Another beautiful song from Ralph Tomaselli

One of my favorites to listen to and review, Ralph Tomaselli has a great sound and real production sensibility. His lyrics are real and heartfelt. Ralph uses dynamics well. His soft vocal style is calming and charming, he has what it takes to put across the words and the feelings. This is music from an upcoming artist that is a must listen and a must share with your best friends. I look forward to hearing more of his work in the future. Nice job on Inevitable.....his future success is inevitable. Ray Martin Cerimeli Desert Door Publishers

Inevitably good

Great vocals on this sweet song. I like the choice of instruments for this composition. The drums are just a little strong for my taste on this particular song. Less is good sometimes. Very well written song lyrically and arrangement wise. Very good mix and production of this tune. The choice of chords on the piano fit this song very well.

your song

thank you very much for sending your song for review. Well, I find the song very nice, it is a very beautiful rock ballad which reminds me the old times when I was still in Cuba. The song probably needs a little more punch because it is a little weak with the overall sound but, I review the song, not the sound of the song. It is a great ballad, the voice is very nice and the instruments fit well inside, congratulations on such nice composition, I wait for more, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo


The music is nice, and I like it. I think it does have that down to earth vibe to it. I like this one a lot, and you're on your way to getting an award somewhere . Keep producing beat work like this I love the lead vocals, and keep your touch on it. This is unique and original. I think this is a hit for sure. Nice one! By the music you can tell that you are passionate about your work as every artist should be. Never give up and dreams and bigger things will follow! Maybe we can collab one day! PEACE!


Great track well produced with great vocals and haunting melody . I hope this gets the recognition deserved as a true example of authentic singer songwriting - not rushed and best enjoyed more than once . R


Glancing through the many pages of number one music I found you. Tried of hearing alot of crap. I was happily surprised listening to your song. Thanks I needed this, this morning. Magic, good luck

Nice Song

I approached listening with an open mind but prepared to be true to my taste. Upon first connecting with the sound of the music there was most definitely a positive impact that was made and with every segment of the song, I was drawn into the songs atmosphere more and more. I can honestly say that there was at no point in the song where I wanted to turn it off. The tone of the vocalist was rich and pleasing to the ear. The lyrical content was meaningful. The execution of the melodies were nice to listen to and the music complimented the lyrics and melodies, which made for a pleasant listening experience over all. My feeling about this artist is truly a five star appreciation for him taking the time to craft such a work, that allows the listener to share in that moment where the hearts message connects with the passion to create and produced a heart song that us music lovers can cherish and share with others.

Alternative all the way

"inevitable" is just what I needed after a long, hot Monday. It's laid back but lively, and ralph definitely has a style of his own. It does have vocal parts but they're mixed in like the other instruments. Alternative all the way, and I would like more from ralph Tomaselli.


inevitable is a very psychedical piece, very introspective, it is a journey in search of an ego that in many ways none of us knows and that, at least once in life, we must learn to know, appreciate, accept and learn. the piece has atmospheres 80 years that do not displease me indeed make it very easy, easy to understand, not invasive, almost familiar, in fact you immediately enter into confidence and start to appreciate immediately.


"Those who are meant to shine will always shine, like the diamond in the rough" I think this song shines forth this truth and more.The opening piano composition portrays to me the progression of a soul coming into the light of this truth and out of the darkness of self doubt and inner turmoil. To the Listener taking the first step is so beautifully encouraged and won over with these lyrics. It is precious Song of Ascent that many need to hear. The Vocalist Ralph Tomaselli has a pure tone and sings his lyrics with the true emotion of a heart poised to win others to be fully committed to their mission. The instruments are chosen to complement his voice making this song so memorable. BE THAT YOU ~ WIN THE CROWN OF THE OVERCOMER!

A real rock song!

Ralph! What a beautiful song! I really enjoyed the development of the parts, the dynamics, the letter and the arrangement! Congratulations! Stay inspired to show us your music! I'm going to spread this song to my contacts. Only music can save the world from collapse


This track from ralph tomaselli .is superb in the ways of song writing. Production wise I would turn the bass down just a little tad to were its not overbearing the song. but other than I love the song and the music.

Inevitable Success

I like the piano intro and soft keys. And then the vocals start. Sigh.. this is a nice song! I'm really pleased with how this song starts! This is not a rock song or alternative rock song. This is more pop, adult contemporary, though. Regardless, this is a good song. The music is well produced. The vocals blend nicely. This song works. I appreciate you took the time to have this mastered correctly, too. More, please.

Inevitable, another display of musical prowess!

Once in a while an artist comes along that truly stick out above the rest. The versatility of Ralph Tomaselli and the many facets of his impeccable style make him one of those artist's. Ralph's latest effort, "Inevitable", is an exercise of Ralph's versatility. Inevitable is a very smooth track that boarders on a few genres and combines the best attributes of them all. The lyrics are great, the vocal melody is catchy and the arrangement is superb. Musically, Ralph has a definitive style of his own that is refreshingly unique and Inevitable is a prime example. Cheers to you Ralph.


Wow. This is actually real nice. I really enjoy your music. I am a music producer as well, but more on the electronic dance music genre, and hip hop plus other genres as well. As a music producer I must admit and with all fairness I applaud what your doing. The way you use your voice to the instrumentation and song that your singing really brings life to the entire song. The introduction of the song being opened with the piano truly captures the listener on to wanting to listen to more. I've learned out of being a music producer that part of making great music first one must listen and absorb all the greatness a song may bring. So as a listener I must say your music is amazing and definitely deserves my review and five stars. Keep it going and much success to you with the music you are doing.
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