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"Leon Cried" - Strength is more than muscles.

Sometimes a song will come gushing out of me as if I am on remote control, with someone else pushing the buttons. It's as if someone was giving me a gift of a full grown song.

They usually come without much conscious thought on my part, except to write them down as fast as I can, line after line. And I wonder if these songs come to me for a purpose, and if there are meanings that need to be explored, lessons to be learned. This is one of those songs that was "given" to me.

"Leon Cried"

Leon Brown was a cold hard man.
Never got close unless it fit his plan.
In thirty-four years no one saw him smile,
give him an inch he’d probably take a mile.

But Leon cried when his mama died.
Leon cried when his mama died.

Leon Brown never talked of pain.
Knock him down he’d just get up again.
Lost his leg in the bottom of a mine,
Just shook his fist and gave an angry sign

But Leon cried when his mama died.
Leon cried when his mama died.

Some people know when to give up.
Some people never do.
But Leon loved his mama,
She was the strength that pulled him through

Freed by the tears he could not hide.
He found true strength in his gentle side.
Leon thought hard on his troubled life,
Made his peace with God and then he took a wife.

Cause Leon cried when his mama died.
Leon finally cried when his mama died.

So let's examine this gift song. Leon was a tough guy, who thought he was capable of putting up with just about anything life could throw at him. But the one thing he didn't count on was suddenly and publicly showing an emotion that he had never experienced before.

Tough guys don't cry. But here he was, confronting his own weakness, realizing perhaps for the first time ever that there were things in this life he could not handle . . . some things that were far more powerful than the toughest man.

Admitting weakness is the first step to real strength. Breaking down and giving into an emotion he could not control allowed Leon to realize that life was bigger than he was. I think we can all see similarities in our own life.

Leon made his peace, and learned that reaching out to life brought him more than striking out at life, and that being strong does not necessarily mean being tough. The strength one finds in gentleness is true power.

Bless you.

If you would like, you may click to hear the complete song. "Leon Cried". It was recorded in Nashville on the album "Deep Down Inside"and is sung by Ray Barnette.

"Leon Cried"
Here's the legal stuff:
Words and Music Copyright By Tom Hays
Platinum Pearls Publishing - ASCAP

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