazing! The musical composition emerges beautifully with the lyrics. It seems to have several influences including an Indian vibe to my mind. Great male female vocalist back up singer, a Coors sound-a-like. Beautiful in it's conception. One of the best male vocalists I have ever heard in this genre.

United Kingdom, WALES

Kool Groove

Liking the Production ... Proforming this song on Stage you guys should have a ton of Fun with your Audiences ..... Kool Instruments mix on Drums, Guitars but the Vocal Mix was even Better ... Bless

United States, New York



This is a great groove, and an excellent mix! Its kinda somewhere between electronica dance and jumping in the car, windows down and blowing in the breeze without a care music. The vocals are special, airy and magical. Nice job Travis!

United States, Minnesota, Outing

Love Is The Way


As usual Travis , the production is flawless vocals and band are great . Loved the song . I particularly liked the interaction between you and the female singer , I would say background but she holds up much more of the song . Great production , it should go straight to the top . Good luck ( but you won't need it ) , Cliff

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Nice deep vocal

Intro is a bit long. Nice deep voice. Backup vocals do not work well in this number. Sort of drops out in the middle and doesn't go anywhere. Nice ethereal deep vocals though. The male voice has a nice round soothing sound but the song is not my thing. Definite potential.

United States, California, Los Osos

God Love Us

A great title and a powerful song I really like it and love covers all we even have to love our enemies I really appreciate your gift thank you so much for sharing your craft with the world and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music keep on giving God the praise and His just do these are perilous times pray for our nation and our leader have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors love is the key

United States, California, Every Where

A Nice Recording!

I love the quality of the recording. Where did you record this? Nice voice. I like the vocal effects and the female back up singer adds a nice touch. Did you write this song? I could not catch all the lyrics. OK, I've looked at them now and had to start over here since it removes this page when you click on the lyrics. You have a nice feel to the tune - the lyrics are a little too repetitive for my liking - but then again much of today's music is like that. Over all - a really good job and a NICE recording!

United States, Oklahoma, Moyers

Pulls you in.

This song has a great feel of romantic intrigue that pulls you in from the start. Good drums that capitulate the changes well without getting too busy. I really wish I could understand the words better. Seems not enough artists go out of their way to make sure their words are easily understood, but the hook is strong so it doesn't matter for people like me who can't hear that well or people who don't care, they just like the way a song sounds. This one sounds great.

United States, Texas, Houston

Good Song


Rhythm makes me think of Bruce Springsteen as soon as i heard it.Vocals are very well done.Good mix of both.The back ground vocals were a nice play of the main vocal line. Harmonies are great! good song!

United States, Texas, Austin

Where's my sari?

I could have danced for hours to this if my sari had not been sent to the cleaners. I have done quite a few reviews on Mr Nay's offerings and sadly I cannot remember a single favourable comment. That is not to say that i don't like him. I do. However, to me, he always get it wrong, either with a far too fussy backing or a misconception about what he thinks will bring him world wide fame and adoration. I still think that with his good looks and pleasant voice, he could one day get it right and I wish him all the best.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

nice drum track


I really enjoy a great drum track. I admire those who can program them better than I can ..and that is most everyone else lol. The foundation of the track is definitely the drums. I could have used the vocals louder in the mix because they were on pitch and pleasing to listen to. I'm not really sure what the song was about but I liked the melody. Maybe your message would be better served if the drums were not as loud and the vocals more up front. Good work

United States, New York, New York

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