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the way she makes me feel

soulful, thoughtful, emotionally inspiring. I like the vibe of your song. keep making great music that inspires others to live their dreams to their fullest. share your style of music with the masses


ralph tomasselli .. the way she make me feel . i like this slow baladish song . i also like the arangement . the piano cord is brilliant . this man seems to be singing about a beautiful that he really likes . where he say i cant take my eyes off her . its the way she makes me feel .. good lyrics . its a good love song

Good song Ralph!

Good Song Ralph!!! Well put together. great arrangement and use of the dynamics. If you use this song as your new bar then I think you will do just fine. If there are any suggestions to this song that I personally would make, it would be to possibly add some other accompanying or embellishment tracks? Just a thought. I hear a Trumpet in the background... lol. Also, on my end the recording sounds a little whistley and a bit trebally FYI so perhaps shooting for a better mix on the recording. But that's all technical stuff... as far as the SONGWRITING goes. "SPOT ON" and "GOOD WORK" Hope this helps in some way. Cheers to you! Keep it up! Write 100 more! Break A Leg! Erik Lyon

Blue Nile meets Tom Petty

Great song, great sound, great vocals. Maybe it needs to move to a chorus or bridge earlier. Love the accompaniment and changing voice effects. It’s a musical crescendo. Same chord progressions all the way. Reminds me of the simplicity of The Blue Nile but also Tom Perry’s piano songs. Good job!

A Song that Reveals the Soul

This song has lovely lyrics and the emotion behind it is beautiful. The melody and musical accompaniment is perfect for the lyrics. Truly, Ralph has created something from the heart here that all of his fans can resonate with.

your song

thank you so much for sending me your song for review, well, I have heard your song different times and I really like the melodies inside, specially the singing melody which is very ear catchy and pretty! I am not sure about the sound which I don´t want to focus on here because I review the song, not the sound. The song has a great potential and it could be as well a hit if produced properly, the main voice is great, I like it too very much, the ballad is beautiful and congratulations for such great song, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

a cinematic ballad of genius

Ralph Tomaselli's song called ( The Way She Makes Feel) is a cinematic ballad of genius. The music sounds like a romantic movie soundtrack and its short and sweet to its not over bearing. all in all its a good song. probably good for a wedding reception . I give this track a 5 out of five.

The Way She Makes Me Feel.

Great Ocerstration is The First Impression. Great production soon follows. The Vocals Then Got my attention. I Love This Track. This is a must-add to any collection. I Give it a 4.9....Well Done.

Fresh sound deep feelings

Like the feeling this song transports out to the world, sounds quite like our objective in the mood of writing love songs, catchy and going deep into ones heart and let you dream. Like it very very much! Thank you for sharing this with us, Ralph

Beautiful Song

Good melody, low tempo, builds up slowly, nice appeal. Good message in a day without much love for others and romantic genre songs this takes romance into a new time of phase, I think the chorus is awesome, especially with a gospel choir or an echo, would be awesome. Thanks for this


The way you make me feel is a very good song. Tender and soft. Highlights what pillow talk is about. Congratulations on the music and vocalist being secure on a song is not easy. Thanks Magic


is a very introspective piece you understand from the introduction, from the music, from the tone of your voice, it seems as if you were whispering to someone's ears almost as if you wanted to communicate a secret that you then decided to make public and put it in a song . I guessed? I really like the piano, I like how the piano is played in your song and I like the whole song.

Sweet Love Song

This one is a really nice lovesong to heart and soul. The singer has a lovely voice and soft vocal projection. The piano carries this compositon right. Also different sounds from the keyboard, especially in the bridge comes at the right time. There are soft strings in the backings including the melody by a wind instrument. This extra factor brings additionally beauty into the song. I find it extremely good and the songwriter has a god given talent. This is definitely a very professional composition. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a pop music fan, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for good music. This one must be a radio hit and it´s original. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.


this song is one of the best songs I have listened to over the past few days. it is well put together and it has a good vibe to it. true definition of pure talent. these days you don't hear anything that's worth calling music. keep up the good work.

The Way She Makes Me Feel...

Your vocal is really unique, soft spoken is so effective in your own voice which is full of real emotion. I felt your desire and adoration of the woman of your heart. This is a great love song! The way you sing it and the piano and keyboard effects and other instruments gently ascending with each word, leads the listener to a new understanding of how deep is your love. The chords that accompany the lyrics express these words perfectly as a mirror image of your yearning for your woman. Every part of it is an expression of truth in your love for her. Many will resonate with your song!
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