Born in Nice (France), Tony Amantini is a singer-songwriter. Born at the heart of an italian family, he saw them dancing, singing and playing music all the time.

He grew up in a working class area where Frenchs, Corsicans, Italians and Africans were mixed.
First of all, living in an apartment with his parents and his sister until the age of 10, after further to troubles , he went to another working class area with his sister at the west of the city where his great-grandmothers and his paternal grandparents lived.
It was at that time when the Italian music settled in his soul to influence him until today.
Everyday someone sang popular songs coming straight of Italy.

At the age of 15, he returned with his parents. One day, while he was in the car with his father , he discovered a singer who was going to start the beginning of a musical change.
While is father was picking up a package , Tony has seen a CD of Georges Brassens. He took it and saw an old man with a moustache and a pipe.
Out of curiosity , he put the CD in the car player and played songs quickly.

Suddenly , when he heard “Maman, Papa” , he was shocked. Made it, Brassens was definitely entered in his brain.

When his father came, Tony asked him who was that man. He answered : "Certainly, the great music poet I know."

But the style was too old for the Tony’s neighborhood. He couldn’t tell to his friends that he loved that. So he listened in secret.
Sometimes lyrics were so complicated for him but he loved that. That jazzy melodies easy to remember and all the puns , that poetry sometimes touching sometimes sad.
He recognized in Brassens that Italian style which talk about life in general, about everything and nothing.

Years later, a friend of him formed a music band and invited him to join them. “No one knows how to play , there is a place free for a guitar bass player. Would you be up for it ? We will do Hard Rock" . Tony don’t know what it is but he heard words "play music". He answered YES full of joy.

“Ok I have a guitar bass for you but it is for a right-handed person , want it?"
Tony is left-handed but he doesn’t care . He said yes and learnt to play with. Today he still playing like a right-handed person.
During 6 months he learnt at home , playing between 4 and 8 hours per day . After during a rehearsal on the studio he heard a group playing jazz. He knows that jazz is musically excellent. That’s what he wanna do to prosper. His parents enrol him in a jazz conservatory. He studied electric guitar bass during 3 years but he was forced to stop. His commis chef occupation doesn’t allow him to study as much as he want. And above all he get bored. Him, he want to compose , tell things.

His father introduce him to a friend of him who was and ex pro guitarist . He met him and Tony look at him playing the guitar and singing. He was impressed. “ Which one is this song ?” . This friend is above all shocked, after he answered him like it was foregone : "Brel. It’s Jacques Brel."
And Tony said : “I want to do that , teach me how to do that !“

Here is the reason that push him to learn faster to play the guitar due to his music fundamentals and his guitar bass playing. During his sister's wedding he played 3 songs with his father’s friend. Duo is perfect and the person who organised the event noticed Tony. He wanted that he works for him. Tony refuse because he has others plans. He wants to continue to learn with his father’s friend , who becomes now his friend teacher.

They will increase shows. An old and young guy , the concept is born.
Parties , anniversaries , weddings , baptisms . Years passed and the duo need to put an end to their union. Tony leaves to Italy during 2 years.

When he comes back, he founded a music group and he play in restaurants , pubs...

Over the years, he becomes a fan of Beatles , Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. He will definitely head towards to pop , folk rock and country .

Nowadays , here he is singer-songwriter . He is preparing a folk project for the years to come . A singer to follow .

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