ralph tomaselli / better left unsaid / the wait is over

Ralph Renaissance

Ralph has done it again. I'm very jealous but at the same time I'm enjoying this track. This is a awesome Instrumental. I wish I could write something that sounds cool like this. it has a deep somber piano melody that sets up & takes you on a journey. The lead guitars are screaming with pain as the bass and drums are the foundation of the doom and gloom. this is a true masterpiece . I'm gonna give this man another 5 out of 5


great tune with an awesome melody, the piano gives a good atmosphere and the wah guitar never sounds dull. A great use of resources that dirves the song to a momentum that comes at the right time. One thing a i love abpout songs is the use of dynamics and this song has them. Love the compositions and production. Keep it up!

My Opinion

I truly believe there's a market for every form of music and your sound is uniquely different than the type, or form of music I would traditionally listen to. Saying that I would have to say the sound is rather pleasant, and I can really appreciate the length of the music and I will also say it's well composed.

No More Waiting

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song Ralph delivers a passionate performance which is well produced and emotionally driven. Ralph is consistent in his delivery of quality music you love to listen to on repeat.

The Wait Is Over

I am happy to say I remember doing reviews of your music before. So I am ready to listen to another great song created by you. I am listening to it and I'm into the vibe already. This song is something I can imagine in a tv show as background music for a scene involving a character driving down a highway and contemplating something. I would seriously consider sending some of your music to a company like Jingle Punks. You should check them out! I think you could create something that could end up on television or in a movie. Take a risk on yourself and see if it pans out! I hope you give it a try and it works for you. The only thing I can critique you on is the quality of the recording but to me that is just a waste of time. I think you've honed your craft very well, I respect you and I wish only the best for you

"The Wait Is Over" brings a great dynamism, along with a smooth and modern touch.

The well-defined solid lines of harmony bring a strong sense of engagement with the created trip, and the guitar-like intersections in phrasing provide the dynamism to keep the music alive and functional. The timing of this song and the creative spaces are really great to keep the tone right. The unique and modern felling counterbalances in a way that does not cause distortions, making the music stay smooth all the time, with well-made contours. Ralph Tomaselli in "The Wait is Over" brought not only a song, but also a theme, something that is very difficult, when it brings ambiguity and clarity at the same time. We can call it something complete, definite and well realized. A song made with extreme good taste that has the possibility of reaching the most varied types of audience.

A little overdrive and a cry baby

This seems like the perfect tempo, not rushed and not too laid back. I like the piano rhythm; many people don't know piano is considered percussive. The full range recording is nice and no frequencies were overdone. It's reminiscent of a West Coast style with a lot going on in every measure. Nice smooth guitar, with a little overdrive and a cry baby wah, the most noticeable effects. My only wish is that "the wait is over" was a bit longer. I absolutely will give Ralph a positive review on any of his compositions. Keep them coming Ralph.

Riverside rocks

Hey Ralph, really enjoyed listening to your music. It’s the kind of rock that you can listen to for hours. Some great musicians playing. The screaming guitar licks were really complemented by the great piano/ keyboard. My favourite part was when you all brought it down, you could feel the emotional change in the music. If anything, I would say to have a little more of that but would add, well done! Rock on, Kenny Ray

Train you to dream

Very nice pieces that can be listened to with eyes closed. By cutter I find that the sound of the guitar is not present enough. In addition I would have put in the middle a little riff with good distortion. But this song remains very pleasant to listen to.

Ralph tomaselli ......the wait is over

Feels like the start of a gig getting the people in the mood ..love the full guitar sound and the way it weaves through the song on different levels and the punctuation of the keyboards . The sustain on guitar in the back ground great would have liked to hear more bass though. Ok so I am saying a good warm up piece and like what you are offering. Get som progressive bass on this track ... keep up the good work best regards Stephen

Just what the doctor ordered

This mix is very well balanced & super chill. The guitar gives vibes of a sort of Jeff Beck (ish) influence. Drums are powerful & on time. The bass ties everything together with a nice jazzy walk & the piano is very soothing. This is something that I could listen to in the background on loop & relax to. Ralph Tomaselli is clearly a very talented musician & I am excited to hear more of his work.

The Wait Is Over

This Track Is Good, for This Band. They Have The Sound, For There Field. They Could Be My Band, For, My Next Track?...I Like There Sound. I Know That It's Not Me, But, I Like It. Mix Is Good.....Call Me..O. K..The Blues Is Waiting!!!A New Attitude Is What The World Might Need?.....4.2

Great Music

thank you rob for sending me this song to review and listen to every song that you have sent me I really like it I love the melody to crack their uniqueness of the song I love beat I love how the song was composed and well put together. thank you for being creative continue to go to the next level continue to make on some music never stop sharing your gifts with people with the world with others and I thank you again for sharing your music with me. Please keep me posted please continue to send me great music so I can review it listen to your music thank you so much I can wonderful day God bless you and all that you go to do and create God bless you peace.

Great Guitar Playing

This is a pleasant piece of instrumental music. I like it because it isn't too long. There are too many songs on numberonemusic that go for more than four minutes and I'm just left thinking "When is it gonna end?" But this is just fine. I like the guitar playing and I like the piano, too. Keep up the good work.

Interesting and tonally complex

I liked the different tones between guitars and keys. It is somewhere between chill and mid tempo. I would have preferred real drums but the programming got the job done. It could have been a bit longer as well. It would have been nice for the guitars to drop out for 16 bars and let the piano play to the progression with a pad and light groove. Then come back in and take it on home or restate the theme. Anyway, it was enjoyable to listen to. Nice job Ralph. It's always a pleasure to hear you play!
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