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The Positive vibe we need today

This song is Great ! it has a nice easy vibe that is relaxing to hear throughout the song and it would be great to listen to for many occasions such as during a drive home on the way to a company meeting to motivate you when you are down or to slow dance to or during dinner or lunch with a loved one, where we are today we all seem to get down at times or beat up in life and this song is motivational to just let you know your answer to your own joy and Happiness all is inside of you a great pick me up and a much needed thing in today's world !

United States, Ohio, Columbus

It's All Inside Of You

I Love the way this start out!!!!! You have an incredible voice!!!!! This sounds sooo Original!!!!! We need more originals sounds like this!!!!! I love the lyrics!!!!! I would definitely buy this song!!! I could hear this played on the Radio!!!!!! Keep up the Great Work Travis!!!!! Peace & Happiness!!!!! SharBaby

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

It´s all inside

Listening to Travis It´s all inside of you took my soul inside of me, his unique voice , sort of reminds me to Jim Morrison and it makes me feel like dancing in a very tribal way. I love the music and the lyrics. Travis I must say THUMBS UP for you!!

Argentina, La Cumbrecita , Cordoba

It's a little bit different

Congrats. It is a good song and I like it. it's a little bit different and it is good, because we have not heard anything different today. Great quality recording. I wish success to you. Regards.

Brazil, Porto Alegre


Songs are great, with some good blues numbers. All inside of You is a great tune. Your singer(s) seem to have practiced a great deal to get the kinda voice harmony. The Chops are great. Play it Like Your Feel it!

United States, Mississippi, Ridgeland (6012602384)


I thought song had a good flow to it, vocals were also nice ,musicianship was very good and I liked overall message, the mix and production seemed good to my ears, I thought maybe lyrics good be worked out a little more, but other than that, good job!

United States, New Jersey, Ridgefield Park

Beautiful harmonies

Not totally my style of music, but doesn't mean I can't appreciate it... The guitar picking and the general feel is quite nice. Is this s Christian Rock offering, because lyrically it certainly seems like it could be ... Then again it could easily be New age as well based on the lyrical content. Keep up the good work! Very well recorded


First off, I was impressed by the aural quality - the production is very clear, with good depth and variety. But I felt that there was a disconnect between the arrangement and the vocals and the lyric somehow. It's hard to explain, but the whole song - I listened a couple of times - didn't fuse for me. Didn't seem organic, somehow. The backing was dance-music, but the song's content is philosophical. The busy backing interfered, for me, with the song's message. Sorry !

United States, New York, New York


I absolutely love the lyrics. The drums fit perfectly with the guitar and bass. It all flows well together. It is a relaxing melody that I am sure to listen to a lot in the future. Thanks for the great tunes.

United States, Colorado, Firestone


It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you It's all inside of you

United States, Florida, miami

It's all inside of you Travis Nay

Nice song, voice is a little low in the production or maybe a bit swamped with effect. Nice positive message. Electronic backing lacks a real band vibe and groove. A nice little tune not hard to listen too

Australia, Sydney

Etheric and smooth.

Nothing here is abrasive or a cause for alarm. Expect lots of glistening guitar and a pleasant male voice that punctuates with a smooth soulful retro weave that would please most anyone. The song has a sincere positive tone that focuses on sending a message that you have the answers within to obtain happiness. This is a life song for the living.

United States, New York, New York

Inspired Ballad wit Top Notch Production

Travis Nay has certainly covered new ground with this beautifully produced ballad with a message that applies to us all--look within. The background vocals and full rhythm production weave a lush backdrop for the quite different melody. Great job, Travis!!

United States, Virginia, Roanoke

Savatage-like wonderful sound

Really nice sound. It reminds me of the sound that Savatage put out quite a while back. This applies not only to the music in the background but the haunting vocals. Great singer! I thought initially that it was Savatage. The omposition is professional and a haunting. Great job. it is worth a listen. I hope there is more.

Canada, Ontario, london

Nicely produced pop

If this song mentioned Jesus, it would be a nicely done praise and worship number. As it is, 'It's All Inside of You' is a pleasant, feel good pop tune that defies its 'Blues' genre designation. The music is performed on electronic (MIDI) instruments and is not over done. There are female backing vocal's behind Travis' soothing baritone voice. The overall style of this song is definitely well within the soft rock or pop genre. The production is slick and gives the song a polished, radio friendly sound. I think it would please anyone who likes that style of music.

United States, Florida, Fort Walton Beach

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